Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Which platform is the best – PC, PlayStation or Xbox? The question gamers have been dealing with for so long is now finally being officially clarified thanks to a study.

A review of more than 1,400 players has determined how good the response of PC, PS4 and Xbox One players is. So DailyStar cited the press release to the study. On the screen of the test subjects appeared goals that are first green, but red with time. Players should try to get all the targets as fast and accurate as possible . The results were converted into a response score composed of the factors accuracy, goals and reaction time.

The result should come as a surprise: While most would argue that the PC is the platform that best suits their exact goals, the study claims that Xbox One is the winner of the console war . With an average reaction score of 79.7 points and 78 percent hit goals , they top the list of the best gamers. Contrary to expectations, PC players are in last place , with a score of 62.2 and a hit rate of 70 percent .

But their response time is particularly good : While Xbox players hit only 9 percent of the targets when they were still green, this was achieved by 18 percent of PC players. PS4 players are in the golden mean with a score of 71.9 and a hit rate of 74 percent . And where Nintendo Switch players land, we’ll never know, they were not even considered in the study .

Now its your turn click here to do the reaction test

The results should not be taken too seriously. The study has been carried out by hardware manufacturer LG in cooperation with Activision . You can still take part in it; If you go to the appropriate website of LG , it turns out that this is actually an advertising campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 . You feel like getting the game now? Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently available at Amazon .

According to GameRant , using the study as a promotional campaign for a game is also the reason why the study is not very credible . After all, everyone could simply have indicated the platform they least liked and intentionally played badly to distort the outcome . Ultimately, LG will hardly end the console war with the study.

Need more studies to tell us who we really are? Here’s more – do you agree with their results?

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But that does not seem to have been the goal of LG. As the company’s marketing manager notes in the press release, “Whatever option you choose to play in, we’ve set ourselves the goal of providing the best gaming experience possible: with our selection of 4K HDR gaming -Tvs with low delay time, which were made to meet games. ” So the whole action serves ultimately only one purpose: the self-promotion.

What do you think: Does the study still have a true core, or is it complete nonsense? Which platform do you find the best? Or do not you care about that as long as games are fun? Write us down in the comments.

Fortnite Streamer receives a new record donation on Twitch


Twitch streamer live off the donations their viewers leave to thank. Usually, these rank in low ranges. A Fortnite player has probably received the largest donation in Twitch history so far.

$ 75,000: That amount fluttered across the screen in one of Exotic Chaos’ past streams. He’s Twitch Streamer, who focuses on Fortnite and has the mission to unlock every skin in the game. He was initially very skeptical until the money was released.

At first I thought that my moderator wants to hug me. He sometimes tests 100 dollar donations to activate the alarm and distract me. So I first thought that this must be a joke. Then I checked PayPal and saw $ 72,000 as outstanding. They were released 24 hours after the donation.

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So the streamer reacted to the high donation.

Because of course it could have been a mistake. However, the donation comes from another streamer. “KingMascot” invested early in BitCoins and now trades in stocks. He wanted to support the donation with his friend who wants to make life possible not only for himself, but also for his wife and four-year-old son. The last few months have been very difficult for the family, which “KingMascot” has probably changed for the time being.

Last Day On Earth Tips : 10 things every player should know

Last Day On Earth Tips

Here are the 10 things every player should know about Last Day On Earth. We have already published several articles on Last Day On Earth, including how to find chopper gas tank on last day on earth . Nevertheless, most of the questions are still the same, which is due to the fact that Last Day On Earth keeps many things secret and that it can only be found out by trying it out. Therefore, now a list of things that every player should know in the entry level!

You should know these 10 things

Last Day On Earth

1: Last Day On Earth is a single player game

While it may seem like you’re interacting with other players on Last Day On Earth, they’re only computer-controlled. The names are random based, but the players are always controlled by the computer. Therefore, they always attack you directly.

On the map you can see other bases, but do not worry: These are also prefabricated bases, which are the same for each player and can also be looted without danger.

The raider was introduced with Update 1.7 also only gives the appearance of a multiplayer event. It still remains that no real player attacks you, but everything is done by the system.

