Apex Legends: Battle Pass – Release, Costs and 100 Rewards

Apex Legends Battle Pass Release

In Apex Legends, you can purchase a Battle Pass every season, rewarding you with extra cosmetic extras similar to Fortnite . The first Battle Pass will be released on March 19th, unlocking tons of extras in 100 levels. Everything you need to know about the Battle Pass, you will learn here at our website !

On March 19th, Season 1 of Apex Legends will start! The season is called “Wild Borderland” and you can also secure a Battle Pass right to the start. But there will also be free content.

Not convinced by Apex Legends yet? Then check out the gameplay trailer:

Release and costs of the Battle Pass

The first Battle Pass will be launched at the same time as Season 1. From 19 March, you can secure it in the shop. There it is offered in two variants:

  • Battle Pass: 950 apex coins (equivalent to 9.50 euros)
  • Battle Pass Bundle: 2,800 apex coins (equivalent to 28 euros)

With the bundle you not only get the Battle Pass, but also the first 25 levels are unlocked by him directly. So you get instant access to the first 25 rewards. If you buy the Battle Pass later in the season, you will get all content retrospectively unlocked. However, once Season 1 ends, which will be the case on June 4, 2019 , you will not be able to unlock any further content from the first Battle Pass.

Even without a Battle Pass, all players receive the following free items at the beginning of the season :

  • 1 Wild Borderland Legend-Skin
  • 5 apex packs
  • 18 Wild Border Statistics Tracker

Incidentally, the next seasons with new passes will start in June, September and December.

apex legends battle pass wild bolderland

All the rewards of the 1st Battle Pass at a glance

The battle-pass structure of Apex Legends is based on the model of Fortnite. You can unlock a total of 100 levels , with each level offering a new reward. Anything you unlock by the end of the season on June 4th can be kept beyond the seasons.

The following 100 rewards await you:

  1. Skins for Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage
  2. Skin for the triple take
  3. Kill counter for Wraith
  4. Skin for the Hemlock
  5. Level-5 badge
  6. Intro for Bangalore
  7. Apex coins
  8. Kill counter for Bloodhound
  9. Skin for the Prowler
  10. Level-10 badge
  11. Apex coins
  12. XP
  13. frame
  14. Skin for the Longbow
  15. Level-15 badge
  16. Intro for Mirage
  17. Apex coins
  18. frame
  19. Skin for the devotion
  20. Level 20 Badge
  21. Apex coins
  22. XP
  23. frame
  24. Skin for Mozambique
  25. Level-25 badge
  26. Apex Pack
  27. Intro for Pathfinder
  28. Kill counter for Mirage
  29. Skin for the Kraber
  30. Level 30 Achievement
  31. Apex coins
  32. XP
  33. Kill Counter for Pathfinder
  34. Skin for the EVA-8 automatic
  35. Level 35 Achievement
  36. Intro for Caustic
  37. Apex coins
  38. Kill Counter for Caustic
  39. Skin for the Flatline
  40. Level 40 Achievement
  41. Apex coins
  42. XP
  43. Apex Pack
  44. Skin for the Alternator
  45. Level-45 badge
  46. Intro for Gibraltar
  47. Apex coins
  48. Kill counter for Gibraltar
  49. Skin for the peacemaker
  50. Level 50 badge
  51. Skin for the Prowler
  52. XP
  53. Apex Pack
  54. Skin for the devotion
  55. Level 55 Achievement
  56. Intro for Wraith
  57. Apex coins
  58. Kill counter for Octane
  59. Skin for the mastiff
  60. Level-60 badge
  61. frame
  62. XP
  63. Apex coins
  64. Skin for the P2020
  65. Level 65 Achievement
  66. Intro for Bloodhound
  67. Apex coins
  68. Kill counter for Lifeline
  69. Skin for the Havoc
  70. Level 70 Achievement
  71. frame
  72. XP
  73. Apex Pack
  74. Skin for the R-99
  75. Level 75 Achievement
  76. Intro for Octane
  77. Apex coins
  78. Kill counter for the Bangalore
  79. Skin for the Wingman
  80. Level 80 Achievement
  81. frame
  82. XP
  83. Apex Pack
  84. Skin for the RE-45
  85. Level 85 Achievement
  86. Apex Pack
  87. Apex coins
  88. frame
  89. XP
  90. Level 90 Achievement
  91. frame
  92. XP
  93. Apex Pack
  94. Skin for the G7 Scout
  95. Level-95 badge
  96. Intro for Lifeline
  97. Apex coins
  98. frame
  99. Skin for the R-301
  100. Level 100 Badge and Skin for the Havoc

Incidentally, you can only buy the Battle Pass in the in-game shop with Apex coins . As there are some apex coins as a reward for the individual levels, you can easily earn the future passes of the next seasons by unlocking all levels. You can then save the coins you have earned for the next Battle Pass.

