FIFA Ultimate Team: All You Need To Know About FUT Web App

FIFA Ultimate Team: All You Need To Know About FUT Web App

The FIFA 19 FUT Web App also gives you access to your FUT Club away from the console or PC. We’ll explain how the app works.

“The world of football never sleeps.” With this slogan, EA Sports introduces the FUT Web App for FIFA Ultimate Team. The application provides all the important information about your FUT club at a glance. So you can be active at any time, even if you are not near the console or PC.

FUT Web App

What is the FUT Web App?

The mobile application for FUT Web App, also called Companion App, is a light version of FUT for your computer or laptop. It is also available on the tablet and mobile phone. You can download the Companion App for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store . Apart from contesting games, many features of FIFA Ultimate Team Mode are available to you.

The program allows access to your team . So you can work on a weekend while traveling already to the perfect Ultimate Teams file. An excellent occupation, especially during long train journeys or flights. Also changes to the club can of course be made.

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Especially popular is the web app, because every year it comes online a few weeks before the release of the actual game. FIFA fans around the world will be able to open the first starter packs before the release and start assembling the squads.

Exclusive rewards are waiting for you

In addition, EA rewards you with the Welcome Back Rewards. Depending on whether you have played FIFA Ultimate Team in the previous years, returning players will receive certain packs as a loyalty bonus. Those logging in with their EA account last year before the game’s release also received the coveted daily rewards.

Professional tip: The FUT Web App gives you access to the transfer market of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. This means that you are always able to buy or sell player cards. You can take advantage of this advantage and make clever FIFA coins. Keep track of the buy and sell prices of the player cards with the application at all times. At particularly attractive prices you can strike immediately. For more tips and tricks for the transfer market, read our guides on the various trading methods in FIFA 19 .

The best thing about the application is that you will be able to complete Live Squad Building challenges even if you are away from home for a while. With the FUT Web App / Companion App, you can relax and enjoy the holiday without sacrificing the rewards of certain live SBCs. Also, you can complete daily and weekly goals here and earn the bonus to expand and improve your team even further.

The official companion app is the mobile command center for all true FIFA 19 fans. Log into the FUT Web App for free and show everyone else who the real FIFA professionals are in the room.

best way to make money in gta 5 online 2019

best way to make money in gta 5 online 2019

Without money, there’s nothing going on in GTA Online – no new cars, no planes, no cool weapons. We explain to you how you, alone or in a team, are rummaging through your first million.

In the vast open world of GTA Online, there are many ways to spend money – but of course that must first be on your account before you can afford thick sports cars, yachts, real estate, planes and gilded weapons.

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It depends heavily on whether you want to play alone or with a solid group on the road. Some options only work well in groups or become extremely hectic or very difficult on their own. Our guide to making quick money in GTA Online therefore treats the most convenient ways for both ways of playing.

You will learn in this guide:

  • which purchases are worthwhile in the money-making phase
  • how you can comfortably make money as a solo player in different phases of the game
  • which joint activities are financially worthwhile for group players
  • what you have to pay special attention to certain activities
stromberg gta 5

For the chic diving car “Stromberg” you put a lot of dollars on the counter.

Note: At GTA Online, there are bonus weeks in which you receive double cash and RP revenue on an alternate type of mission – taking advantage of such opportunities for double money at the same cost. The Rockstar Social Club always shows you which bonuses you can currently get.

How to make money in GTA Online

That’s what it looks like when there’s just under $ 17 million left in a CEO office.

1.GTA 5 General Tips

If you are mainly traveling alone or with just one friend, you should avoid unnecessary expenses . When you’re making your fortune, do not buy expensive vehicles and spend your money only on weapons that you often use.

It is worthwhile to use two-handed weapons as well as single-handed firearms such as the Mini / Micro-MP, as you can use them to shoot from a moving car. In addition, a melee weapon like a baseball bat is an alternative if you run out of ammo in a hot fight!

Once you have enough money, buy only the cheapest house with a small garage. Focus on a single car, such as the Kuruma, which features armor and bullet-proof tires on Los Santos Customs, making missions in the open world much more enjoyable.