2: sense of the game and the first steps

As you re-enter Last Day On Earth, you may be wondering what the purpose is and what steps you need to take. Basically, it starts at the beginning with the following:

1.Build your base (the woodwork is sufficient as walls are destroyed by the zombie horde anyway, reaching you every 24 hours)
2.Go into the green (later yellow and later red) area and kill the zombie, collecting wood, ore and limestone. Collect the items of dead zombies and animals, go home and store them there in chests.
3.By killing the zombie and gathering wood and co, you’ll level up and gradually make more.
4.If you have found a CAC card A, you can use it to build the Bunker Alfa and in the next step the chopper and then unlock new card elements. But it will take weeks and months for this to happen, as Last Day On Earth makes it hard to find all the pieces.

3: The chopper and what you should know

The first vehicle (and the only thing that can be completed so far) is the chopper. It will not be easy, because especially engine parts and the blue gas tank become a challenge. The blue gas tank is very fortunate to find a killed NPC (character controlled by the computer – are the ones who look like other players), but otherwise only in the bunker Alfa and there in the box where you get red coupons must use. The engine parts are very rare to find.

If you’ve ever been to an NPC base, then you’ll have seen a chopper (and even an ATV) there. Immediately the question arises: Can I finish and then use it? NO! Do not put any parts in there, because you will not get them out anymore. The only thing you can do is steal the gas, because that’s what you need for your chopper later. you need an empty water bottle to get the gas fuel.

Oh well, if you ever have the chopper, you use it and then die – do not worry! He then reappears in your base.

4: The plans on Last Day On Earth

As mentioned, you gain experience by collecting wood and co and killing the zombies. Incidentally, there are 10 experience points or 3 experience points for each action (depending on which server you chose when starting the game).

Here is a list of plans that shows which one you should definitely use! In the beginning, hatchet and pickaxe are essential, as is the backpack to transport more. What else should you build, you will find out there!

5: The Events – When do they appear, what do I have of them

There are several events in Last Day On Earth. At the beginning of the game there is more often the plane crash, which later does not appear at all. In general: Events usually come when you have less than 60 or 50 energy, plane crashes in the lower levels usually only under 25 energy. If this is too far away from you, then you’re driven to use the premium currency to replenish your energy, or you look at ads.

At events, especially drop-off point and plane crash, you get some very good materials and resources. Take everything with you! From time to time there are other events such as the shipwreck or the smuggler camp. All offer you resources as a reward!

6: Is it Worth Buying Weapons in Last Day On Earth?

In my view, it is not worthwhile to use real money for weapons, because weapons have such a short shelf life that it simply is not worth it. If you want to spend money, then especially use the packs that bring weapons and armor. Above all, use ranged weapons only in an emergency and leave them at home in boxes.

7: How do I get all the resources in the game?

Not all resources are available in Last Day On Earth. For example, there is currently no Titanium, so that all plans that need something, can not be made. Also, the ATV can not be completed because this is the ATV gearbox is not included in the game.

In order to know what resources are available in the game (and which not) and how to create or find them, we have compiled a list of resources and materials !

8: The bunker Alfa of Last Day On Earth

If at some point you have discovered the CAC card A when collecting, you can use it to open the bunker Alfa (you only need the card the first time). If you enter this, you will find cupboards on the right, which you can use as a warehouse, because everything you miss there will be preserved. If you go straight ahead, you have to enter a code. You get this by building the CB radio, then tapping it and learning the code.

Then you can enter Bunker Level 1. The bunker remains open for 48 hours. After that, it will be reset (level 1 to 3). If you go through the first level, you will see boxes that you can open with coupons. You will receive coupons by killing the zombies in the bunker. Especially red coupons are rare, but their content is very good!

You will find a lift to the boxes to reach the lower levels. If he tells you something about energy or something like that, your device will not be supported and you will not be able to enter the other levels. In level 3, however, it will be over because the developers have not incorporated more levels.

9: Firearms and Melee Weapons and how to kill Frenzied Giant

Firearms are rare in Last Day On Earth and should be kept for frenzied giant or for the Chopper Event or Watchtower. Otherwise only use melee weapons.

Tip: To kill frenzied giant, a bow is enough. You can build it relatively at the beginning and you can make it from parts that are common in the areas! One bow is usually sufficient for 2 frenzied giant.