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike is the latest real-time strategy game from the Game of War makers for Android and iOS devices and not least thanks to the commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger on everyone’s lips. Especially at the beginning, the hectic bustle on the screen is a bit confusing. Here you will find the best cheats, tips and tricks for Mobile Strike.

Mobile Strike calls itself the new game of the creators of Game of War and is to repeat the success of the predecessor. As with other real-time strategy games, you’ll need to set up bases here, build units, and roll over the enemy with your war machines. Mobile Strike also has some features that you would otherwise expect from MMOs – for example, forging alliances with your fellow players and making them even stronger.

Mobile Strike: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike follows the rationale of other real-time strategy games: build your base, gather resources, buy more and more powerful units and decimate your opponents. It works even better with the following Mobile Strike tips and tricks for Android and iOS:

  • Accept as many missions as possible: You will receive rewards that allow you to build stronger units even faster.
  • First of all, focus on the missions that the game proposes to you: the initial missions will not last very long and will give you a great opportunity to quickly get resources and money.
  • The rewards you have to pick up every time you complete the mission in the mission screen.
  • As you complete missions, you will also receive skill points that you can use to increase your commander’s abilities – these are the points you should consume directly before proceeding to the next battle.
  • Unlike other games, you do not need resources to build buildings – so you can let off steam and quickly build a large number of buildings.
  • Exploits this feature, but tries to keep a certain balance, so you do not just build buildings of one type, for example.
  • Boosts to speed up the timer, you should use only sparse
mobile strike game screenshot

Mobile Strike: MMO or Real-Time Strategy – Forge Alliance

In Mobile Strike, you should not fight alone, but start working with other players as soon as possible. As a team, it’s easier to fight, and it also unlocks additional rewards.

  • When you join an alliance in Mobile Strike, you immediately receive a Gold Bonus that you can use at will.
  • It also unlocks new missions, with a focus on raiding other human players.
  • When your fellow campaigners make an in-app purchase, everyone in the alliance benefits.
  • You can also connect Mobile Strike to your Facebook account – this will unlock the Goldmine, which you can use to give (and receive) gold to friends.

If you want to be especially easy, you can search for enemy bases that have been abandoned by the player. The attack costs nothing and the victory is almost certain – plus you do not have to fear a counter-attack.

Mobile Strike: Cheats and Hacks

As with many mobile and smartphone games, the question naturally arises with Mobile Strike: What about hacks and cheats? There are already numerous sites on the net that promise you Mobile Strike hacks and cheats for infinite gold and the like.

  • Here you should be extremely careful: Behind these offers are usually click traps that you want to tempt you to install certain programs on your Android or iOS device.
  • These programs do not contain mobile strike hacks and cheats but Trojans or other virus infected programs.
  • Alternatively, you will be tricked into completing dubious subscriptions, eg by entering your mobile phone number.

According to current knowledge, there are no hacks or cheats for Mobile Strike – that would also undermine the business model that lives on the fact that players make real money in-app purchases . A hack for Mobile Strike would undermine that – so you better stick to our tips and tricks for Mobile Strike to win in a fair way!

Candy Crush Saga: Cheat for new life, tips and tricks (Android, iOS and Facebook)

With the Candy Crush Saga, the developers of King.com have made a real addictive piece. Many are annoyed by the game requests from Candy Crush Sage on Facebook . A sign that more people use this game extensively and seek help. In our overview you will find the best tricks and cheats for Candy Crash Saga.

The Candy Crush Saga has also made it from the social network to our Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads. So that nothing stands in the way of the play pleasure, look at our overview of the Candy Crush tips .

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Candy Crush Saga: This is how you manage all levels

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game for Android and iPhone / iPad based on the 3-in-a-row principle, in which you have to shove delicious sweets back and forth. If you have three candies in a row, they disappear and you collect points . If you manage to put together chains of over three candies, your score will increase accordingly. For big candy chains you also get bonus sweets.

With the striped candies you can, for example, when properly placed whole rows, whether horizontal or vertical, clean from the field. Pay attention to the direction of the striped candies. If you want to burst your points account, you can put up to seven candies in the same form in a row and so find the solution for the Candy Crush saga for Android and iOS, and Facebook. There are also individual challenges in the various Candy Crush Saga levels. In these you have to try to reach a minimum score, clear all candies of a color from the field or the like.

