FIFA 19: Tips and Guides at a Glance – Ultimate Team, FUT Division Rivals, Special Moves

FIFA 19 Tips and Guides

Just in time, we offer you a tips overview of the EA Sports football simulation. We’ll tell you details about all the special moves and give you a first look at the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, including the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All FIFA 19 tips and guides at a glance: We offer you our tips for the EA Sports football simulation. We provide you with all shortcuts for special movements at a glance. We also offer you an introduction to the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and tips on the new FUT game mode Division Rivals. If you have not opted for either PES 2019 or FIFA 19 , you can read in our reviews all details about the two competitors to the virtual football crown. In terms of licenses, this year FIFA 19 can come up with the UEFA Champions League. So if you start in career mode, you’re playing for the Champions League championship.

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Also on the Nintendo Switch is FIFA 19 playable. PS4 , Xbox One and PC players are looking forward to the final of The Journey. There you bring the story about Alex Hunter to the conclusion. At the heart of the online duels remains the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You form a team of randomly selected cards – similar to the Panini collectible stickers. Now you’re contesting online or offline matches and receiving rewards and money for wins to open new card packs or engage players in the transfer market and strengthen your team. The following tips for FIFA 19 are also used by FUT.

FIFA 19 – All guides and tips in the overview

These tips on FIFA 19 bring you all the special moves at a glance, as well as an introduction to the Ultimate Team and the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All keyboard shortcuts for special movements

In order to keep your opponents on the wall in FIFA 19, you also use 19 special moves in FIFA, which you can perform with keyboard shortcuts, depending on the skill of the player. Not every virtual kicker in the soccer simulation can do any trick. To get a good overview of all tricks, you will find in the gallery of the following guide all special movements at a glance. You can access this in the game menu, our gallery opens it practically as a second screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Beginner’s Tips

What does Team Chemistry mean in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? How do I create green lines between my players in FUT? We’ve put together ten helpful tips on the popular game mode. This will make it easy for you to get started and not necessarily invest real money to build a great team. For example, you should invest your EA Sports Football Club coins to earn money boosts for completed games. So you buy at best targeted at the transfer market player, instead of hoping for the luck in the gold player pack.

FUT Division Rivals – this is how the game mode works

The Division Rivals mode is one of the innovations in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In this guide you will find tips and explanations of what the game mode has to offer. First, you deny five games that classify you in a league. After that, random online opponents of the same level you play against are kicked. If you win, you will receive more points and you can go up. The higher the division, the better the rewards. We explain to you how ascending and descending works and what rewards you can actually earn.

The Nessies in Apex Legends and where to find them

apex legends the nessies

Repawns‘ Shooter Apex Legends not only offers a variety of characters and exciting firefights, but also for plush toy lovers a real challenge, because on the map there are ten Nessie figures. What exactly it has with them, you will learn in the following.

If you’ve looked around certain places in Apex Legends, you may have come across one or the other Nessie character. Of these there are a total of ten pieces on the card, destroy one, it appears on a specified location of the card another. The little green things have no playful use, but if you want to do something different besides shooting in Apex, the hunt for the mini-sea monsters should be a welcome change.

But since they appear only in a certain order on the map and their spawning points are sometimes quite far apart, you should rather go in the team on the hunt for the Nessies. Where exactly you will find on the map, you see in the picture.

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Also, remember to stock up on enough meds, as you’ll most likely find some Nessie just outside the active board. If you have shot down each of the miniature monsters, the real Nessie appears near the site of the last toy Nessie.

If you want to know more, we have a video ready for you in which we collect all Nessies.

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike is the latest real-time strategy game from the Game of War makers for Android and iOS devices and not least thanks to the commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger on everyone’s lips. Especially at the beginning, the hectic bustle on the screen is a bit confusing. Here you will find the best cheats, tips and tricks for Mobile Strike.

Mobile Strike calls itself the new game of the creators of Game of War and is to repeat the success of the predecessor. As with other real-time strategy games, you’ll need to set up bases here, build units, and roll over the enemy with your war machines. Mobile Strike also has some features that you would otherwise expect from MMOs – for example, forging alliances with your fellow players and making them even stronger.