10: Dying in the Games App

In Last Day On Earth, your character can die for a variety of reasons, and in the end, your life energy simply drops to zero. That can have several reasons:

1.Biter and NPCs attack you
2.You starve
3.You are thirsty
4.You freeze
5.You come in contact with gas / poison

If you die in areas that regenerate (green, yellow, red areas), then your character is lost forever and everything that was in it. If you die in your base, bunker alfa or on an event card that has not yet closed, then you can collect your body and all its parts. But watch out: Only the last body is preserved. If you die again, then your first corpse is gone! After death, you always start back in your base.

Build the doormat best, because this is always your starting point when you enter the base. If you do not have these, you always start at the edge.

Bonus 1: Build walls in Last Day On Earth

Every 24 hours a zombie horde comes over your base. These only destroy your walls. Since other players can not attack you, you do not have to build walls or traps, that would be a waste of resources. If you build walls, bring them immediately to level 3, because from this they can not be destroyed by the zombie!

Bonus 2: The power generator at the watchtower

If you are already advanced, you probably also want to install the power generator at the watchtower. Please note the following:

1.Build the power generator in the plans, then put it in YOUR BASIS and finish it (you need more parts)
2.Power generator with the CHOPPER (yes, you have to own) transport to the watchtower
3.Now more areas are unlocked. You can find more about this here !

Even more tips and tricks for Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW ! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

Last Day On Earth: How To Find Chopper Gas Tank 100% Working

last day on earth chopper gas tank

With this trick you can find the chopper gas tank in Last Day On Earth at 100%! We have posted a great trick on Facebook in the Last Day On Earth group , which allows us to find the Chopper Gas Tank 100% and to clean up the bunker Alfa without any problems and to earn the coupons.

Sooner or later, you will need the chopper to unlock new areas or just switch between areas faster or use the chopper event. Everything about the chopper at Last Day On Earth HERE !

Last Day On Earth: Find Chopper Gas Tank for everyone

Preparation: You should have that

1.In order to use the following trick (please make it quick, because who knows how long it will work – in version 1.7 it still works), you should have made the following preparations: least 30 red coupons, 25 yellow coupons and 20 green coupons (the chopper tank is actually only in the box with the red coupons, but you can still go through all the same)

3.The bunker Alfa Level 1 is still locked (you have not entered the code yet)

4.Write down the code for Bunker Alfa to enter and go to Bunker Alfa

5.You’re connected to your Game account (iOS) or Google Play account (Android)

6.You need a second device of the same operating system (so twice iOS or twice Android). If you only have an Android smartphone / tablet, just use Bluestacks for the PC (this is an Android emulator – more information in the following article)

7.On both devices you have to be connected to the same account (Game center or Google Play Account) (at the start you will see your name at the top, tap on the settings icon on Last Day On Earth you should see something like “disconnect”, that means you are currently connected to the account.

Step by step instructions

last day on earth gas tank trick

Decide on which device that you want to enter the bunker by default and open the boxes. The other device has the world map open. Since both devices are synchronized via the same account, the trick works! With you, device 1 could be your Android smartphone and device 2 could be the Bluestacks emulator.

Make sure you are in your 1 device in Bunker Alfa (only the top level, do not type anything or anything else – access to level 1 must be blocked and also have the coupons – 30 red, 25 yellow and 20 green in the inventory) , Change again the areas, enter, for example, the green, so your inventory and your current point are stored exactly in Bunker Alfa. Now start device 2 and open the world map.

Now enter the bunker Alfa with device 1 and enter the code. Now go to the boxes in level 1 and open them (theoretically enough, the red box with the 30 red coupons). Now look up what’s in it. You have the chopper tank? Perfect! Unless? Just note the content. If next time the content should be the same, you have to change the area beforehand, kill someone there, take the loot and store it in the bunker, for example, so that the random code changes in the game.

Close Last Day On Earth on device 1 completely (in iOS, wipe up and eject the app – For Android mostly tap the menu button and wipe out the app there). Now you enter with device 2 the bunker Alfa. Your coupons are back in and the bunker is still closed to level 1. Leave the bunker directly again and device 2 is back on the world map.

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Now you start device 1 again and as you can see, even there the coupons are back in the inventory. Now you’re going on with device 1 again: go into the bunker, enter the code, open the boxes.

This can be quite time-consuming: my one friend had needed about 100 attempts, another member was already lucky on the second attempt and could call the chopper gas tank his own. So: Anyone who has not yet found the chopper tank on Last Day On Earth can find it so 100%!