At the marina in the city center (Puerto del Sol Marina) or at the airfields in the Grand Senora Desert (Sandy Shores Airfield) and Grapeseed (MacKenzie Airfield) steal the helicopters that spawn there to speed you through the city and to missions. The Frogger flies from the unarmed helicopters most comfortable for flight beginners. The Buzzard is your armed and nimble model of choice, but does not stand up to much fire.

When playing in the group, CEO (or VIP) bodyguards regularly earn a certain amount (starting at $ 6,000). Salary , biker club members are also paid to participate in procurement and sales missions. So even if you help friends with their labs, bunkers or warehouses, you do not go crazy!

2.make money gta 5 single player

Car theft

If you move in the open world, look out for models like Lampadati Felon GT (convertible version) or Sentinel’s superiority. These can be sold at each Los Santos Customs for 9000-95000 $, other regular cars bring less profit.

You can sell a stolen car every 50 minutes , so use this option mainly between other tasks. If you catch a (rare) vehicle with special paint, there is also a lot more money in the sale.

From time to time Simeon calls you and tells you which cars he is currently looking to buy. If one of the cars on his list steals, drive to a Los Santos Customs and paint the car cheaply, you will get a waymarker for Simeon’s Warehouse (and its sale) on your card.

lampadati felon gta 5
No sooner have we stolen a chic Lampadati, the police takes us to the grain.


Did you buy a CEO business later in the game, buy a cheap vehicle warehouse, and select the Vehicle Hire option on your computer in your office to start an auto-clue mission. Steal the vehicle and bring it as undamaged as possible to your warehouse – you pay repair costs yourself! In the vehicle warehouse, you mock up the car on the computer and sell it over it.

For sales drives, it’s best to dodge opponents as quickly as possible, as the damage they inflict on your vehicle reduces profits.

For maximum profit their cars collect the standard and middle class without selling them. If you ever have all the cars of these two classes in the camp, you will only get missions for upper-class vehicles , as the game avoids duplication in the camp itself. If you only sell top-class cars, this increases the profit significantly.

how to make money in gta 5 online selling cars
Only a stolen car in the warehouse is waiting for sale.

Alternatively, you can buy a small special-goods warehouse and select the option »Special Freight« on your computer in your office. Buy one or two boxes (three do not have a good cost / effort ratio) to start a special freight procurement mission, collect the cargo and bring it to your warehouse.

If the warehouse is full, you can sell the cargo for a reasonable profit alone. Make sure that your delivery vehicle is armored and padded so that the first attack by enemies does not present you with a problem.

Note: CEO sales and specialty shipments are also fairly easy to do in the group game, but the existing alternatives such as bunker supply and sales, as well as the sale of full stock biker club stores, are more rewarding.

Complete daily goals

At GTA Online, you get assigned to each of the new real-time goals at around 6 or 7 am in the morning, the completion of which brings you $ 25,000 and 3,000 RP. If you manage to complete all of your daily goals for a full month , $ 1.5 million will be rewarded. Especially fair: it only counts logged in days, it does not come into play for a few days, you do not lose the progress!

gta 5 warehouse

The CEO warehouse is already piled with lots of loot.

Challenges and shop raids

For a few bucks in between, you take part in the regular, short-term Open World Challenges – for example, “drive the longest way back without accident” or something similar. If you get one of the top seats, there is money and RP as a reward. As a good driver you can also in the race to participate in the Open World, the better you cut, the higher the prize money.

Alternatively, you “visit” the small shops scattered throughout the world, where you usually buy snacks and drinks, and threaten the salesman with a gun until he throws you a purse of $ 1,500- $ 10,000. Leave the store going backwards, otherwise the seller will shoot you in the back. After that you only have to successfully escape from the police!

gta 5 shop robbery
If you attack shops, you quickly have the police on your neck.

Do jobs

In the list of available jobs , look for tasks where you have to fight against opponents and set the difficulty ‘hard’ so that you get more money and RP.

Jobs take place in instanced environments, so you do not have to worry about your fellow players and can do the job calmly and at your own pace. In the loading screen you can also buy ammunition and armor.

gta 5 vip missions

From a million on the bank you can register for VIP missions , all of which run in the Open World. For solo players, the “city tour” mission is particularly worthwhile as you can earn up to $ 25,000. Here you should be careful to take at least 10 minutes from the 15 minute time limit, as the game oddly enough only pays out the full pay.

