The Sims Mobile: Get energy fast and take more action

The Sims Mobile: Get energy fast and take more action

Energy is an essential part of The Sims Mobile . Every action consumes them. Do you want to complete events or careers, practice a hobby or have a baby? Then you need enough energy.

Unlike The Sims 4 , your sims have no needs in the mobile clone . You never have to sleep or go to the bathroom. But if you let them go to bed, you can replenish your energy. As you get energy in The Sims Mobile and above all how you save it to be able to do more actions, we’ll tell you below.

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Get energy – through showers, cupcakes and Co.

Your Sim has a maximum amount of energy of 30 . This can not be increased. It is not advisable to sleep or take a shower. The energy points for these actions expire. There are several options to increase your energy. You need energy to complete events, hobbies and careers faster. However, you can continue without energy – but then your Sim needs a bit longer for events.

The energy bar fills up automatically every three minutes . In one and a half hours (90 minutes), the entire energy is filled up.

Each sim in the household has its own energy bar, which also fills independently. If your energy is empty, you can wait until it has filled up again. If that is not an option for you, you should eat a cupcake . This item replenishes the entire bar. Cupcakes you get either through SimCash (ie real money) or by completing the to-do list. We recommend that you take a close look at this list – so you can get a sweet cupcake every day.

sims mobile energy

If you miss the cupcakes, you have to pay them with SimCash. For example, you can earn this currency by completing missions or real money. The following table shows you all cupcake packs in The Sims Mobile:

For bills, we used the “stock market full of SimCash” as a guide. If larger offers are used, the result may differ.

Do you want to spend real money (understandable!), But you can also take free actions. Tap on the energy bar to select the following options:

The bathtub fills the most energy. You can unlock them late in the game. With level 17 you can unlock the bath “Ultra-Flood” . If you want to use them before, you can unlock them for 376 SimCash. Later, there are more bathtubs you can buy for your shack.

If you do not care to spend real money for The Sims Mobile, you should look in the offers. Here there are more bathroom collections for double-digit buzzing, which include bathtubs.

Increase energy replenishment with objects

Touch the Build / Buy button. In the bathroom category you will find numerous furniture that influences the energy supply. For example, the plush paper holder fills up more energy when your Sim goes to the bathroom. These elevations have no limits and can be set higher and higher.

Since you can place the paper holder up to 6x, you should also do that to get +6 + on the regular +2 through the toilet. So you get +8 energy every two hours. Special sinks also increase the toilet energy replenishment.

The same applies to the bed. There are special chests of drawers and bedside tables, which increase the +10 again.

At parties, you do not use cupcakes – but party cakes. You have 10 energy per party. Your normal energy will not be used up. But if you use the full 10 energy points and return later to the party, the bar remains empty. The party energy does not regenerate automatically. It is filled to 10 at each new party – but you can only participate in two events per day.

The Sims Mobile: Getting a baby and raising offspring – that’s how it works

The Sims Mobile: Getting a baby and raising offspring - that's how it works

The Sims Mobile is here! And before you look after careers, hobbies, and other things, do you want to know how to make your family bigger, right? We’ll tell you how to get a baby in The Sims Mobile.

Until you can get offspring in The Sims Mobile, you have to diligently level up . For that you should complete many events, stories and missions so that you quickly reach the desired level. To get babies you have to reach level 11. How it goes on, we’ll tell you below.

So you get a baby and pull it up

Anyone who has played the APK of The Sims Mobile, will notice some changes in the official published in Mobile Game. You do not have to be married anymore to have a baby with another Sim. But if you want to know how to marry in The Sims Mobile , you will find more information on this. You can even adopt offspring! This is how you get children:

  • Once you reach level 11, you’ll already find a quest under Missions that tells you to have a baby.
  • To complete the mission and get some SimCash, you now need to click on the Furniture tab on the right side of the screen. For that you have to be in your home.
  • Touch the armchair icon Buy and swipe right.
  • Under baby and child , you will not only find many children’s furniture, but also the cradle “Visiting the stork”.
  • Place it in your house.
  • Now choose the cradle with a Sim in the household.
  • The following possibilities are given to you now:

If you choose the last option, you’ll see sims that you’ve already become romantic with. This could be a fiancé or even your husband. You choose the father or mother of your baby here. For 11 SimCash you can skip the 30 minutes for all three options. Then you can give your baby a name.