Even more tips on Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

These games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS: An Overview

games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS

Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that Nintendo released games for Android and iOS, because exclusivity of the titles for the Nintendo consoles were more important. An exception were Pokemon games that have been published by The Pokemon Company and in which Nintendo holds a stake in the company. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016, triggering a true hype all over the world. Even if Nintendo has only a small share in the company and thus in sales, it was nevertheless a wake-up call not to ignore these platforms.

Therefore, this article will provide an overview of the games of Nintendo for Android and iOS – What has been published and what is planned for the future. The now but overly many apps for Android and iOS from Nintendo appear, but is not expected. Exclusiveness pays off, because otherwise the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, would not have sold more than 10 million.

Already published games apps from Nintendo

Super Mario Run: The popular side-scroller

super mario run

Super Mario, still celebrated today as one of the best games of all time , is represented on almost all platforms. With Super Mario Run also on Android and iOS. The app was released December 2016 exclusively for iOS and then in March 2017 for Android. Unlike many other games, there are no micro transactions in Super Mario Run, instead there is an in-app purchase that unlocks everything. Super Mario Run is a side-scroller jump and run game reminiscent of Super Mario World by SNES. The game became a complete success!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Build your own campground

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp there is no classic destination, instead you have to build a campground from scratch and do various tasks. Unlike Super Mario Run, there are quite a few micro-transactions here. Nevertheless, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is very successful and has already been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Google Play Store alone.

Fire Emblem Heroes: The RPG game for smartphone and tablet

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s successful Fire Emblem strategy RPG series has been around for over 25 years. With Fire Emblem Heroes, released in February 2017, this journey continues her journey on the smartphones and tablets of the world.

It’s about proving the fights, summoning characters from the Fire Emblem universe, developing skills and taking heroes to new heights.

The app is available for Android and iOS for free. It includes in-app purchases that can be used to buy items and benefits.


More games apps with participating companies

They just introduced apps run directly under the Nintendo account. But there are a lot more games apps that Nintendo has through interests in other companies. Among other things, Nintendo has participated with 10 percent in the studio DeNA Co., which has emerged as a publisher and developer of games apps, among other things. There has always been The Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of Nintendo, which bundles all of Pokemon’s activities, including Pokemon Go.

What is planned for the future?

Although Nintendo will continue to release more games apps for Android and iOS in the future, but rather goes the way that these apps should generate revenue, but should still primarily serve as an advertisement for their own consoles and exclusive games. This year , the DICE Award went to the game “Zelda – Breath of the Wild“, exclusively playable only on the Nintendo console. Accordingly, the focus will continue to be on exclusivity, but apps for Android and iOS will follow.

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

For a long time now we have a guide on defense strategies in clash of clans, in other words defense strategies. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to protect your village best to earn numerous trophies.

We also have tips and tricks on how you intentionally lose trophies and how you should build your village. You do not understand why that should make sense? We explain it to you. Clash of Clans is really complex and if you want to move on fast, you have to come up with a strategy and always adapt it. Accordingly, our strategy guide for defense in clash of clans is again very extensive. Therefore, we divide the whole into different areas below.

Here is a brief overview of what the strategy guide for Clash of Clans should be about. With our tips and tricks you will certainly make faster progress. I have committed these mistakes first and now turned off. Here is the overview:

In addition, we recommend you to read our general tips, tricks and cheats articles around Clash of Clans , as this again gives many valuable aids.

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Deliberately lose – What are the reasons and how should I build

I had the problem that I wanted to level the town hall at level 6. For this one needs 750,000 coins. However, attacking one of the enemy and stole so per robbery almost 100,000 gold. The reason: I built wrong. Despite securing the gold camp, this has penetrated and has taken the gold. Accordingly one should try to lose on purpose. In other words, the enemy should only destroy the town hall and receive trophies for it. Our gold camps should remain untouched.

How should I proceed in Clash of Clans?

In the first step, you should first lose trophies. So attack enemies and just put a barbarian. Then you give up the fight and lose the trophies accordingly. Go down to 400 cups.

The next step is to rebuild your base. The gold camps should be in the center, protected by walls and towers around, which are also protected by walls. This strategy makes sense only from level 5  sense, otherwise you do not have enough walls. And this could look like this for example:

As you can see, the towers are once again protected by walls and our gold warehouses are also walled up again. The players in the lower levels are looking forward to an easy goal and usually attack only the town hall. Your gold camp remains protected.