Alternatively, in “Leadership Escape,” try to stay alive for ten minutes without other players killing you – keep in constant motion to find a potentially empty or peaceful game session for that mission

gta 5 motorcycle club businesses

If you have any money left, get yourself a biker club and buy the cheapest coke lab. This can provide you with resources by launching supply missions and returning the stolen supplies to the lab . The lab only produces its product while you are active in GTA Online, so doing something else during the production phase.

If a maximum of two and a half bars of product is available, you start a sales mission and deliver the goods to their buyers . Important: The product quantity is sized so that you can do it with some planning to sell everything alone within the time limit. It should not be more product if you do not want to lose.

Make money playing in the group

Do jobs

As with single-player earning, you should look for missions where you have to kill enemies. Set the level of difficulty to ‘heavy’ and make sure your teammates stay alive during the instanced job – the more comfortable the banger becomes. At around $ 15,000 and $ 3,000 per job, you’ll make a decent amount of money on a night’s play, without even a team member having to own a business or a biker club.

contract killings

Gangster boss Martin Madrazo regularly provides you with new assignments, where you have to bring a goal around with at least one other team member . With $ 15,000 and 3000RP, the merit is a good extra for not too much effort – you drive to the destination, clears the way to the goal free, kills the target, flees from the police, ready!

Heists / robberies

No matter if you do the Fleeca robbery or the more sophisticated Heists for four people with only one player, the client has to high-end apartment with planning space. He goes with the cost of the robbery in advance, but then may distribute the loot.

If you’re part of a solid team, you’ll be able to allocate the tasks involved in a robbery, such as flying a plane, chopping a car, or stealing cars from the players who are the best at it. For the Fleeca robbery beckons $ 100,000, in the other, multi-stage preparations to prepare robbery beckons significantly more profit.

Biker Club

For the quick buck in between you start in a biker club house one of the three proposed missions , which can best be done with three to four players. These usually consist of protection, rescue and destruction tasks, so are not a great challenge for experienced players.

If you have bought a bunker, a coke or a lab, you supply this together with the players with stolen goods and then sells the product produced during your online time . Of course, you can also afford the hemp plantation or a counterfeiting or document counterfeiting business, but there the ratio between effort and profit is much lower.

Beware: While the sales missions from the Coke and Met lab are still relatively relaxed, bunker sales missions have hard time limits and more demanding tasks to complete. But a full bunker brings a lot of money – over $ 1 million per successful sale!

Nightclub sales

As a player with some cash on the bench and ideally all sales opportunities (coke, meth, hemp, counterfeiters, document counterfeiters, bunkers, special cargo) you create a nightclub and equip it with up to five technicians, sales vehicles and an enlarged warehouse.

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Assign the technicians to individual storage tasks and then you just wait. While doing any other work on GTA Online, technicians passively store goods in the night club deposit, depending on the chosen business , until the corresponding supply bar is filled. When a bar is full, you assign the technician to a task in which nothing has yet been stored.

Once your camp is completely filled – Gay Tony calls you and complains about the too small camp – you go to the sales mission.

Important: Make sure you buy the largest possible sales vehicle and mates it with armor, bulletproof tires and armament, which makes the sale much easier. Sale vehicles in the standard version last as well as nothing and as soon as they suffer too much damage, you go the profit of the contained goods flutes!

Apex Legends Octane Guide – Abilities, Tips

Apex Legends Octane Guide – Abilities, Tips

With the release of the legend Octane the character range around Mirage, Lifeline & Co. is extended. We’ll tell you how to best use Octane’s speed advantage in Apex Legends.

In this Apex Legends Octane Guide, you’ll learn:

  • what costs you Octane
  • what you have to keep in mind when using »Stim«
  • how you regenerate your life without Medikits

Along with the release of Season 1 , Respawn Entertainment has given Apex Legends a new character. The speed-trimmed legend Octane mixes up the Apex games in the future.

We tell you if – or how – the purchase of Octane is worthwhile for you.