Mobile Strike: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike follows the rationale of other real-time strategy games: build your base, gather resources, buy more and more powerful units and decimate your opponents. It works even better with the following Mobile Strike tips and tricks for Android and iOS:

  • Accept as many missions as possible: You will receive rewards that allow you to build stronger units even faster.
  • First of all, focus on the missions that the game proposes to you: the initial missions will not last very long and will give you a great opportunity to quickly get resources and money.
  • The rewards you have to pick up every time you complete the mission in the mission screen.
  • As you complete missions, you will also receive skill points that you can use to increase your commander’s abilities – these are the points you should consume directly before proceeding to the next battle.
  • Unlike other games, you do not need resources to build buildings – so you can let off steam and quickly build a large number of buildings.
  • Exploits this feature, but tries to keep a certain balance, so you do not just build buildings of one type, for example.
  • Boosts to speed up the timer, you should use only sparse
mobile strike game screenshot

Mobile Strike: MMO or Real-Time Strategy – Forge Alliance

In Mobile Strike, you should not fight alone, but start working with other players as soon as possible. As a team, it’s easier to fight, and it also unlocks additional rewards.

  • When you join an alliance in Mobile Strike, you immediately receive a Gold Bonus that you can use at will.
  • It also unlocks new missions, with a focus on raiding other human players.
  • When your fellow campaigners make an in-app purchase, everyone in the alliance benefits.
  • You can also connect Mobile Strike to your Facebook account – this will unlock the Goldmine, which you can use to give (and receive) gold to friends.

If you want to be especially easy, you can search for enemy bases that have been abandoned by the player. The attack costs nothing and the victory is almost certain – plus you do not have to fear a counter-attack.

Mobile Strike: Cheats and Hacks

As with many mobile and smartphone games, the question naturally arises with Mobile Strike: What about hacks and cheats? There are already numerous sites on the net that promise you Mobile Strike hacks and cheats for infinite gold and the like.

  • Here you should be extremely careful: Behind these offers are usually click traps that you want to tempt you to install certain programs on your Android or iOS device.
  • These programs do not contain mobile strike hacks and cheats but Trojans or other virus infected programs.
  • Alternatively, you will be tricked into completing dubious subscriptions, eg by entering your mobile phone number.

According to current knowledge, there are no hacks or cheats for Mobile Strike – that would also undermine the business model that lives on the fact that players make real money in-app purchases . A hack for Mobile Strike would undermine that – so you better stick to our tips and tricks for Mobile Strike to win in a fair way!

Candy Crush Saga: Cheat for new life, tips and tricks (Android, iOS and Facebook)

With the Candy Crush Saga, the developers of have made a real addictive piece. Many are annoyed by the game requests from Candy Crush Sage on Facebook . A sign that more people use this game extensively and seek help. In our overview you will find the best tricks and cheats for Candy Crash Saga.

The Candy Crush Saga has also made it from the social network to our Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads. So that nothing stands in the way of the play pleasure, look at our overview of the Candy Crush tips .

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Candy Crush Saga: This is how you manage all levels

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game for Android and iPhone / iPad based on the 3-in-a-row principle, in which you have to shove delicious sweets back and forth. If you have three candies in a row, they disappear and you collect points . If you manage to put together chains of over three candies, your score will increase accordingly. For big candy chains you also get bonus sweets.

With the striped candies you can, for example, when properly placed whole rows, whether horizontal or vertical, clean from the field. Pay attention to the direction of the striped candies. If you want to burst your points account, you can put up to seven candies in the same form in a row and so find the solution for the Candy Crush saga for Android and iOS, and Facebook. There are also individual challenges in the various Candy Crush Saga levels. In these you have to try to reach a minimum score, clear all candies of a color from the field or the like.

Candy Crush Saga: Tips and Tricks (Android, iPhone, iPad)

You will not find a Candy Crush Saga walk-through even if you search carefully, after all, all levels will be regenerated and the candies will be randomly placed accordingly. Nonetheless, Candy Crush Saga offers tips to help you solve levels faster. It is true in Candy Crush Saga to move the candies so that three are in a row. However, watch the field accurately. Can you get 4, 6 or even 7 candies?string up, fat Candy Crush Saga rewards. Also in L-form you can combine sweets, z. For example, if you manage to match four candies vertically and three candies horizontally. If four candies are connected, you can make a whole Candy Crush Saga series disappear. With 5 candies can even erase a whole color.

Keep an eye out for challenges from Mister Toffee and his daughter in the Candy Crush saga for Android, iPhone, iPad and Facebook . These set you between levels of tasks that you need to solve. Even though these candy crushing tasks are sometimes tricky, you should still try to complete them through resolution. After all, there are more candy crush rewards waiting for you.

Candy Crush tips at a glance

  • Although three candies are sufficient to remove them from the field, but you should be careful from the beginning to combine four or five candies in a row
  • L and T shapes are the nuts and bolts of candy crushing tips. If you place candies in this form, there are special sweets that empty the game field properly
  • Friends can help you to collect lives to reduce waiting times between rounds

What about Candy Crush Saga Cheats?