It also gives you a shield in Clash of Clans for 12 hours. Others can not attack you anymore. This strategy again in the overview:

Defense Strategies in Clash of Clans

But who wants to lose intentionally. Anyone who plans to win 1250 trophies in order to receive 450 diamonds needs to pursue a different strategy. The following strategies only make sense from Town Hall level 5, otherwise you will not have enough walls available.

Here are some defense strategies in Clash of Clans below. We also found examples of how not to do it.

The best strategy: The best principle for defense

The best strategy has proven to be the pickpocket tactics in Clash of Clans. This protects the defenses and bearings best.

Below we have a screenshot of how to understand this tactic. Having used numerous tactics, this tactic is clearly the best. First, a screenshot and then we explain again the structure of this defense in Clash of Clans:

This strategy is perfectly suited from Level 5, but can also be used earlier. And so you place the buildings:

Building building, barracks, warehouse, laboratory and Clan castle outside: These buildings can be torn by the enemy without consequences. Accordingly, these should be outside, but also be accessible by defenses
In the middle of the gold warehouse and town hall.
Where you do not have enough walls, fill up with bombs and leghold traps

Important in this type of defense is that you place the  so that at least 2 brick breakers are needed to reach the center. If you have more walls later, it should be 3 and more.

A wall around everything? Not the best strategy

If you attack other players, you can see good and bad strategies. One should always consider with the own strategy: If I would attack my own village, how would I do that. If you yourself know how fast that works, then the enemy knows that too.

Below we have discovered three examples of how not to do it. If you try to find out yourself where the error lies:

This strategy is simple: I just build a wall around everything. Two cities still have walls around the town hall. This has been done wrong:

Wall breakers: We’ll just grab a brick breaker and we’re in there. Inside we have no further walls (except possibly to the city hall), but can now butcher everything.
Archers: With archers or magicians or balloons we can destroy the town hall without breaking the wall.

You see: Such bases are an easy victim. Together with Giants we have an easy game. Accordingly, your defense should NEVER look like this.

If you still have a lower level, then still uses our strategy as mentioned above. There is another strategy that is welcome, which we present below.

Double walls? Not bad, but not very productive

Thus, while a wall does not bring much, as we are usually through with a brick breaker, the double wall has established itself with some players. The advantage of double walls is that you need at least 2 brick breakers. However, walls are limited and can not be built indefinitely.

Behind the double walls should definitely be defense systems. Otherwise, a double wall does not bring anything if the enemy comes through them without shelling. The wall must be protected at all points with defenses in Clash of Clans.

Put buildings in the corners – why do you do that?

Often you see a defense strategy, which is to place buildings in the corners. This Clash of Clan defense strategy has one to do with an attacker having a maximum of 3 minutes to slaughter everything. Only then there are 3 stars. If an attacker at the main fortress in the middle takes too long, he may not make the corners anymore. Our loss of trophies is not that high.

Do not forget bombs and iron plates

With all strategies one should not forget to place the bombs and iron plates correctly. One should ask oneself: If I was the enemy, where would I release the troops? In these places you should place the bombs and iron plates.

Conclusion: strategies of defense

We have now introduced you to numerous defense strategies, with only the one-box defense principle in Clash of Clans making the most sense and being used by the players in high levels. The advantage is that you have to break through many walls until you come to the middle. Accordingly, the defensive attacks can destroy the attackers.

Simply pulling a wall around the settlement has no sense and should be avoided. Double walls also do not bring much. Last but not least, you should place bombs and traps suitably to do maximum damage to Clash of Clans attackers.

In addition, there is the opportunity to deliberately lose to protect his gold camps and thus to obtain protection so that no other player can attack.

If you know more defense strategies in Clash of Clans, feel free to sign up in the comments section.

Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

clash of clans tips and tricks

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and successful games apps in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as for Android. Developer Supercell also regularly brings updates to Clash of Clans, keeping players busy.

For this reason, we have written a comprehensive article about Clash of Clans, which not only includes tips, tricks and cheats, but also various references to buildings, clans and friends and found a clan.

Clash of Clans is available for free download from the iTunes App Store and provides a good game depth. The app has been downloaded millions of times and comes to an average rating of 4.5 stars. Especially motivating are the great game rankings, which can be compared to other players and clans. In addition to the simple game currency, there are also gems in Clash of Clans, to which we will also tell you about it.

Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

Let’s get to the tips and tricks around Clash of Clans. Most of it should be found out after a short game, but maybe there is one or the other tip that you did not know yet. Below this we have a tips and tricks guide for the town hall of Clash of Clans. First, however, general tips and tricks for Clash of Clans.

Since this article on Clash of Clans is very extensive, we have an overview of Clash of Clans for you, so you can jump quickly to the point that interests you.

Attacks against computers and other players

At the beginning of Clash of Clans you only have to defend yourself against invading Goblins, who are sent out by the Goblin King. It is also important to attack the goblins. Later you have to assert yourself against real players, what is called PvP fighting.

In the battles against the computer, however, one can gain initial experience, which then can be useful against real players. Incidentally, you should train the archers + giants or balloons + archers together for the attack. However, balloons only pay off after a certain upgrade level.

It makes sense to carry out numerous attacks against the enemy, because it gives you numerous resources that you can put into the expansion of his castle or town hall and other buildings. Since there are extremely many resources for an attack, one should also make sure that enough warehouses (eg Gold Storage) are available. Of course, warehouses can also be upgraded. If you do not have enough space, some of the resources will be lost, which is not optimal.

coc tips and tricks


Tips and Tricks for Defense in Clash of Clans

There are several strategies for defense in Clash of Clans. One strategy is to build its main house defense structures, which in turn are protected by walls. Another strategy is to build several protective walls. Again, the main buildings such as warehouse and main house should be built in the middle. Therefore, several walls should be built. The more the better. This strategy is worthwhile only from level 8, because otherwise not enough building sites are available.

Since their own units are not the defense in Clash of Clans and serve only the attack, so you should align his defense systems perfectly. If you are in a clan (more about that later), you can request units from the Clan Castle, which then also serve the defense.

Narrow construction in Clash of Clans

Another tip for Clash of Clans is that the buildings should be close together. The reason: The defenses can protect several buildings from attacks. Of course, the buildings can be moved again, if you do not want to build so tight or wants to integrate walls.

Deliberately lose trophies and farms

It is important to have Coins and Elixir in Clash of Clans. But the more trophies one has, the more difficult the opponents become. Although there are more resources in this “league” to loot, but you yourself is also often attacked successfully.

Accordingly, it is worth it to lose trophies. The easiest way is: Go into battle, place a barbarian and give up the fight. Already you lose the trophies as seen in Clash of Clans top left. You do that now until you have no trophies or you stop at about 200 trophies.

Now you have to deal with mostly light opponents in Clash of Clans with low defenses. In case of luck, these still have a lot of resources. Another benefit: If you are already level 25 you will hardly be attacked with a Town Hall at level 5 or 6 with proper defense, as your opponents are too weak to overcome you.

how to get big loots in coc

Now you can save in Clash of Clans so Gold and Elixir or even easily earn resources in battles.

Upgrade mines, elixir collectors and warehouses

If you’ve already reached a certain level (see Clash of Clan tip), then you should not only upgrade your defenses more, but above all upgrade your important resources. So upgrade mine and Elixir storage. If you realize that your camps are getting too crowded too quickly, upgrade the camps as well.

Of course, you will lose a lot of time at the beginning or during the game, but this will pay off in the long run, as you will get coins and elixir faster, which will allow you to build your town hall, barracks, and more.

More tips and tricks

We will always be adding new tips and tricks to this article. If you still have good hints that you can use, so just let me know in the comments. We will continue to expand these tips and tricks for Clash of Clans.

Town Hall of Clash of Clans

The Town Hall is considered the most important building in Clash of Clans. It is the heart in this game. Only by leveling up the town hall can you enlarge your village, build more buildings and take your troops to a new level. Accordingly one should level up the town hall fast.

The Town Hall has another aspect in Clash of Clans. And in combat: When the enemy takes over the town hall, he gets the star. Accordingly, it is advisable to place this centered and therefore draw a line of defense so that the enemy does not come too fast to this.

This can be used to prevent the enemy from taking the town hall. Of course, defenses are not cheap and cost construction space, but still this must be done. We have already mentioned strategies for defense in the tips and tricks.

Get gems for free

Gems are the premium currency in Clash of Clans, which allows you to speed up the game and buy more items and get some benefits. However, casual gamblers will rarely spend real money on gems at Clash of Clans, after all, the time advantage is short-lived and you would have to invest real money again, so there is little point in wasting gems for time savings.