Buy Apex Legends’ new entry Octane

Like Mirage or Caustic , Octane is not just unlocked for every Apex player. You will need to shell out either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins to unlock it.

apex legends octane

With some patience, Octane can also be unlocked with the in-game currency – the Legend Token

This means you either spend your time and increase to 20 levels ( you get 600 tokens per level up ) or you buy the smallest available Apex Coins package with 1000 Apex Coins for 9.99 Euro .

Apex Legends Octane – Passive Ability: Fast healing

You can not really talk about quick healing in Octane’s passive ability. Health regeneration is slow , one life every two seconds, but it can still save your life.

Especially at the beginning of a round, if you do not have many syringes or medikits after initial battles , you can at least slowly heal yourself again with the passive ability.

But even in the heat of battle her life regenerates, if you do not get any damage . However, it takes a short while for the life regeneration to re-activate after you take damage.

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Apex Legends Octane – Tactility: Stim

The tactic ability “Stim” resembles Bangalore’s passive ability “run-step,” which makes her run faster when hit . However, you can activate Stim almost at any time to give you a 30% boost in speed for six seconds. A cooldown is as good as none at just two seconds. However, the ability has one catch, because each activation costs you ten life points.

Here are some important tips and tricks for Octane’s tactic ability “Stim”:

  • Use Stim at the start of the round to quickly loot and sprint from one house to the next.
  • You can not kill yourself with it, you always have at least one life .
  • Stay with “Stim” during the fight is not easy, but remains in motion – which makes it very difficult for your opponent to meet you.
  • The passive healing is exposed during use of Stim, but is activated immediately when the speed boost stops.
  • You can also use meds or shield batteries while using Stim .

Apex Legends Octane – Ultimate Ability: Jump Cushion

The Ulti of Octance, like its tactical ability, is designed for speed. You can throw a landing area before you, that you and your teammates catapulted through the air.


The crazy legend Octane in action

The jump cushion is perfect to surprise enemies who lie on roofs in safety. Place the cushion in front of the house and jump your opponent in front of the face with the shotgun. The moment of surprise should offer you the decisive advantage.

A few insider tips for Octane’s jump pillow:

  • Expresses her the jump button in the moment you walk through the jumping pillow, catapulting you the pillow again slightly higher and farther.
  • Grenades also jump off the jump cushion.
  • Powered-off and crawling on the ground teammates can use the pillow to get to safety.
  • Attention: The jump cushion has a very small hitbox , so it can happen that you throw it between steps.

Octane is an exciting addition to the existing characters in Apex Legends. Its fast-paced gameplay style gives you plenty of new options, and the jump cushion will surely make for one or the other funny situation in Apex games.

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FIFA 20: All information about the release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 20: All information about the release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

We are waiting for FIFA 20 and what innovations the football simulation has in store. All the information we have collected for you.

FIFA 20 is already hotly debated, although the current part has only half a year under its belt. In FIFA 19, the football simulation has already missed some big changes from EA. With the expansion of tactics and the introduction of ” Dynamic Tactics ” FIFA fans could finally make as many settings as its long-term rival Pro Evolution Soccer.

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In addition, FIFA 19 players play for the first time the UEFA Champions League from the cozy sofa after. The introduction of ” Timed Finishing ” as part of the revised final timing was as controversial in the scene as the changes in the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode. So that you can have a say as a successor on all important topics, we have collected all known information about FIFA 20 for you.

FIFA 2020 release date expectations

So far EA has not announced an official release date . However, experience shows that the new FIFA will appear after the end of the transfer phase of the national professional leagues, in late summer. So FIFA 19 released on September 28, 2018. Therefore, we expect the successor to a similar date this year. As soon as the official release date is known, we will complement it in this article.

What was previously announced by EA

So far, EA has just stated that FIFA 20 will be released, which is not a spectacular announcement after more than 25 years of sports simulation history.

So far, EA has just stated that FIFA 20 will be released, which is not a spectacular announcement after more than 25 years of sports simulation history.

In addition, Fifa 20 will receive “ significant new features, ” as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen indicated in February 2019 during the quarterly report by Electronic Arts . As soon as official announcements from EA become known, you will of course hear them from us.