With a simple candy crush cheat you can avoid the time-out and get to life faster. Usually, you’ll have to wait a few minutes to get a new lease on life or browse through some in-app purchases for a few bucks to get started after the temporary game over.

If you want to override the time-out in Candy Crush via cheat, do the following:

1.Ends the app.
2.Opens the smartphone settings for the clock.
3.For iOS: “Settings” – “General” – “Date and time”: “Set date and time”. Be sure to disable the “Auto-adjust” option.
4.For Android: “Settings” – “Date and time”.
5.Now you can change the time to get Candy Crush life again.
6.If the clock z. For example, one day before, to get full Candy Crush Cheat again full of life.

Although this cheat gives you fast free life in Candy Crush, but there is a catch: If you reset the clock back to the correct value, the time is extended accordingly, until a life is available again. If you want to play Candy Crush permanently and without waiting, you have to adjust the time regularly.

Incidentally, an obscured time is also the cause when out of the blue you find an incredibly high waiting time for your Candy Crush score. This bug can z. B. caused if your tablet for a long time with empty battery in the corner and the system clock has reset automatically accordingly. If you change the clock again, the waiting time for new lives should be displayed accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other Candy Crush Saga cheats for Android, iPhone or iPad. Of course, as soon as a new Candy Crush Cheat appears, we’ll let you know. Since the Candy Crush Saga is available for download for free, the developers are mainly financed by in-app purchases that help you get to the Candy Crush Saga solution faster. In the app you can buy real money boosters and bonus items that promise you faster progress in the game. So you can z. B. Unlock extra moves or take crackers in a round. A corresponding cheat is deliberately not provided by the developers from .

YouTube has some videos that promise you a Candy Crush Saga Cheat as soon as you submit your Facebook account details or pay a certain amount via Paysafecard . Stay away from such candy crush saga tricks. Here are hackers at work who only want to tap your money or private data. If you make use of programming errors and glitches in Candy Crush Saga or a Candy Crush Saga hack , it may also be that your account is blocked and any progress is deleted.

Tips and tricks for Candy Crush: This is how you solve each level

If you can not wait for it to come back to life and at the same time do not want to annoy your friends on Facebook with game requests, there’s a simple candy crush cheat for life on smartphones and tablets. Did you exhaust all existing rounds, go out of the game and introduces the system date a day ago. Return to the Candy Crush Saga and you will have the full amount of life again.

If you have your own Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks, solutions, or gameplay issues, feel free to exchange comments in the comments section. Feel free to exchange your views here if you need new tickets and friends for Candy Crush Saga.

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

“Subway Surfers” is one of the most popular endless runner games, where you can only get by with tips and tricks. Therefore, we show you in this practical tip the best basics and game tips for this game.

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Many people look for cheats on the Internet, but officially there is no way to cheat on Subway Surfers. If you want to unlock more money or all characters, you have to look deep into dubious developer forums.

  • Even then, the “cheat bots” promise no guarantee of success. Often hide behind it Trojans or other viruses.
  • Nevertheless, some players report the following “cheat”: Go to the character menu and select an unused but still unlocked player. Press and hold “Select” and then swipe with the other hand to an unreleased character. Now let go of “Select”, this should be unlocked.

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Basics for Subway Surfers

Basics for Subway Surfers

In order to succeed in ” Subway Surfers “, you need to pay attention to some things and basics. It is quite difficult to avoid the oncoming trains.

  • Grasp your smartphone with both hands for a secure grip. This makes wiping with your thumb very easy.
  • Play the game in peace to achieve the highest possible score. A bumpy train ride or on the way to the next bakery is rather counterproductive for your destination.

Subway items and money

 Subway items and money

On the way to infinity you have to avoid tracks and come over obstacles. The different items can help you.

  • Whenever possible, take the “Jetpack”. So you can go fast and get many coins.
  • The “shoes” you should rather forget. With these, the control is imprecise and you make more mistakes.
  • Use the hoverboard if you have it. This is like a second life and protects you once from death.
  • Complete the missions to get even more points or coins.
  • Get free coins: Go to the shop and press “Earn Coins” at the bottom of the screen. Alone the connection with Facebook gives 300 coins.

Sims Mobile: Tips and tricks you should know

Sims Mobile Tips and tricks

The Sims Mobile Tips and tricks that you should know. In the meantime a lot of hints and explanations about Sims Mobile have appeared here on the GAMEHAX. Now it is time to talk about the sims free play tips and tricks to get on better as a beginner and an advanced user. These are valid until level 18 and should be heeded.

The Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks about events and energy

Tip 1: Use your energy for the ascent

As you level up in Sims Mobile, not only will you get SimCash and new items to buy unlocked, but your Sims’ energy will recharge as well. Therefore, our first tip is as follows: Try to spend the energy of all your Sims when you are about to level up. Now finish the events to ascend the level. If you only lack a little energy, you can, for example, use the toilet, shower, bed or bath (which, however, is only available from higher levels) to get you more energy. If you climb in the level, all the Sims get the full power again!

Tip 2: Finish events in Sims Mobile faster

Events can be stopped faster by energy. But even here you can accelerate the whole thing again. Mostly there are orders that cost 1 or 2 energy. Both bring (calculated on an energy) the same yield. However, you have a time advantage: By using orders with 2 energy directly, you are twice as fast, because time always stays the same.

Over time, even risky actions are unlocked. Do not use these immediately, but continue the normal actions. Only when the bar has filled to over 75%, you should perform the action. Here is the highest probability that it succeeds. With 3 energy, you get significantly more points that accelerate the event.

Tip 3: Place objects that bring bonuses to your energy

If you’re buying new items for your home, especially to increase your lifestyle rating, then especially buy the items that bring bonuses to the energy at The Sims Mobile. So you can regenerate significantly more energy with a toilet or shower or sleeping.

By the way, buying twice brings nothing (so twice toilet paper increases only once the bonus). In addition to these objects, always take a look at the career and hobby objects. If you place such items, you will not only have more actions available, the event will finish faster. Note that you place the objects BEFORE STARTING the event, as this is the only way to save the minutes for the event.

Tip 4: Send your Sims to hobbies and careers for more Simoleons

Actually, the entire season of The Sims Mobile you will always have too few Simoleons and so can hardly buy anything, which makes it difficult to heed Tip 3. Therefore, you should send your Sims to career jobs and later to hobby events, because these two (as well as the special events) will always reward you with Simoleons.

The more Sims you send to such events, the more Simoleons you will generate in Sim’s Mobile. But also note tip 5 and 7, because not always this makes the most sense.

Tip 5: Look into the missions and do them

A quick look at Tip 4: Should you get a mission that involves ending a relationship event, you should always prefer this. Only when you finish a mission will a new one be unlocked. And missions are hugely important to get to the SimCash required in Tip 6. So be sure to do the missions, as you will get to the SimCash without the use of real money to unlock a third Sim.

Tips about relationships and Sims

Tip 6: Collect and save your SimCash for the third Sim for Sims Mobile

To unlock the third Sim, you need 175 SimCash. You can earn this within a week even without real money. To do this, as described in Tip 5, you must complete the missions and save your SimCash. So do not spend SimCash on other stuff on Sims Mobile. Already after a few days you will have them together and you can control a third Sim. This way, you can get to the Simoleons faster and faster at SIms Mobile.

And another tip: If you want to spend real money, then get the advantage pack, which brings you 550 SimCash. Together with the saved SimCash from the missions you can also unlock the fourth Sim directly. More about the 3rd and 4th Sim you can find HERE !

Tip 7: Start a love relationship to get married and have babies

Even though I have excluded relationships at Tip 4 because they do not bring in Simoleons, Sims Mobile is simply about starting a love affair. It will also be part of the missions, so it’s important. To start a love affair, you have to introduce yourself to another Sim coquettish and play through the events. So you step up in the story step by step and in the end you can not only get engaged but also have a baby and get married.

Tip 8: Always use other sims for relationship events

Of course, it’s tempting to relate his two Sims, but that’s not very productive in Sim’s mobile, as you’ll only ever get the reward for the event, but both Sims are busy. So you will move forward very slowly, because you continue to deserve no Simoleons. If you already have a relationship, take a sim and pair it with an unknown one. The other sim must then necessarily make career or hobby events to get to the Simoleons, otherwise you can not get ahead (rooms and land extensions you unlock only by buying objects and you need in turn Simoleons).

Tip 9: Unlock land extension and rooms

If you want to know when you can get land upgrades and rooms in Sims Mobile, then just tap the top of the Lifestyle icon. Now you can see all levels and by means of an icon you will be shown where you get a room and where a landing extension.

Tip 10: Take a look at the frequently asked questions about Sims Mobile

Here on gamehax we have published several articles about The Sims Mobile, including an article with frequently asked questions . This also includes references to continuing articles. This will help you find answers to your questions and, if your question does not crop up, take a look at the comments or write down the question you’d like to have answered!

More tips and tricks

Do you have any other tips and tricks that every Sims Mobile player should know? Then just let us know in the comments below!