Candy Crush Saga: Tips and Tricks (Android, iPhone, iPad)

You will not find a Candy Crush Saga walk-through even if you search carefully, after all, all levels will be regenerated and the candies will be randomly placed accordingly. Nonetheless, Candy Crush Saga offers tips to help you solve levels faster. It is true in Candy Crush Saga to move the candies so that three are in a row. However, watch the field accurately. Can you get 4, 6 or even 7 candies?string up, fat Candy Crush Saga rewards. Also in L-form you can combine sweets, z. For example, if you manage to match four candies vertically and three candies horizontally. If four candies are connected, you can make a whole Candy Crush Saga series disappear. With 5 candies can even erase a whole color.

Keep an eye out for challenges from Mister Toffee and his daughter in the Candy Crush saga for Android, iPhone, iPad and Facebook . These set you between levels of tasks that you need to solve. Even though these candy crushing tasks are sometimes tricky, you should still try to complete them through resolution. After all, there are more candy crush rewards waiting for you.

Candy Crush tips at a glance

  • Although three candies are sufficient to remove them from the field, but you should be careful from the beginning to combine four or five candies in a row
  • L and T shapes are the nuts and bolts of candy crushing tips. If you place candies in this form, there are special sweets that empty the game field properly
  • Friends can help you to collect lives to reduce waiting times between rounds

What about Candy Crush Saga Cheats?

With a simple candy crush cheat you can avoid the time-out and get to life faster. Usually, you’ll have to wait a few minutes to get a new lease on life or browse through some in-app purchases for a few bucks to get started after the temporary game over.

If you want to override the time-out in Candy Crush via cheat, do the following:

1.Ends the app.
2.Opens the smartphone settings for the clock.
3.For iOS: “Settings” – “General” – “Date and time”: “Set date and time”. Be sure to disable the “Auto-adjust” option.
4.For Android: “Settings” – “Date and time”.
5.Now you can change the time to get Candy Crush life again.
6.If the clock z. For example, one day before, to get full Candy Crush Cheat again full of life.

Although this cheat gives you fast free life in Candy Crush, but there is a catch: If you reset the clock back to the correct value, the time is extended accordingly, until a life is available again. If you want to play Candy Crush permanently and without waiting, you have to adjust the time regularly.

Incidentally, an obscured time is also the cause when out of the blue you find an incredibly high waiting time for your Candy Crush score. This bug can z. B. caused if your tablet for a long time with empty battery in the corner and the system clock has reset automatically accordingly. If you change the clock again, the waiting time for new lives should be displayed accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other Candy Crush Saga cheats for Android, iPhone or iPad. Of course, as soon as a new Candy Crush Cheat appears, we’ll let you know. Since the Candy Crush Saga is available for download for free, the developers are mainly financed by in-app purchases that help you get to the Candy Crush Saga solution faster. In the app you can buy real money boosters and bonus items that promise you faster progress in the game. So you can z. B. Unlock extra moves or take crackers in a round. A corresponding cheat is deliberately not provided by the developers from King.com .

YouTube has some videos that promise you a Candy Crush Saga Cheat as soon as you submit your Facebook account details or pay a certain amount via Paysafecard . Stay away from such candy crush saga tricks. Here are hackers at work who only want to tap your money or private data. If you make use of programming errors and glitches in Candy Crush Saga or a Candy Crush Saga hack , it may also be that your account is blocked and any progress is deleted.

Tips and tricks for Candy Crush: This is how you solve each level

If you can not wait for it to come back to life and at the same time do not want to annoy your friends on Facebook with game requests, there’s a simple candy crush cheat for life on smartphones and tablets. Did you exhaust all existing rounds, go out of the game and introduces the system date a day ago. Return to the Candy Crush Saga and you will have the full amount of life again.

If you have your own Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks, solutions, or gameplay issues, feel free to exchange comments in the comments section. Feel free to exchange your views here if you need new tickets and friends for Candy Crush Saga.

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

“Subway Surfers” is one of the most popular endless runner games, where you can only get by with tips and tricks. Therefore, we show you in this practical tip the best basics and game tips for this game.

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Many people look for cheats on the Internet, but officially there is no way to cheat on Subway Surfers. If you want to unlock more money or all characters, you have to look deep into dubious developer forums.

  • Even then, the “cheat bots” promise no guarantee of success. Often hide behind it Trojans or other viruses.
  • Nevertheless, some players report the following “cheat”: Go to the character menu and select an unused but still unlocked player. Press and hold “Select” and then swipe with the other hand to an unreleased character. Now let go of “Select”, this should be unlocked.

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Basics for Subway Surfers

Basics for Subway Surfers

In order to succeed in ” Subway Surfers “, you need to pay attention to some things and basics. It is quite difficult to avoid the oncoming trains.

