Apex Legends: Battle Pass – Release, Costs and 100 Rewards

Apex Legends Battle Pass Release
Apex Legends Battle Pass Release

In Apex Legends, you can purchase a Battle Pass every season, rewarding you with extra cosmetic extras similar to Fortnite . The first Battle Pass will be released on March 19th, unlocking tons of extras in 100 levels. Everything you need to know about the Battle Pass, you will learn here at our website !

On March 19th, Season 1 of Apex Legends will start! The season is called “Wild Borderland” and you can also secure a Battle Pass right to the start. But there will also be free content.

Not convinced by Apex Legends yet? Then check out the gameplay trailer:

Release and costs of the Battle Pass

The first Battle Pass will be launched at the same time as Season 1. From 19 March, you can secure it in the shop. There it is offered in two variants:

  • Battle Pass: 950 apex coins (equivalent to 9.50 euros)
  • Battle Pass Bundle: 2,800 apex coins (equivalent to 28 euros)

With the bundle you not only get the Battle Pass, but also the first 25 levels are unlocked by him directly. So you get instant access to the first 25 rewards. If you buy the Battle Pass later in the season, you will get all content retrospectively unlocked. However, once Season 1 ends, which will be the case on June 4, 2019 , you will not be able to unlock any further content from the first Battle Pass.

Even without a Battle Pass, all players receive the following free items at the beginning of the season :

  • 1 Wild Borderland Legend-Skin
  • 5 apex packs
  • 18 Wild Border Statistics Tracker

Incidentally, the next seasons with new passes will start in June, September and December.

apex legends battle pass wild bolderland

All the rewards of the 1st Battle Pass at a glance

The battle-pass structure of Apex Legends is based on the model of Fortnite. You can unlock a total of 100 levels , with each level offering a new reward. Anything you unlock by the end of the season on June 4th can be kept beyond the seasons.

The following 100 rewards await you:

  1. Skins for Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage
  2. Skin for the triple take
  3. Kill counter for Wraith
  4. Skin for the Hemlock
  5. Level-5 badge
  6. Intro for Bangalore
  7. Apex coins
  8. Kill counter for Bloodhound
  9. Skin for the Prowler
  10. Level-10 badge
  11. Apex coins
  12. XP
  13. frame
  14. Skin for the Longbow
  15. Level-15 badge
  16. Intro for Mirage
  17. Apex coins
  18. frame
  19. Skin for the devotion
  20. Level 20 Badge
  21. Apex coins
  22. XP
  23. frame
  24. Skin for Mozambique
  25. Level-25 badge
  26. Apex Pack
  27. Intro for Pathfinder
  28. Kill counter for Mirage
  29. Skin for the Kraber
  30. Level 30 Achievement
  31. Apex coins
  32. XP
  33. Kill Counter for Pathfinder
  34. Skin for the EVA-8 automatic
  35. Level 35 Achievement
  36. Intro for Caustic
  37. Apex coins
  38. Kill Counter for Caustic
  39. Skin for the Flatline
  40. Level 40 Achievement
  41. Apex coins
  42. XP
  43. Apex Pack
  44. Skin for the Alternator
  45. Level-45 badge
  46. Intro for Gibraltar
  47. Apex coins
  48. Kill counter for Gibraltar
  49. Skin for the peacemaker
  50. Level 50 badge
  51. Skin for the Prowler
  52. XP
  53. Apex Pack
  54. Skin for the devotion
  55. Level 55 Achievement
  56. Intro for Wraith
  57. Apex coins
  58. Kill counter for Octane
  59. Skin for the mastiff
  60. Level-60 badge
  61. frame
  62. XP
  63. Apex coins
  64. Skin for the P2020
  65. Level 65 Achievement
  66. Intro for Bloodhound
  67. Apex coins
  68. Kill counter for Lifeline
  69. Skin for the Havoc
  70. Level 70 Achievement
  71. frame
  72. XP
  73. Apex Pack
  74. Skin for the R-99
  75. Level 75 Achievement
  76. Intro for Octane
  77. Apex coins
  78. Kill counter for the Bangalore
  79. Skin for the Wingman
  80. Level 80 Achievement
  81. frame
  82. XP
  83. Apex Pack
  84. Skin for the RE-45
  85. Level 85 Achievement
  86. Apex Pack
  87. Apex coins
  88. frame
  89. XP
  90. Level 90 Achievement
  91. frame
  92. XP
  93. Apex Pack
  94. Skin for the G7 Scout
  95. Level-95 badge
  96. Intro for Lifeline
  97. Apex coins
  98. frame
  99. Skin for the R-301
  100. Level 100 Badge and Skin for the Havoc

Incidentally, you can only buy the Battle Pass in the in-game shop with Apex coins . As there are some apex coins as a reward for the individual levels, you can easily earn the future passes of the next seasons by unlocking all levels. You can then save the coins you have earned for the next Battle Pass.

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