To get gems for free, there are a few things you can do. Already at the start, there are numerous rewards in the form of achievements. There are gems here and there. Later in the Clash of Clans game, new gems are rare. Therefore, you should be sparing with these.

But there is another way to get gems, but you have to belong to a good clan. So the gems are divided among the three best clans. So the best clan gets 10,000 gems, the second best 5,000 gems and the third best 2,500 gems. Of course, this form of reward provides motivation for the players, because everyone wants to be one of the best clans, but only very few will ever achieve it.

The third way to get gems for free in Clash of Clans is to remove the obstacles in the map. If you are lucky, there may be a gem under it. The probability is low, but so you have at least the chance of gems.

450 gems for free

Thanks to a tip from The Master, we found another way to get 450 gems. And you need 1250 trophies for that. You can win trophies by attacking other bases or protecting your base against attack. With 450 gems you can almost get a new construction worker.

Find friends / clan

As the name implies, in Clash of Clans you must be able to join or form a clan, where you fight against the enemy with friends or strangers. So you should work together in the clan and compete against the opponents. There is an internal communication in Clash of Clans available to exchange with his clan members.

If you are looking for friends or a clan in Clash of Clans, just sign up in the comments section. Soon there will be numerous requests here. It should be said that you must have a Facebook account to add friends. You can now create a second account on Facebook, but that is not allowed by the terms and conditions. If you do not necessarily want everyone to see your private account, you have no choice. Just post your Facebook URL so others can add you.

The Clan Castle of Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, there is next to the city hall and a clan castle. However, this is destroyed at the beginning of the game and must first be built. Accordingly, you can only start looking for friends or clans in Clash of Clans at a certain level. When the Clan Castle is rebuilt, you also get gems for free.

If you have joined a clan, you can request new troops via the Clan Castle. The troops in the Clan Castle serve not only to attack, but also for defense and can be used by all members of the clan.

In addition, it is advisable to upgrade the Clan Castle, because so you have other advantages that can be drawn from the Clan Castle in Clash of Clans. So Level 1 offers a total of 10 unit seats. With each additional level, there are 5 more places added, so that in level 4 you have a total of 25 units.

It is important that you send troops to other clan members. This is fast and has huge benefits for everyone in the clan.

Clash of Clans cheats

Finally, let’s talk about cheats at Clash of Clans. It should be said that we advise against cheats at Clash of Clans. The reason is simple: Supercell earns his money by selling gems of his money. If there is a cheat now, nobody would buy it anymore.

Furthermore, there is no functioning cheat, because Supercell wants to prevent cheats of course. In addition, you risk losing your account and thus your progress, if you are caught cheating on Clash of Clans. Therefore, the Clash of Clans cheats should not be used. Play fair and honest.

That was our guide to Clash of Clans. If you have any questions or are looking for a clan or want to introduce your clan, just write a comment below.

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free Supercell game, which is also responsible for the Hay Day game for iPhone and iPad. In Clash of Clans, your job is to build up your settlement as well as build an army of barbarians, wizard, dragons and other powerful fighters. Clash of Clans can be described as a mixture of strategy and building game that has been downloaded millions of times in the iTunes App Store.

This mix also makes the special of Clash of Clans. In addition to a great graphics and the long-term fun game ensures the success of the game. If you have only an open village at the beginning that is easily attackable, you will build it over time into an impregnable fortress.

As the name implies, Clash of Clans is not just about building a settlement and fighting enemies, but also about forming or joining a clan. In addition to the fight against the computer opponent in a great campaign Clash of Clans, of course, also offers the attack against real opponents.

You can defend your own village with cannons, towers, mortars, bombs, traps and walls, while for attacking other cities there are 10 unique units that can be leveled. Clash of Clans is really extensive and fun.


clash of clans tips

A good defense is very important in the clan war. Only things are different in the two days of the group fight together. Some things to watch out for, if you want to be victorious and take lots of extra resources home with you. Simply copying the lineup of your regular village and going to war with it is usually not the best option. If you need to change, upgrade and improve, check out our Clan wars defensive clash clash of clans tip!