For which platforms does FIFA 20 appear?

It is almost certain that Fifa 20 will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Whether crossplay will be possible next year is not yet known, but we do not want to hope for too much right now. In addition, it will probably, as in previous years, a stripped down version of the Nintendo Switch and last generation consoles, so Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 , give.

Is there a VR function in FIFA 20?

More and more games use the possibilities of virtual reality and thus set completely new gaming experiences for their fans. For Fifa 20 as well, VR mode is one of the rumors that has been the subject of much debate so far.

Sebastian Enrique, senior producer of EA, said that so far nothing has been found that surpasses the experience of a controller in the hand. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that it finds the virtual reality in the coming Fifa offshoot.

What needs to get better with FIFA Ultimate Team

There is inequality of opportunity among the players of Fifa Ultimate Team mode . Many passionate hobby players who put together a competitive team over weeks and months of hard work (trading and squad building challenges) are frustrated. Because ever stronger special cards and upgrades come on the transfer market.

Anyone spending hundreds or even thousands of real-money Euros on FIFA Coins to buy packs that are unlikely to include a top player will quickly have the edge. Belgium has already put a stop to the so-called “pay-to-win” principle. The purchase of such real money packs is gambling and banned in Belgium since 31 January 2019. The federal government is also considering a possible ban .

Added to this is the lack of transparency in EA’s Ultimate Team policy. Those who have now put together their competitive dream team for FIFA Ultimate mode through fierce efforts (or through the use of a large number of Euros) have been stunned again. Because EA suddenly noticed that there was a “discrepancy between the team strengths” and quickly regulated the use of icons and players with a particularly strong overall ranking for the “FUT Qualifiers”.

In itself a good regulation , which we also wish for FIFA 20. Better, however, at the beginning of the season, before trying for months to pull every penny out of hobby players’ pockets.

That’s what we want from FIFA 20

FIFA 98 was one of the greatest football sims of the 90s. Among other things, this provided a feature that no longer appeared in any regular FIFA in the future: playing in the hall ! For some years, this mode was exclusively marketed by FIFA’s offshoot “ FIFA Street “. Here, however, it was almost all about trickery, so that the atmosphere that comes with a full-fledged football simulation, never really came up. Please EA, bring us another hall in FIFA 20!

In FIFA 19, EA introduced exciting house rules for offline games. Thus, in “Survival Mode“, a randomly selected player from the team of the last scorer is expelled from the field. If you play with the “Long Range” rules, goals scored twice will be counted from outside the penalty area. What is special about the game mode “no rules”, you can certainly think. So what speaks against integrating the house rules in online modes ?

The whole package has to be right

Last but not least, FIFA 20 wants us to revise the less profitable game modes as well. Neither the pro-clubs nor the career mode , have received major improvements in recent years. In addition, known bugs were fixed only after months.

We hope EA takes an example on the competitor Konami. Because the Japanese developers have exploited their “champions league online” so far (in Pro Evolution Soccer ), that ultimately no more players on the transfer market bought, but could only be pulled over packs. As a result, many disappointed players have migrated to FIFA, which now has to be held. Because of the gameplay, FIFA has developed very well in recent years.

Apex Legends: 8 best beginner tips for the Titanfall Battle Royale

Apex Legends: 8 best beginner tips for the Titanfall Battle Royale

EA’s shooter series Titanfall wants to take a slice of the Battle Royale pie and present the spinoff Apex Legends. We’ll tell you how to fight your way forward in the Fortnite alternative.

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn dropped the bomb – or rather the Titan – in a stream in early February: The Titanfall universe gets its own Battle Royale shooter with Apex Legends. Although this has to do without the cool ‘Mechs of the main series, but offers a free entry thanks to free-to-play model.

In this beginner guide we tell you:

  • What’s up with the legend squads?
  • why team play is the key to success.
  • what the different HP colors mean.

Apex Legends can now be downloaded from EA’s own download platform Origin (or the PlayStation Store ). Here are eight smart tips and tricks to get you started with the Battle Royale shooter .

1.Attack the battle as a balanced Legend Squad

In Apex Legends you compete against each other exclusively in teams of three . Each player must choose a different character called Legends in the game. Double occupations are not possible.