Note that you can only have one cradle in your house at the same time. This means that your household can only own a maximum of one baby . If the offspring has become older, you can father another child.

Raising offspring and getting older

Your baby is not yet shown in the budget at the bottom left. Of course, you also have to take care of the little one. You can check it or feed it. Your Sims are aging automatically – you can not do much about it. At some point a blue birthday cake symbol will appear over your cradle. Tap it to make your baby a toddler. Even now you can not control it yet.

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With level 6 you can organize parties. There are also birthday parties where you can control when your Sims get older. With each birthday you get a characteristic. Take good care of your baby – because the more events you complete, the more special features it receives. These features will bring you even more rewards as you continue to play this sim.

FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals – Ultimate Team Mode Tips – Rewards, Champions Points

FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals - Ultimate Team Mode Tips - Rewards, Champions Points

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you will play the Rivals division this season, earning points for the Weekend League and earning massive FUT rewards. We’ll explain how the new game mode works in the EA Sports football game, and what you’re allowed to dust off. You start with five qualifiers against online opponents first, so that your skill value is determined.

New in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode ! This season the Division Rivals start as a new game mode in FUT. In doing so, you will first contest five qualifiers and then receive a classification of the division in which you start. After that, you have one week to play games and earn tons of skill points, weekdays and championship points for the Weekend League. Up and downs in the division are possible, depending on your skill points. There are five Reward Ranks per Division, promising different weekly rewards.

We’ll tell you how to reach the top reward ranks and rise in the divisions. You also do the qualification for the Weekend League by the way. Are you new to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Then take advantage of our FUT beginner guide with tips on the trading card mode in the new EA Sports football game. We also put our test to FIFA 19 to our hearts . In it you will find all the strengths and weaknesses as well as the rating of the Nintendo Switch version of the PES 2019 competitor.

FIFA 19 – Ultimate Team: New Game Mode Division Rivals in FUT

We explain the Division Rivals to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. If you’ve been playing FUT exclusively online in the past, you will not be able to get past this mode this year. An online season mode is no longer available in the FIFA 18 successor as Division Rivals replaces this competition.

How does Division Rivals work in FIFA 19 FUT?

The Rivals Division in FIFA 19 FUT will run for a period of one week, starting at 8:00 each Thursday. Until then, Ultimate Team players will have plenty of time to play games to earn Skill Points, Week Points, and FUT Champion Points.

Of course you get the most points for a win, but you will still get more points in a draw than in a defeat. Before you jump into the Division Rivals, you will first complete 5 “qualifiers”, the outcome of which will be your first rating in Divisions 1 through 10. After qualifying, a skill value is set for the first time.

For example, you’ll be rated in Division 5 starting at 1,100 points. Below that, you descend into Division 6.

If you win games, your value increases, you lose, this value decreases. Depending on the amount of victory or defeat, the skill point value increases or decreases more extreme. Weeks define the rewards at the end of a week.

The more you receive, the higher your rank and rewards. Attention: The ranks are dynamic. This means that you can descend in rank if you are defeated or do not play. Last but not least, you also earn FUT Champion points you need for the Weekend League. At the start of the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, the Rivals Division is the only way to earn FUT championship points.

When and what rewards are there?

Of course there are also rewards in FIFA 19 FUT Division Rivals. On the one hand, you will receive coins for completed games as usual, but on the other hand, EA Sports pays rich rewards once a week depending on your reward rank of the week. You will be able to rewards your rewards on Thursdays, just after 8:00 am on the basis of your rank achieved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In our case, we have been divided into Division 5 and list the ranks rewards for this league. In ranks 1 to 3, you may choose from three options for the FUT Champions points.

Which points do I get?

In addition to skill points for the league affiliation you also collect FUG champions points. At the start of Ultimate Team in FIFA 19, they start the five qualifying matches in the Division Rivals. Then you will be classified as skill points in the league. League affiliation also determines the so-called FUT championship factor after you collect FUT points for victories. In the following overview you can see the skill points required for each division, including the FUT champion factor, which multiplies your victory points. The higher the division, the more FUT points per victory.