The Sims Mobile: Tips for how to get more simoleons on sims freeplay

how to get more simoleons on sims freeplay

Simoleons, the in-game currency at Sims Mobile, is very tight, so we have some tips to help you collect more Simoleons. In Sims Mobile you need Simoleons for new items, new clothes and even later to start special events. For objects and clothes you also need tickets that we have summarized here!

use now

The Sims Mobile Tips for More Simoleons

Tip 1: Get free simoleons for sims freeplay

This site provide free simoleons everyday basis.You may check this site

Tip 2: Send Sims to work or make hobby stories

Most Simoleons and, most importantly, The Sims Mobile are the jobs and hobby stories. Hobbies will be unlocked later, but then, like Jobs, bring in Simoneon’s events. Try to finish a hobby story or a job story with a sim, that is to bring them to level 10. With certain levels, jobs are unlocked for jobs, but the reward for a shift increases as well. Therefore, it is sometimes not advisable to send Sims into retirement, because a Sim with a story (hobby / job) at level 10 will bring you significantly more Simoleons.

PS: The more Sims you have, the more jobs you can of course allocate in parallel and earn more Simoleons. Therefore it is worthwhile to unlock at least the 3rd Sim Slot.

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Tip 3: Complete the missions for Simoleons

Missions are especially useful at the beginning of Simoleons, and not just to get to SimCash. Since at the beginning the costs of Simoneon are still very low, you can place and buy new objects faster. Later, there are hardly any missions left and the 25 Simoleons are really negligible. This tip is only for first level players.

Tip 4: Go to parties in Sims Mobile

Furthermore, a source of income for Simoleons are parties. If you reach 3 stars, you will receive a small bonus. The higher the level that a party reaches (depending on how many other players go there), there is another group party reward. There are also a couple of Simoleons, which is valuable only for beginners, later even 90 Simoleons are hardly worth mentioning.

Tip 5: What else do you get for Simoleons?

In addition to the missions, there is also the daily to-do list. Here are some tasks that Simoleons bring to you. That’s not much, but it’s something. If you’re new to Sims Mobile and unlock the special events, they’ll even bring you Simoleons. Later, as soon as you retire a sim or reach the level, you will have to pay Simoleons instead to start such events.

More tips and tricks for more money in the game

If you have more tips and tricks to get more money in the game, or we did not mention some ways to get to Simoleons, then just drop us a line in the comments.

Conclusion: What brings me more Simoleons?

As you note, there are very few opportunities to get to Simoleons. Therefore, I recommend you especially Tip 1 and also Tip 2. Do at first as many tasks in this area as possible. Send as many people as possible to jobs and hobbies, so that you get to Simoleons. Nevertheless, you should also use a sim for a love relationship to be able to have children later. Once the love relationship reaches its maximum, you can also use this sim again to earn the Simoleons.

The higher the level of your hobby or profession, the higher the reward. In this case, the shorter the jobs, the more Simoleons you get in the same period (so if you do 4x the short shift vs 1x standard shift, the first one is better). The disadvantage is that you have to send the Sim to the shift again and again.

Last Day On Earth Tips : 10 things every player should know

Last Day On Earth Tips

Here are the 10 things every player should know about Last Day On Earth. We have already published several articles on Last Day On Earth, including how to find chopper gas tank on last day on earth . Nevertheless, most of the questions are still the same, which is due to the fact that Last Day On Earth keeps many things secret and that it can only be found out by trying it out. Therefore, now a list of things that every player should know in the entry level!

You should know these 10 things

Last Day On Earth

1: Last Day On Earth is a single player game

While it may seem like you’re interacting with other players on Last Day On Earth, they’re only computer-controlled. The names are random based, but the players are always controlled by the computer. Therefore, they always attack you directly.

On the map you can see other bases, but do not worry: These are also prefabricated bases, which are the same for each player and can also be looted without danger.

The raider was introduced with Update 1.7 also only gives the appearance of a multiplayer event. It still remains that no real player attacks you, but everything is done by the system.

2: sense of the game and the first steps

As you re-enter Last Day On Earth, you may be wondering what the purpose is and what steps you need to take. Basically, it starts at the beginning with the following:

1.Build your base (the woodwork is sufficient as walls are destroyed by the zombie horde anyway, reaching you every 24 hours)
2.Go into the green (later yellow and later red) area and kill the zombie, collecting wood, ore and limestone. Collect the items of dead zombies and animals, go home and store them there in chests.
3.By killing the zombie and gathering wood and co, you’ll level up and gradually make more.
4.If you have found a CAC card A, you can use it to build the Bunker Alfa and in the next step the chopper and then unlock new card elements. But it will take weeks and months for this to happen, as Last Day On Earth makes it hard to find all the pieces.