Since each character has their own tactical, passive and ultimate special abilities, you should carefully consider how to assemble your team. What abilities these are and what they bring you, we’ll tell you in our great Apex Legends Guide . The following nine heroes are available in Apex Legends:

  • Bangalore – Professional Soldier
  • Bloodhound – Technological tracker
  • Caustic – Toxic trapper
  • Gibraltar – shield fortress
  • Lifeline – Fighter Paramedic
  • Mirage – Holographic Trickster
  • Pathfinder – Advanced Scout
  • Wraith – Interdimensional Skirmisher
  • Octane – adrenaline junkie

At the beginning of each game on the extensive map of the Royal Gulch you jump off with your two comrades and compete against the remaining 57 players. The team that is still alive wins the Battle Royale crown.

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Bloodhound is one of eight legends we use to battle.

Bloodhound is one of eight legends we use to battle.

2.Use the ping system in Apex Legends for communication

Teamwork is the key to success in Apex Legends, and how good your team is depends on how you communicate with each other. Thankfully, Respawn‘s game features a sophisticated ping system in addition to voice chat , which you can activate by pressing a button.

You can set markers with the ping system . For example, you can alert your comrades to loot, selected enemies, or specific areas. For example, if a team member picks up a weapon you’ve tagged, he can return the favor by pressing the button on the screen with a simple “thank you”.

If you press the ping button twice in rapid succession, you can warn your teammates of enemies. If you hold down the key, a menu opens with different marking options.

3.Pay attention to the color of loot boxes of fallen players

As in other Battle Royale games, fallen legends leave boxes with loot on the map. However, these boxes have different colors in Apex Legends that symbolize the rarity of the items they contain . Golden objects are the most valuable, followed by purple and blue items.

4.Tips on the five different colors of damage numbers

Each Legend in the game has 100 Health. In addition, there are four armor items per character , adding 25 HP each to your life energy and coming in different strength levels. So you can have more than 200 HP at most.

Whenever you wound an opponent, a colored number appears above him. The color of HP deducted tells you what kind of damage your enemies have suffered. The following mean the different colors:

  • Purple HP Damage – Enemy wears Armor Level 3
  • Blue HP damage – enemy wears armor level 2
  • HP HP damage – enemy wears armor level 1
  • yellow HP damage – Headshot hit
  • red HP damage – opponent does not wear armor

5.Land on the supply ship to dust off strong weapons

As you approach the Royal Canyon, you’ll probably notice the icon for a DropShip. This marks the final destination of the ship on the map and if you plan your drop sent, you can land on the ship deck. Guaranteed high-quality weapons and items await you here. However, the supply ship is also fiercely competitive.

Pro Tip: Land on the ship, quickly grab a weapon and jump off board.

6.Use the zip lines of the hot air balloons for movement

In the Kings Gorge you will find scattered over the map scattered towers that catapult you high in the air. Then you can sail with your parachute back to the ground and so quickly and easily bridge longer distances. The red hot-air balloons of the jump towers are practically unmissable.

Pro Tip: Jump around the arena as much as you want, because Apex Legends does not have a fall damage .

Familiarize yourself with the Royal Canyon. For example, the red balloons mark the diving towers

Familiarize yourself with the Royal Canyon. 
For example, the red balloons mark the diving towers

7.Revive your dead comrades via respawn transmitter

Biting one of your teammates on the grass does not have to be the end for him. Each player leaves a legend badge on his demise that can only be picked up by team members. If you record this within 90 seconds, you can resurrect your colleague at the next respawn station.

Caution: Resurrected players return without weapons and armor and are therefore particularly vulnerable.

8.Last Tip: Go exploring the Royal Canyon

Do not be shy, explore the complete arena with your eyes open! That’s the only way to find body armor, weapon attachments, backpack upgrades, and other helpful equipment hidden everywhere. The inventory system also tells you automatically if a weapon or item is better than the equipment you own. This way, the game prevents you from accidentally releasing loot at a lower level.

In our detailed map guide , we’ll also tell you exactly where to find the best equipment and which routes to take on the map.

Apex Legends is available for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC .

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This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more

This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more

Apex Legends is an alternative to Fortnite and PUBG and is currently awarding to shooter players. Why? This makes Apex Legends better than the competition!

Apex Legends storms the player charts and is enthroned almost continuously since its release and by far on rank 1 at Twitch. Hundreds of thousands of players watch as Lifeline, Bangalore and Co. head out to Kings Canyon Island to win out of a total of 60 players. What is the appeal of the new Battle Royale shooter? What makes him better than the competition?

The creators of Respawn Entertainment have looked around and taken over, revised and improved some things. Here is an overview: This makes Apex Legends better than other Battle Royale shooters such as Fortnite, PUBG or Black Ops 4 Blackout, but also better than classic shooters like Battlefield, Counter-Strike and more.

Jumpmaster: This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

One of the biggest differences between Apex Legends and the competition is evident at the beginning of a round. Instead of everyone jumping off (and getting lost or landing hundreds of feet away from fellow players), the Jumpmaster takes over. No one (except serious jump masters) is forced to learn any professional tricks on how to get off the jump or anything like that.

All players in a team agree on a goal in Apex Legends; The Jumpmaster ensures that everyone arrives there. Of course, a safe arrival is not guaranteed and it can go wrong. But at least that’s the case and the team stays together. Optionally, however, every player has the opportunity to make his own way down his path.

Respawns: This also makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

If you play PUBG, once you have started a match you will be in the lobby for more than a minute and wait until the round starts. Then the jump follows, which can drag on again. They arm and are shot down: All the fun is over and you have to wait or find a new server. There it says again: wait!

Especially in a Battle Royale, the round for some players is over quickly. If you are not able to loot alone at first, you fight with your opponents for weapons. If you take the short cut here, you will be crushed. Then you can be “revived” and set up like in other games. If the player is killed in a dejected state, the round is over in other Battle Royale games. Not so with Apex Legends: If you catch a bad start, you can still play. The mates only have to bring the badge to respawn. These are quickly achieved at first – and we also often use them. For a good reason, as we will see later.

Tactical depth: This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

The decision to compete only in teams of three promotes the tactical component of Apex Legends. If an opponent is killed, a team must first wait to see what the other two comrades of the opponent drift before they can go loosely. The use of Legend Hero skills in Apex Legends adds depth. Does Caustic burn out the last enemies in their hut with his gas grenades? Does Lifeline call a supply drone in the open field to attract greedy opponents?

The developers of Respawn Entertainment further promote the topic of tactics by “only” 60 instead of 100 players on a (even smaller) map are traveling. Collecting weapons and upgrades in Apex Legends is easier, the upgrade system is not very complex. As a result, in the late game – with advanced lap time and a correspondingly small ring – most of the remaining opponents have a good to very good set of weapons and equipment and can concentrate on fighting. In fact, (final) showdowns in Apex Legends often feel like a good tactical shooter. In a three-on-three in a confined space glow ping function and voice chat.

And, back to the respawn theme: In a group with random players, you will not normally wait long for a teammate to get you back up or even bring them back to the living on a respawn beacon. What seems to work for other shooters only among well-matched comrades and best friends, is at Apex Legends basic recipe for success: a full team with all the skills. Because a death in Apex Legends annoys not only you, but also the other players. Always two against three? D rather not! Even the most selfish players can see that and rezzie them .

No building: that makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite!

In Fortnite, collecting resources to build your own fortresses is optional. But successful players can not avoid it. This is a feature that can irritate viewers and players alike – after all, they expect a shooter first, not a construction simulator.

Better than Battlefield: Ping as Commo-Rose 2.0

When we saw the ping menu from Apex Legends, we recalled the Commo Rose from Battlefield. At the time, this also offered means of communication at the touch of a button. Marking enemies for teammates is also included. The use of the ping menu is not mandatory, but makes the voice chat obsolete in places. That was unthinkable at Battlefield.

Reading tip: Apex Legends: All heroes abilities and how to use them

In Apex Legends the arrangement with the Mates is indispensable, often the common way also results automatically, if it has to go in the direction of ever decreasing ring. Otherwise, the pinging of simple status messages, such as where to go or that you found something, quickly internalized. In addition, you have no disadvantages if you want to make other players on good loot attention. In other games, you may lose time or probably grieve over the voice chat.