Division 1 : 2400 skill points – 25 FUT champion factor
Division 2 : 2200 skill points – 12.5 FUT champion factor
Division 3 : 1900 skill points – 6.2 FUT champion factor
Division 4 : 1600 skill points – 4 FUT champion factor
Division 5 : 1200 skill points – 3.2 FUT champion factor
Division 6 : 800 skill points – 2.5 FUT champion factor
Division 7 : 500 skill points – 2 FUT champion factor
Division 8 : 250 skill points – 1.5 FUT champion factor
Division 9 : 100 skill points – 1.2 FUT champion factor
Division 10 : 0 skill points – 20 FUT points

How do I get access to the Weekend League?

To play in FUT Champions in the Weekend League, you can score at least 2,000 points in a week. In addition to the Weekend League itself, the Rivals Division in FUT in FIFA 19 is the only way to earn points for the weekend league. You will receive 20 points for each win in the Division Rivals matches. These 20 points are multiplied by the FUT Champions factor of each division. You will then receive the result per win on your FUT-Champions points account.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: Introductory tips for the FUT season opener – Team chemistry, loyalty, lineup

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: Introductory tips for the FUT season opener - Team chemistry, loyalty, lineup

FIFA 19 marks the start of the new season for the Ultimate Team. Whether setup, earning money in the transfer market, team chemistry, loyalty and more, we will provide you with an overview of the most important points in the new FUT. The cornerstones of the Ultimate Team have remained the same in the new FIFA 19 season.

In FIFA 19 FUT, you will once again put together a top team and play against friends or in offline modes against the CPU. Your Ultimate Team in the new FIFA should – as in previous years – rather include a good team chemistry with loyalty to your club as eleven individual players. Finally, in tight matches in FUT also nuances in passes or flanks in the sixteenth. In our beginner’s guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team we provide you with basic tips for the popular game mode at a glance.

Should you be new to the FIFA Ultimate Team, let’s summarize the basic principle of this game mode. You choose your first team by choosing a country in FIFA 19 FUT. Check out jerseys and coats of arms as well, before you get your first set of players in the form of a pack – much like the Panini scrapbooks of the 1990s. Players are Bronze, Silver and Gold, with Gold being the strongest category. On top of that, we’ll also recommend our FIFA 19 test with all the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – That’s it

Your task now is to earn coins as ingame currency through wins in various competitions, to bring you either new player packages with randomly drawn players or targeted cards on the FUT transfer market in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team to buy. Then you build your team according to your ideas. An important criterion here is team chemistry. Players with the same nationality, league affiliation and even club harmonize best. It is also possible for FIFA Ultimate Team to invest real money on packs. However, this should be avoided as far as possible in our guides.

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – FUT Guide with tips for beginners

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – FUT for short – you’ll set the course for a good player base at the start of the season. We offer you ten beginner tips that will flush you players and coins right into the club cashbox.

Solve the first tasks

To get started in the game mode you will first solve the first manager tasks that will familiarize you with the features in the Ultimate Team. For example, you assign correct player placement to a player, play a match in off-season mode, or apply spending cards such as contract renewals. All this brings you both players and a little money in the entry-level tasks. Fills you then bring you then on the transfer market first players who fit your basic tactics. At best, complete all entry-level tasks and then focus on the daily and weekly tasks.

Play offline at the beginning

The entry into the Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 also suggests you due to the first tasks to play offline games. Here you choose the best season mode. Here you climb in the league affiliation from bottom to top. Ascents and championships require more and more points. In this mode you collect coins for your account for wins, good actions, a few cards or goals and highest possible wins and cool tricks. Get up and get your bonuses, it’s best to pick the title to get the maximum amount of coal. Here you will also test new players or tactical subtleties, if you change your style of play in FIFA 19 FUT.

Find tactical lineup

Before you build your team in FIFA 19 FUT, you should be aware of the tactical order of your game style. Should it rather be a 4-2-3-1 or rather a classic 4-3-3. After that, it depends on what positions you occupy with players. While some tactics include classic left winger (LM), others prefer to use left winger (LF) or offensive full-back (LAV). Later in the game, there are modification cards that allow you to change your player’s positions.