3: The chopper and what you should know

The first vehicle (and the only thing that can be completed so far) is the chopper. It will not be easy, because especially engine parts and the blue gas tank become a challenge. The blue gas tank is very fortunate to find a killed NPC (character controlled by the computer – are the ones who look like other players), but otherwise only in the bunker Alfa and there in the box where you get red coupons must use. The engine parts are very rare to find.

If you’ve ever been to an NPC base, then you’ll have seen a chopper (and even an ATV) there. Immediately the question arises: Can I finish and then use it? NO! Do not put any parts in there, because you will not get them out anymore. The only thing you can do is steal the gas, because that’s what you need for your chopper later. you need an empty water bottle to get the gas fuel.

Oh well, if you ever have the chopper, you use it and then die – do not worry! He then reappears in your base.

4: The plans on Last Day On Earth

As mentioned, you gain experience by collecting wood and co and killing the zombies. Incidentally, there are 10 experience points or 3 experience points for each action (depending on which server you chose when starting the game).

Here is a list of plans that shows which one you should definitely use! In the beginning, hatchet and pickaxe are essential, as is the backpack to transport more. What else should you build, you will find out there!

5: The Events – When do they appear, what do I have of them

There are several events in Last Day On Earth. At the beginning of the game there is more often the plane crash, which later does not appear at all. In general: Events usually come when you have less than 60 or 50 energy, plane crashes in the lower levels usually only under 25 energy. If this is too far away from you, then you’re driven to use the premium currency to replenish your energy, or you look at ads.

At events, especially drop-off point and plane crash, you get some very good materials and resources. Take everything with you! From time to time there are other events such as the shipwreck or the smuggler camp. All offer you resources as a reward!

6: Is it Worth Buying Weapons in Last Day On Earth?

In my view, it is not worthwhile to use real money for weapons, because weapons have such a short shelf life that it simply is not worth it. If you want to spend money, then especially use the packs that bring weapons and armor. Above all, use ranged weapons only in an emergency and leave them at home in boxes.

7: How do I get all the resources in the game?

Not all resources are available in Last Day On Earth. For example, there is currently no Titanium, so that all plans that need something, can not be made. Also, the ATV can not be completed because this is the ATV gearbox is not included in the game.

In order to know what resources are available in the game (and which not) and how to create or find them, we have compiled a list of resources and materials !

8: The bunker Alfa of Last Day On Earth

If at some point you have discovered the CAC card A when collecting, you can use it to open the bunker Alfa (you only need the card the first time). If you enter this, you will find cupboards on the right, which you can use as a warehouse, because everything you miss there will be preserved. If you go straight ahead, you have to enter a code. You get this by building the CB radio, then tapping it and learning the code.

Then you can enter Bunker Level 1. The bunker remains open for 48 hours. After that, it will be reset (level 1 to 3). If you go through the first level, you will see boxes that you can open with coupons. You will receive coupons by killing the zombies in the bunker. Especially red coupons are rare, but their content is very good!

You will find a lift to the boxes to reach the lower levels. If he tells you something about energy or something like that, your device will not be supported and you will not be able to enter the other levels. In level 3, however, it will be over because the developers have not incorporated more levels.

9: Firearms and Melee Weapons and how to kill Frenzied Giant

Firearms are rare in Last Day On Earth and should be kept for frenzied giant or for the Chopper Event or Watchtower. Otherwise only use melee weapons.

Tip: To kill frenzied giant, a bow is enough. You can build it relatively at the beginning and you can make it from parts that are common in the areas! One bow is usually sufficient for 2 frenzied giant.

10: Dying in the Games App

In Last Day On Earth, your character can die for a variety of reasons, and in the end, your life energy simply drops to zero. That can have several reasons:

1.Biter and NPCs attack you
2.You starve
3.You are thirsty
4.You freeze
5.You come in contact with gas / poison

If you die in areas that regenerate (green, yellow, red areas), then your character is lost forever and everything that was in it. If you die in your base, bunker alfa or on an event card that has not yet closed, then you can collect your body and all its parts. But watch out: Only the last body is preserved. If you die again, then your first corpse is gone! After death, you always start back in your base.

Build the doormat best, because this is always your starting point when you enter the base. If you do not have these, you always start at the edge.

Bonus 1: Build walls in Last Day On Earth

Every 24 hours a zombie horde comes over your base. These only destroy your walls. Since other players can not attack you, you do not have to build walls or traps, that would be a waste of resources. If you build walls, bring them immediately to level 3, because from this they can not be destroyed by the zombie!

