Candy Crush Saga: Cheat for new life, tips and tricks (Android, iOS and Facebook)

Candy Crush Saga Cheat for new life, tips and tricks Android, iOS and Facebook

With the Candy Crush Saga, the developers of have made a real addictive piece. Many are annoyed by the game requests from Candy Crush Sage on Facebook . A sign that more people use this game extensively and seek help. In our overview you will find the best tricks and cheats for Candy Crash Saga.

The Candy Crush Saga has also made it from the social network to our Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads. So that nothing stands in the way of the play pleasure, look at our overview of the Candy Crush tips .

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Candy Crush Saga: This is how you manage all levels

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game for Android and iPhone / iPad based on the 3-in-a-row principle, in which you have to shove delicious sweets back and forth. If you have three candies in a row, they disappear and you collect points . If you manage to put together chains of over three candies, your score will increase accordingly. For big candy chains you also get bonus sweets.

With the striped candies you can, for example, when properly placed whole rows, whether horizontal or vertical, clean from the field. Pay attention to the direction of the striped candies. If you want to burst your points account, you can put up to seven candies in the same form in a row and so find the solution for the Candy Crush saga for Android and iOS, and Facebook. There are also individual challenges in the various Candy Crush Saga levels. In these you have to try to reach a minimum score, clear all candies of a color from the field or the like.

Candy Crush Saga: Tips and Tricks (Android, iPhone, iPad)

You will not find a Candy Crush Saga walk-through even if you search carefully, after all, all levels will be regenerated and the candies will be randomly placed accordingly. Nonetheless, Candy Crush Saga offers tips to help you solve levels faster. It is true in Candy Crush Saga to move the candies so that three are in a row. However, watch the field accurately. Can you get 4, 6 or even 7 candies?string up, fat Candy Crush Saga rewards. Also in L-form you can combine sweets, z. For example, if you manage to match four candies vertically and three candies horizontally. If four candies are connected, you can make a whole Candy Crush Saga series disappear. With 5 candies can even erase a whole color.

Keep an eye out for challenges from Mister Toffee and his daughter in the Candy Crush saga for Android, iPhone, iPad and Facebook . These set you between levels of tasks that you need to solve. Even though these candy crushing tasks are sometimes tricky, you should still try to complete them through resolution. After all, there are more candy crush rewards waiting for you.

Candy Crush tips at a glance

  • Although three candies are sufficient to remove them from the field, but you should be careful from the beginning to combine four or five candies in a row
  • L and T shapes are the nuts and bolts of candy crushing tips. If you place candies in this form, there are special sweets that empty the game field properly
  • Friends can help you to collect lives to reduce waiting times between rounds

What about Candy Crush Saga Cheats?

With a simple candy crush cheat you can avoid the time-out and get to life faster. Usually, you’ll have to wait a few minutes to get a new lease on life or browse through some in-app purchases for a few bucks to get started after the temporary game over.

If you want to override the time-out in Candy Crush via cheat, do the following:

1.Ends the app.
2.Opens the smartphone settings for the clock.
3.For iOS: “Settings” – “General” – “Date and time”: “Set date and time”. Be sure to disable the “Auto-adjust” option.
4.For Android: “Settings” – “Date and time”.
5.Now you can change the time to get Candy Crush life again.
6.If the clock z. For example, one day before, to get full Candy Crush Cheat again full of life.

Although this cheat gives you fast free life in Candy Crush, but there is a catch: If you reset the clock back to the correct value, the time is extended accordingly, until a life is available again. If you want to play Candy Crush permanently and without waiting, you have to adjust the time regularly.

Incidentally, an obscured time is also the cause when out of the blue you find an incredibly high waiting time for your Candy Crush score. This bug can z. B. caused if your tablet for a long time with empty battery in the corner and the system clock has reset automatically accordingly. If you change the clock again, the waiting time for new lives should be displayed accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other Candy Crush Saga cheats for Android, iPhone or iPad. Of course, as soon as a new Candy Crush Cheat appears, we’ll let you know. Since the Candy Crush Saga is available for download for free, the developers are mainly financed by in-app purchases that help you get to the Candy Crush Saga solution faster. In the app you can buy real money boosters and bonus items that promise you faster progress in the game. So you can z. B. Unlock extra moves or take crackers in a round. A corresponding cheat is deliberately not provided by the developers from .

YouTube has some videos that promise you a Candy Crush Saga Cheat as soon as you submit your Facebook account details or pay a certain amount via Paysafecard . Stay away from such candy crush saga tricks. Here are hackers at work who only want to tap your money or private data. If you make use of programming errors and glitches in Candy Crush Saga or a Candy Crush Saga hack , it may also be that your account is blocked and any progress is deleted.

Tips and tricks for Candy Crush: This is how you solve each level

If you can not wait for it to come back to life and at the same time do not want to annoy your friends on Facebook with game requests, there’s a simple candy crush cheat for life on smartphones and tablets. Did you exhaust all existing rounds, go out of the game and introduces the system date a day ago. Return to the Candy Crush Saga and you will have the full amount of life again.

If you have your own Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks, solutions, or gameplay issues, feel free to exchange comments in the comments section. Feel free to exchange your views here if you need new tickets and friends for Candy Crush Saga.

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