Adjust positions of players

You see on the transfer market a player card at a low price and then
hits. Suppose you find seals with RM position at a good price on the transfer market. Then you realize you are playing with right winger instead of right midfielder. For this you get on the transfer market a modification card, which converts a RM into an RF. So you can buy cheap players among other things and then sell them in other positions. But beware: The experience from recent years shows that modifiers for some positions become more expensive with increasing duration of Ultimate Team.

FUT App & EA Sports Football Club Rewards

On the PC or via smartphone you call up the FIFA 19 FUT app and make transfers, squad buildings or tactical changes without being in the game. This is always very rewarding at the beginning of the season, as EA Sports starts out with daily gifts in the form of players or coins. In no case should you miss these presents. If you’ve also been an Ultimate Team or FIFA player for a while, then take advantage of the rewards of the EA Sports Football Club. The R3 key will take you to the Rewards page in the Ultimate Team menu. Use the coin rewards for the games to get more than 1,000 coins per game! Also balls, jerseys or loaner you will find as a reward.

Money in the transfer market

Transfer tips for Ultimate Team are not just since FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The older articles give you an overview of how gambling and hunting for bargains works without having to invest real money. The system of the transfer market offers a very great appeal, as it specifically seeks players, instead of hoping to pull players with +85 strength in a pack, not to mention the probabilities of mega stars in FUT gold packs. It is therefore always advisable to deal with the transfer market and to invest your money there.

Open packs

Have you earned a certain number of coins and want to give yourself to the thrill of opening pack, so look at the menu, which variants there are this year. But also pay attention to what is included in each pack! While premium variants promise you more rare cards, the standard packages also offer many passive cards such as contracts, medical help or modifiers for positions or play styles. All in all, packs with in-game currency are very expensive compared to the playful effort. We therefore recommend spending sour money on the transfer market more meaningfully and expediently.

Team Chemistry

It does not help to place 10 individual players in front of the goalkeeper, who do not harmonize with each other in the field. To get the most team chemistry, you should pay attention to the following things. Players must be deployed in the right position. The connecting lines between the players should always be green, to increase the team chemistry in the game. Even the coach with the right league affiliation influences this value enormously. So pay attention to this when setting up your Ultimate Team in FIFA 19.

What is loyalty?

In addition to team chemistry, loyalty plays a role in FIFA 19 FUT! If you get players in the transfer market, they will develop better loyalty in your team only during their careers. A total of 10 games you have to complete with a virtual kicker, so that he has reached the maximum loyalty. This is important, because you will receive a bonus on the team chemistry share of that player. In addition, some squad building challenges require maximum loyalty.

Use Squad Building to get rid of cheat cards

In this FUT mode, you will also get new packs and players in FIFA 19. But you do not do classic matches for that. Rather, you make according to specifications a combination of players together, which are then removed from your club. Even loaners can be partially involved. So you give players not free in vain, which must not be traded on the transfer market. Use this method to get rid of unloved kickers and get new packs.

FIFA 19 Tricks: Keyboard shortcuts for all special moves

FIFA 19 Tricks Keyboard shortcuts for all special moves

In our FIFA 19 Tips, we have the keyboard shortcuts for all the special moves in Electronic Arts football simulation. In the overview you will learn how to perform both simple 1-star and difficult 5-star movements. For the latter you need special 5-star Skiller in FIFA 19. Which players are suitable for the best FIFA 19 tricks, you will learn in the article – along with each keyboard shortcuts.

With the FIFA 19 Tricks you let your opponents look old. The Feint look partly not only impressive. Ideally, they will give you room for a dangerous attack. It always depends on the right keyboard shortcuts. In FIFA 19 you can do a lot of tricks again – from 1-star combos to masterly 5-star feints. Which buttons you have to press for it, you will learn from the screenshots in our gallery below. Note that you need special players for the 5-star skills – not every footballer in the football world knows the best FIFA 19 tricks , Elastico, Hokus Pokus, Brust-Flicks Sombrero and Co.

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The five-star FIFA 19 scorers include Kingsley Coman (FC Bayern Munich), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Thiago (FC Bayern Munich ), Cristiano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (LA Galaxy). In addition, the tricks in FIFA 19 with some icons such as Pelé, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho executable. German players do not master the particularly difficult special movements. If you do not have any of the stars in your troupe, you can fall back on the simpler feint. With the 1-star movements you juggle about with the ball or performs a Fußfinte standing up.