Bonus 2: The power generator at the watchtower

If you are already advanced, you probably also want to install the power generator at the watchtower. Please note the following:

1.Build the power generator in the plans, then put it in YOUR BASIS and finish it (you need more parts)
2.Power generator with the CHOPPER (yes, you have to own) transport to the watchtower
3.Now more areas are unlocked. You can find more about this here !

Even more tips and tricks for Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW ! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

Last Day On Earth: How To Find Chopper Gas Tank 100% Working

last day on earth chopper gas tank

With this trick you can find the chopper gas tank in Last Day On Earth at 100%! We have posted a great trick on Facebook in the Last Day On Earth group , which allows us to find the Chopper Gas Tank 100% and to clean up the bunker Alfa without any problems and to earn the coupons.

Sooner or later, you will need the chopper to unlock new areas or just switch between areas faster or use the chopper event. Everything about the chopper at Last Day On Earth HERE !

Last Day On Earth: Find Chopper Gas Tank for everyone

Preparation: You should have that

1.In order to use the following trick (please make it quick, because who knows how long it will work – in version 1.7 it still works), you should have made the following preparations: least 30 red coupons, 25 yellow coupons and 20 green coupons (the chopper tank is actually only in the box with the red coupons, but you can still go through all the same)

3.The bunker Alfa Level 1 is still locked (you have not entered the code yet)

4.Write down the code for Bunker Alfa to enter and go to Bunker Alfa

5.You’re connected to your Game account (iOS) or Google Play account (Android)

6.You need a second device of the same operating system (so twice iOS or twice Android). If you only have an Android smartphone / tablet, just use Bluestacks for the PC (this is an Android emulator – more information in the following article)

7.On both devices you have to be connected to the same account (Game center or Google Play Account) (at the start you will see your name at the top, tap on the settings icon on Last Day On Earth you should see something like “disconnect”, that means you are currently connected to the account.

Step by step instructions

last day on earth gas tank trick

Decide on which device that you want to enter the bunker by default and open the boxes. The other device has the world map open. Since both devices are synchronized via the same account, the trick works! With you, device 1 could be your Android smartphone and device 2 could be the Bluestacks emulator.

Make sure you are in your 1 device in Bunker Alfa (only the top level, do not type anything or anything else – access to level 1 must be blocked and also have the coupons – 30 red, 25 yellow and 20 green in the inventory) , Change again the areas, enter, for example, the green, so your inventory and your current point are stored exactly in Bunker Alfa. Now start device 2 and open the world map.

Now enter the bunker Alfa with device 1 and enter the code. Now go to the boxes in level 1 and open them (theoretically enough, the red box with the 30 red coupons). Now look up what’s in it. You have the chopper tank? Perfect! Unless? Just note the content. If next time the content should be the same, you have to change the area beforehand, kill someone there, take the loot and store it in the bunker, for example, so that the random code changes in the game.

Close Last Day On Earth on device 1 completely (in iOS, wipe up and eject the app – For Android mostly tap the menu button and wipe out the app there). Now you enter with device 2 the bunker Alfa. Your coupons are back in and the bunker is still closed to level 1. Leave the bunker directly again and device 2 is back on the world map.

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Now you start device 1 again and as you can see, even there the coupons are back in the inventory. Now you’re going on with device 1 again: go into the bunker, enter the code, open the boxes.

This can be quite time-consuming: my one friend had needed about 100 attempts, another member was already lucky on the second attempt and could call the chopper gas tank his own. So: Anyone who has not yet found the chopper tank on Last Day On Earth can find it so 100%!

Even more tips on Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

For a long time now we have a guide on defense strategies in clash of clans, in other words defense strategies. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to protect your village best to earn numerous trophies.

We also have tips and tricks on how you intentionally lose trophies and how you should build your village. You do not understand why that should make sense? We explain it to you. Clash of Clans is really complex and if you want to move on fast, you have to come up with a strategy and always adapt it. Accordingly, our strategy guide for defense in clash of clans is again very extensive. Therefore, we divide the whole into different areas below.

Here is a brief overview of what the strategy guide for Clash of Clans should be about. With our tips and tricks you will certainly make faster progress. I have committed these mistakes first and now turned off. Here is the overview:

In addition, we recommend you to read our general tips, tricks and cheats articles around Clash of Clans , as this again gives many valuable aids.