Unlike in the normal fight, in clan war everything revolves around how successful you are at flattening your opponent’s bases. You do not have to protect elixir and gold as much as clan castle or town hall. The latter in particular should be the most important building in your defense strategy and most protected. What can be useful in the normal fight, namely to place the main house offside is a gifted star in the Clan War! The Clan castle is of interest because the reinforcements placed in it can only move out within a radius – so it can easily be lured out if the castle stands somewhere on the edge. It also proves useful to place individual buildings without priority (huts, for example) in the corners to extend the paths for attackers. Not infrequently, the third star for your opponent fails because the time has expired and he has not lifted units for the huts. There is one more to say Clash of Clans would not be Real-time strategy .

Quick glance:

  • elixir collector and gold mines not worth protecting in war
  • Best to defend TOWN Hall
  • Clan Castle is very important
  • Builder huts in the corners

best defense strategy in clan war clash of clans
best defense strategy in clan war clash of clans

Whether you place your base in the middle or install in the corner, of course, is up to you. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Constructs individual buildings as in normal mode, creating several parcels with open ends instead of just a strong defensive wall. If you still have a low level of the town hall (4, 5, etc.), so you can block a few walls, trying to lure the attacker into traps or to lose time. But your biggest asset is reinforcements.


Often the donated units are underestimated during the clan war. Since these can not be seen by the opponent in advance, they have a clear tactical advantage, at least in the first attack. Use it! For example, many attacking unit types have certain primary targets, giant defenses, and wall breaker, so your units will have some time to strike unhindered. A high clan castle capacity (20+) is extremely beneficial, as you can then receive powerful dragons as reinforcements. Likewise, baby dragons and Valkyries have proven themselves. You do not need to donate goblins, balloons, healers or pig riders in the clan war. Remember that you can also turn down unwanted troops if you need the space for better units.

dragon in clan castle
Extremely strong not only in attack, but also in defense

Quick glance:

From Clan castle level 3 use Dragon as reinforcement
No goblins, no healers donate
Effective counterattack: lightning spell

In conclusion, these hints do not always save you from annihilation. Sometimes the attacker is just too strong, that can happen again and again. However, with equally strong opponents, you may have good cards with this defense to protect one or the other star.



clash of clans wall building tips

A good defense is the nuts and bolts in Clash of Clans. Only if you know how to defend clash of clans wall well you can save your treasures. Walls play no subordinate role, because cleverly deployed, they keep the enemy long enough and save your defenses from destruction. What you should pay attention to in terms of walls at Clash of Clans, you will learn on the following lines.

First of all, walls cost gold. Lots of gold, if you want to strengthen early in the game, which we advise you otherwise. Nevertheless, the development of your defenses such as mortars, archers’ towers and traps should be given first priority.Upgrading these defenses needs lots of golds too. First you should upgrade the archers towers, then the walls. Of course, it is tempting to quickly upgrade the townhall and access more powerful units and more effective buildings. However, if you invest in strong walls early, you will have more of your progress later.

coc wall tips


More tips on Clash of Clans?

  • Tips for Defense in the Clan War
  • Overview of units of the dark barracks

Clash of clans wall building strategy

Sets walls in Clash of Clans to create multiple nested areas. Then, even after a breakthrough at one point, attackers can only destroy a few of your buildings, but not all. Of course, the usable wall pieces are still limited at the beginning, but at the latest with Town Hall level 6 you can tinker some tricky labyrinths for aggressors. It would also be possible to build partially double-row defensive lines so that archers could not shoot it over easily. Remember to keep the distance between both walls, so that the surface effect of the brick breaker does not ruin everything.

Speaking of brickbreaker! They are currently attacking the nearest location, which is self-contained and houses buildings. This means they ignore freestanding walls and walk around open ends, which you should use as a real-time strategy to your advantage. Build fortresses that are not completely sealed, but offer supposed loopholes.


coc wall tips 2
This advanced village does many things right: nested paths, open ends with traps and buildings worthy of protection deep inside.

And what should you protect first of all with your walls? Here is a small overview:

  • Area-effect defense systems, ie mortars, archer towers, etc., so that several attackers are attacked at one time.
  • Town Hall should be middle in Clan Wars, otherwise it’s automatically a star for your opponents.
  • Resource deposits because it holds almost all of your gold, elixir, and dark elixir.
  • Air defense, which would quickly fall victim to ground units and then clear the way for balloons, healers and the dreaded dragons of Clash of Clans.

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