Worth seeing are the two-star tricks. You can choose between climbers, body delusions and ball rolling. Even backwards fall under the 2-star tricks at FIFA 19 . The 3-star moves include hacking flicks, roulette and deceptions left and right. With the 4-Star-Tricks you let the ball jump in the EA-Kicker, execute a simple Rainbow or baffle your opponent with a hoe-to-hoe-patch. Passfinten and Hacken-Chops are also among the trickier tricks.

Especially tricky, but impressive: the 5-star tricks. These include a triple Elastico, Rabona Feint, Hokus Pokus and Sombrero Flicks. You may need to do some training for these tricks. You also need one of the 5-star skillers mentioned to complete the FIFA 19 Tricks. Incidentally, only Neymar has a special rainbow flick in FIFA 19. You do this like a normal Rainbow-Flick (see gallery).

FIFA 19 Tricks: Skill Moves, Special Moves – Explanation

Flick : If you have to do a flick on the key combination, you push the stick briefly in the indicated direction and then bring it back to the starting position.

Hold : This means nothing more than to move and hold the respective stick briefly in the specified direction. Release it afterwards.

Arrow beside the stick : The arrows indicate which direction you need to move the stick to perform the trick in FIFA 19.

Tapping : If performing a trick requires tapping the stick, you only need to press the key in briefly.

FIFA 19: Tips and Guides at a Glance – Ultimate Team, FUT Division Rivals, Special Moves

FIFA 19 Tips and Guides

Just in time, we offer you a tips overview of the EA Sports football simulation. We’ll tell you details about all the special moves and give you a first look at the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, including the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All FIFA 19 tips and guides at a glance: We offer you our tips for the EA Sports football simulation. We provide you with all shortcuts for special movements at a glance. We also offer you an introduction to the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and tips on the new FUT game mode Division Rivals. If you have not opted for either PES 2019 or FIFA 19 , you can read in our reviews all details about the two competitors to the virtual football crown. In terms of licenses, this year FIFA 19 can come up with the UEFA Champions League. So if you start in career mode, you’re playing for the Champions League championship.

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Also on the Nintendo Switch is FIFA 19 playable. PS4 , Xbox One and PC players are looking forward to the final of The Journey. There you bring the story about Alex Hunter to the conclusion. At the heart of the online duels remains the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You form a team of randomly selected cards – similar to the Panini collectible stickers. Now you’re contesting online or offline matches and receiving rewards and money for wins to open new card packs or engage players in the transfer market and strengthen your team. The following tips for FIFA 19 are also used by FUT.

FIFA 19 – All guides and tips in the overview

These tips on FIFA 19 bring you all the special moves at a glance, as well as an introduction to the Ultimate Team and the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All keyboard shortcuts for special movements

In order to keep your opponents on the wall in FIFA 19, you also use 19 special moves in FIFA, which you can perform with keyboard shortcuts, depending on the skill of the player. Not every virtual kicker in the soccer simulation can do any trick. To get a good overview of all tricks, you will find in the gallery of the following guide all special movements at a glance. You can access this in the game menu, our gallery opens it practically as a second screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Beginner’s Tips

What does Team Chemistry mean in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? How do I create green lines between my players in FUT? We’ve put together ten helpful tips on the popular game mode. This will make it easy for you to get started and not necessarily invest real money to build a great team. For example, you should invest your EA Sports Football Club coins to earn money boosts for completed games. So you buy at best targeted at the transfer market player, instead of hoping for the luck in the gold player pack.

FUT Division Rivals – this is how the game mode works

The Division Rivals mode is one of the innovations in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In this guide you will find tips and explanations of what the game mode has to offer. First, you deny five games that classify you in a league. After that, random online opponents of the same level you play against are kicked. If you win, you will receive more points and you can go up. The higher the division, the better the rewards. We explain to you how ascending and descending works and what rewards you can actually earn.

The Nessies in Apex Legends and where to find them

apex legends the nessies

Repawns‘ Shooter Apex Legends not only offers a variety of characters and exciting firefights, but also for plush toy lovers a real challenge, because on the map there are ten Nessie figures. What exactly it has with them, you will learn in the following.

If you’ve looked around certain places in Apex Legends, you may have come across one or the other Nessie character. Of these there are a total of ten pieces on the card, destroy one, it appears on a specified location of the card another. The little green things have no playful use, but if you want to do something different besides shooting in Apex, the hunt for the mini-sea monsters should be a welcome change.