Also read: how to defend in the clan war

Deliberately lose – What are the reasons and how should I build

I had the problem that I wanted to level the town hall at level 6. For this one needs 750,000 coins. However, attacking one of the enemy and stole so per robbery almost 100,000 gold. The reason: I built wrong. Despite securing the gold camp, this has penetrated and has taken the gold. Accordingly one should try to lose on purpose. In other words, the enemy should only destroy the town hall and receive trophies for it. Our gold camps should remain untouched.

How should I proceed in Clash of Clans?

In the first step, you should first lose trophies. So attack enemies and just put a barbarian. Then you give up the fight and lose the trophies accordingly. Go down to 400 cups.

The next step is to rebuild your base. The gold camps should be in the center, protected by walls and towers around, which are also protected by walls. This strategy makes sense only from level 5  sense, otherwise you do not have enough walls. And this could look like this for example:

As you can see, the towers are once again protected by walls and our gold warehouses are also walled up again. The players in the lower levels are looking forward to an easy goal and usually attack only the town hall. Your gold camp remains protected.

It also gives you a shield in Clash of Clans for 12 hours. Others can not attack you anymore. This strategy again in the overview:

Defense Strategies in Clash of Clans

But who wants to lose intentionally. Anyone who plans to win 1250 trophies in order to receive 450 diamonds needs to pursue a different strategy. The following strategies only make sense from Town Hall level 5, otherwise you will not have enough walls available.

Here are some defense strategies in Clash of Clans below. We also found examples of how not to do it.

The best strategy: The best principle for defense

The best strategy has proven to be the pickpocket tactics in Clash of Clans. This protects the defenses and bearings best.

Below we have a screenshot of how to understand this tactic. Having used numerous tactics, this tactic is clearly the best. First, a screenshot and then we explain again the structure of this defense in Clash of Clans:

This strategy is perfectly suited from Level 5, but can also be used earlier. And so you place the buildings:

Building building, barracks, warehouse, laboratory and Clan castle outside: These buildings can be torn by the enemy without consequences. Accordingly, these should be outside, but also be accessible by defenses
In the middle of the gold warehouse and town hall.
Where you do not have enough walls, fill up with bombs and leghold traps

Important in this type of defense is that you place the  so that at least 2 brick breakers are needed to reach the center. If you have more walls later, it should be 3 and more.

A wall around everything? Not the best strategy

If you attack other players, you can see good and bad strategies. One should always consider with the own strategy: If I would attack my own village, how would I do that. If you yourself know how fast that works, then the enemy knows that too.

Below we have discovered three examples of how not to do it. If you try to find out yourself where the error lies:

This strategy is simple: I just build a wall around everything. Two cities still have walls around the town hall. This has been done wrong:

Wall breakers: We’ll just grab a brick breaker and we’re in there. Inside we have no further walls (except possibly to the city hall), but can now butcher everything.
Archers: With archers or magicians or balloons we can destroy the town hall without breaking the wall.

You see: Such bases are an easy victim. Together with Giants we have an easy game. Accordingly, your defense should NEVER look like this.

If you still have a lower level, then still uses our strategy as mentioned above. There is another strategy that is welcome, which we present below.

Double walls? Not bad, but not very productive

Thus, while a wall does not bring much, as we are usually through with a brick breaker, the double wall has established itself with some players. The advantage of double walls is that you need at least 2 brick breakers. However, walls are limited and can not be built indefinitely.

Behind the double walls should definitely be defense systems. Otherwise, a double wall does not bring anything if the enemy comes through them without shelling. The wall must be protected at all points with defenses in Clash of Clans.

Put buildings in the corners – why do you do that?

Often you see a defense strategy, which is to place buildings in the corners. This Clash of Clan defense strategy has one to do with an attacker having a maximum of 3 minutes to slaughter everything. Only then there are 3 stars. If an attacker at the main fortress in the middle takes too long, he may not make the corners anymore. Our loss of trophies is not that high.

Do not forget bombs and iron plates

With all strategies one should not forget to place the bombs and iron plates correctly. One should ask oneself: If I was the enemy, where would I release the troops? In these places you should place the bombs and iron plates.

Conclusion: strategies of defense

We have now introduced you to numerous defense strategies, with only the one-box defense principle in Clash of Clans making the most sense and being used by the players in high levels. The advantage is that you have to break through many walls until you come to the middle. Accordingly, the defensive attacks can destroy the attackers.

Simply pulling a wall around the settlement has no sense and should be avoided. Double walls also do not bring much. Last but not least, you should place bombs and traps suitably to do maximum damage to Clash of Clans attackers.

In addition, there is the opportunity to deliberately lose to protect his gold camps and thus to obtain protection so that no other player can attack.

If you know more defense strategies in Clash of Clans, feel free to sign up in the comments section.