  • Grasp your smartphone with both hands for a secure grip. This makes wiping with your thumb very easy.
  • Play the game in peace to achieve the highest possible score. A bumpy train ride or on the way to the next bakery is rather counterproductive for your destination.

Subway items and money

 Subway items and money

On the way to infinity you have to avoid tracks and come over obstacles. The different items can help you.

  • Whenever possible, take the “Jetpack”. So you can go fast and get many coins.
  • The “shoes” you should rather forget. With these, the control is imprecise and you make more mistakes.
  • Use the hoverboard if you have it. This is like a second life and protects you once from death.
  • Complete the missions to get even more points or coins.
  • Get free coins: Go to the shop and press “Earn Coins” at the bottom of the screen. Alone the connection with Facebook gives 300 coins.

subway surfers unlimited keys and coins

subway surfers unlimited keys and coins

Have you ever thought of playing Subway Surfers with unlimited coins and keys ? Let’s be honest, we all have! But the real question is, would that be possible?

Of course, it is possible to get a lot of coins and keys in Subway Surfers, and gamehax and our team are now ready to discuss this new hack and other cheats that have just been brought to our attention. If you would like more coins, keys or both in SubwayS, read below how it works.

How to get more coins and keys for free in Subway Surfers for Android and IOS!

Want to get more coins and keys in Subway Surfers? You can add coins and keys for free to your Subway Surfers account for as long as you follow all the steps below. Do not forget to follow these steps.

  • Also note that if you miss a step, it may not work.

Here are the steps!

1.Click on “Subway Surfers Hack”.
2.Enter the new page your Google Play or Apple ID
3.Follow the next steps and click Generate
4.Watch the video – so that everything stays free
5.After all steps have been completed, your coins and keys should be within 1-2 minutes get.

More about hacking Subway Surfers

You can get unlimited and infinite coins and keys in Subway Surfers, gain many benefits in the game with no download and root and jailbreak. This was in the beta phase for months and was tested to use safely without limit.

This coin and key generator was developed, tested and published specifically for Subway Surfers. This is a hack that is available and that you can use online to connect directly to our servers. Some players are new to the new technology, so you should follow all the steps.

This great hack for Subway Surfers was developed by our development teams who also tested the website it was published on. These are specialists for gaming apps and general computer code. Thanks to their talents and abilities, we can guarantee the reliability of our cheats to all our users.

The online site operated by our experienced app developers has installed a reliable security system. You do not need to verify the security portal because it is already enabled by default in the system.

To get the most out of the generator, we provide you with a very brief user guide to help you understand the important steps in the generation process. Once you have selected the amount of coins and keys you want to have in your Subway Surfers account. Take a look at the video example that our page gamehax and App Developer Team created to learn how to activate our security and the new generator.

Have fun with your Subway Surfers Hack More coins and keys – here you can add coins for Android and IOS devices for free. Do not forget to share us on Facebook!

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Does this hack really work?

To get more resources in your Subway Surfers game account, you must follow and complete all the steps on the page. Do not worry, there is a video that explains step by step how to do it right.

However, to answer the main question, this hack is free. It remains free for all users as long as you follow all the steps. If you miss a step, it may not work. Make sure you follow all the steps.

There are no borders!

Without restrictions, you do not have to download anything. You can bookmark our site and use it for as long as you like. In order to use it optimally, we have created this guide. All you have to do is follow the steps we have written so that you do not make mistakes.

If you want it to be successful in a short time, follow the instructions, because then you can have unlimited what you want! The Subway Surfers Hack is compatible with any kind of platform and you can use it even if you are not a technical person!

About the Game – Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a thrilling and fantastic Endless Runner from the heads of KilooGames. Make the subway station to yours by leaping over trains, slipping under barricades and dodging more and more the grumpy inspector and his annoying dog!

There are many cool features in the game, such as colorful and vivid HD graphics, hoverboard surfing, a color-powered jetpack, lightning-fast stroke acrobatics, and more.

New rating update: Best game ever umd the new update Berlin World tour first of the hottest skin in the game hottest board and exaggerated cool new 3D graphics on the page. Absolutely download this game. Please necessarily more of such cool updates and I would be happy if Vienna would also come as a world tour. Thanks for this new update. You can just recommend this game. #best game ever.


If you’re still wondering how to get coins and keys with Subway Surfers , you should visit this new hack that has just been released. There are step-by-step instructions on the site, and we also give our insight and an overview of how it all works here.

If you would like to get your coins and keys for free with the Subway Surfers Hack in, remember to read and follow every step of the website carefully. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help. Have a nice day and play Subway Surfers with more coins and keys.