But since they appear only in a certain order on the map and their spawning points are sometimes quite far apart, you should rather go in the team on the hunt for the Nessies. Where exactly you will find on the map, you see in the picture.

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Also, remember to stock up on enough meds, as you’ll most likely find some Nessie just outside the active board. If you have shot down each of the miniature monsters, the real Nessie appears near the site of the last toy Nessie.

If you want to know more, we have a video ready for you in which we collect all Nessies.

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Apex Legends: Battle Pass – Release, Costs and 100 Rewards

Apex Legends Battle Pass Release

In Apex Legends, you can purchase a Battle Pass every season, rewarding you with extra cosmetic extras similar to Fortnite . The first Battle Pass will be released on March 19th, unlocking tons of extras in 100 levels. Everything you need to know about the Battle Pass, you will learn here at our website !

On March 19th, Season 1 of Apex Legends will start! The season is called “Wild Borderland” and you can also secure a Battle Pass right to the start. But there will also be free content.

Not convinced by Apex Legends yet? Then check out the gameplay trailer:

Release and costs of the Battle Pass

The first Battle Pass will be launched at the same time as Season 1. From 19 March, you can secure it in the shop. There it is offered in two variants:

  • Battle Pass: 950 apex coins (equivalent to 9.50 euros)
  • Battle Pass Bundle: 2,800 apex coins (equivalent to 28 euros)

With the bundle you not only get the Battle Pass, but also the first 25 levels are unlocked by him directly. So you get instant access to the first 25 rewards. If you buy the Battle Pass later in the season, you will get all content retrospectively unlocked. However, once Season 1 ends, which will be the case on June 4, 2019 , you will not be able to unlock any further content from the first Battle Pass.

Even without a Battle Pass, all players receive the following free items at the beginning of the season :

  • 1 Wild Borderland Legend-Skin
  • 5 apex packs
  • 18 Wild Border Statistics Tracker

Incidentally, the next seasons with new passes will start in June, September and December.

apex legends battle pass wild bolderland

All the rewards of the 1st Battle Pass at a glance

The battle-pass structure of Apex Legends is based on the model of Fortnite. You can unlock a total of 100 levels , with each level offering a new reward. Anything you unlock by the end of the season on June 4th can be kept beyond the seasons.

The following 100 rewards await you:

  1. Skins for Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage
  2. Skin for the triple take
  3. Kill counter for Wraith
  4. Skin for the Hemlock
  5. Level-5 badge
  6. Intro for Bangalore
  7. Apex coins
  8. Kill counter for Bloodhound
  9. Skin for the Prowler
  10. Level-10 badge
  11. Apex coins
  12. XP
  13. frame
  14. Skin for the Longbow
  15. Level-15 badge
  16. Intro for Mirage
  17. Apex coins
  18. frame
  19. Skin for the devotion
  20. Level 20 Badge
  21. Apex coins
  22. XP
  23. frame
  24. Skin for Mozambique
  25. Level-25 badge
  26. Apex Pack
  27. Intro for Pathfinder
  28. Kill counter for Mirage
  29. Skin for the Kraber
  30. Level 30 Achievement
  31. Apex coins
  32. XP
  33. Kill Counter for Pathfinder
  34. Skin for the EVA-8 automatic
  35. Level 35 Achievement
  36. Intro for Caustic
  37. Apex coins
  38. Kill Counter for Caustic
  39. Skin for the Flatline
  40. Level 40 Achievement
  41. Apex coins
  42. XP
  43. Apex Pack
  44. Skin for the Alternator
  45. Level-45 badge
  46. Intro for Gibraltar
  47. Apex coins
  48. Kill counter for Gibraltar
  49. Skin for the peacemaker
  50. Level 50 badge
  51. Skin for the Prowler
  52. XP
  53. Apex Pack
  54. Skin for the devotion
  55. Level 55 Achievement
  56. Intro for Wraith
  57. Apex coins
  58. Kill counter for Octane
  59. Skin for the mastiff
  60. Level-60 badge
  61. frame
  62. XP
  63. Apex coins
  64. Skin for the P2020
  65. Level 65 Achievement
  66. Intro for Bloodhound
  67. Apex coins
  68. Kill counter for Lifeline
  69. Skin for the Havoc
  70. Level 70 Achievement
  71. frame
  72. XP
  73. Apex Pack
  74. Skin for the R-99
  75. Level 75 Achievement
  76. Intro for Octane
  77. Apex coins
  78. Kill counter for the Bangalore
  79. Skin for the Wingman
  80. Level 80 Achievement
  81. frame
  82. XP
  83. Apex Pack
  84. Skin for the RE-45
  85. Level 85 Achievement
  86. Apex Pack
  87. Apex coins
  88. frame
  89. XP
  90. Level 90 Achievement
  91. frame
  92. XP
  93. Apex Pack
  94. Skin for the G7 Scout
  95. Level-95 badge
  96. Intro for Lifeline
  97. Apex coins
  98. frame
  99. Skin for the R-301
  100. Level 100 Badge and Skin for the Havoc

Incidentally, you can only buy the Battle Pass in the in-game shop with Apex coins . As there are some apex coins as a reward for the individual levels, you can easily earn the future passes of the next seasons by unlocking all levels. You can then save the coins you have earned for the next Battle Pass.

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike is the latest real-time strategy game from the Game of War makers for Android and iOS devices and not least thanks to the commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger on everyone’s lips. Especially at the beginning, the hectic bustle on the screen is a bit confusing. Here you will find the best cheats, tips and tricks for Mobile Strike.

Mobile Strike calls itself the new game of the creators of Game of War and is to repeat the success of the predecessor. As with other real-time strategy games, you’ll need to set up bases here, build units, and roll over the enemy with your war machines. Mobile Strike also has some features that you would otherwise expect from MMOs – for example, forging alliances with your fellow players and making them even stronger.

Mobile Strike: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike follows the rationale of other real-time strategy games: build your base, gather resources, buy more and more powerful units and decimate your opponents. It works even better with the following Mobile Strike tips and tricks for Android and iOS:

  • Accept as many missions as possible: You will receive rewards that allow you to build stronger units even faster.
  • First of all, focus on the missions that the game proposes to you: the initial missions will not last very long and will give you a great opportunity to quickly get resources and money.
  • The rewards you have to pick up every time you complete the mission in the mission screen.
  • As you complete missions, you will also receive skill points that you can use to increase your commander’s abilities – these are the points you should consume directly before proceeding to the next battle.
  • Unlike other games, you do not need resources to build buildings – so you can let off steam and quickly build a large number of buildings.
  • Exploits this feature, but tries to keep a certain balance, so you do not just build buildings of one type, for example.
  • Boosts to speed up the timer, you should use only sparse
mobile strike game screenshot

Mobile Strike: MMO or Real-Time Strategy – Forge Alliance

In Mobile Strike, you should not fight alone, but start working with other players as soon as possible. As a team, it’s easier to fight, and it also unlocks additional rewards.

  • When you join an alliance in Mobile Strike, you immediately receive a Gold Bonus that you can use at will.
  • It also unlocks new missions, with a focus on raiding other human players.
  • When your fellow campaigners make an in-app purchase, everyone in the alliance benefits.
  • You can also connect Mobile Strike to your Facebook account – this will unlock the Goldmine, which you can use to give (and receive) gold to friends.

If you want to be especially easy, you can search for enemy bases that have been abandoned by the player. The attack costs nothing and the victory is almost certain – plus you do not have to fear a counter-attack.

Mobile Strike: Cheats and Hacks

As with many mobile and smartphone games, the question naturally arises with Mobile Strike: What about hacks and cheats? There are already numerous sites on the net that promise you Mobile Strike hacks and cheats for infinite gold and the like.

  • Here you should be extremely careful: Behind these offers are usually click traps that you want to tempt you to install certain programs on your Android or iOS device.
  • These programs do not contain mobile strike hacks and cheats but Trojans or other virus infected programs.
  • Alternatively, you will be tricked into completing dubious subscriptions, eg by entering your mobile phone number.

According to current knowledge, there are no hacks or cheats for Mobile Strike – that would also undermine the business model that lives on the fact that players make real money in-app purchases . A hack for Mobile Strike would undermine that – so you better stick to our tips and tricks for Mobile Strike to win in a fair way!