Modern Battle Royale with heroes from Overwatch and a tactical depth like in Battlefield, opens up! That’s true for us and the countless Twitch viewers; not forgetting the over 10 million players who have already played in the first few days – and rising.

Note: This article reflects a subjective opinion. The article is not intended to sow discord among players of various titles.

Call Of Duty Mobile Game Announced For iOS and Android Devices

Call Of Duty Mobile Game Announced For iOS and Android Devices

After Diablo: Immortal Activision Blizzard announced the next smartphone offshoot. With Call of Duty: Mobile, the shooter classic should fit in your pocket.

The Game Developers Conference 2019 is currently taking place in San Francisco, where developers not only talk about past projects, but also look to the future. In this context, Activision Blizzard has launched Call of Duty: Mobile.

The game comes from the Chinese studio Timi, which belongs to the conglomerate Tencent. Among other things, known maps of the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series will be included, however, the announcement trailer can also close to the Battle Royale mode Blackout.

call of duty mobile release date

You can now sign up for Call of Duty: Mobile on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Call of duty mobile release date In the summer of 2019, a beta test will take place. A final release date, however, is not yet known.

This call of duty game for smartphones looks like a PC or console game
Apart from a strategy and a zombie version of Call of Duty there are not many apps for the smartphone. But now the development studio Tencent is working in direct contact with Activision on a new mobile app of the franchise. According to Activision , the first-person shooter should combine the most popular cards, characters, weapons and modes from all titles and play for free.

The game is being developed by Tencent Mobile Studio Timi for the time being only for the Chinese market. Free to play games often have a bad reputation because of their micro transactions.

Especially those in which you spend money on characters and weapons to give you an advantage. Tencent, on the other hand, has already proven that they have other ways of monetizing free games. For example, Tencent has developed a game with PUBG Mobile that, while offering cosmetics as an in-app purchase, does not affect their abilities.

After starting an alleged beta phase of the game, it was not long before players released screenshots of the game on Chinese social media platforms. On the screenshots you can see the cards Skyjacked and Standoff from Black Ops 3 and Nuketown from the first Black Ops title.

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For a mobile game, the graphics of the game are amazing. Imagine that you disable the controls – then you might think that these are screenshots of a PC version.

Details about story, call of duty mobile release date and if it makes the game to india, is not yet known. Due to the popularity of the title and after the PUBG Mobile was published in other countries after its success in China, one can only hope that the game will be internationally accessible.

Betting You do not know all the secrets:

What do you think about a mobile version of the Call Of Duty series and which game would you still like to play on your phone? Or are you rather the console and PC purist and still find mobile games dreary? Write us your opinion in the comments.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks to Win Chicken Dinners

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks to Win Chicken Dinners

This is what it sounds like when a gray zombie spawns at PUBG mobile. This is followed by either “Baller, Baller” or Game Over. The mode with the undead as an additional NPC opponent has a fairly high degree of difficulty. If you are not killed by a zombie, then maybe by a nasty teammate, which exploits your plight. Accordingly, we have here tips for the zombie mode at PUBG mobile.

Tip 6 to the PUBG mobile zombie mode will surprise you, shock and click bait. No. Although this is a “Top 5”, all of them were earned by here. In blood-draging nights on Erangel. So do not just write off, but copying in the game is allowed. Have a chicken dinner.

General information about the zombies at PUBG mobile:

The mode has been available for a few days and is selected as an event via the menu. Or by tapping the sign “Survive till dawn” in front of the RPD building. The setting is defined as follows. The map is always Erangel, but not in the full area of ​​the currently largest island world of PUBG.

Rather, the storm has already shrunk to a circle radius, as it is reached in normal play only after 5-10 minutes. In addition to the zombies of various kinds and the boss Tyrant, there are of course other players, 60 in number. You can play only in the perspective of the third person and only four in the squad.

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The reason for the restrictive settings is probably that one does not expect a duo or single player to survive. The zombie mode at PUBG mobile is already difficult . But not impossible, in fact we have even scon by two. Greetings go to the player yippeeyeahye. In this mode you will not paint your nails and zombies either. A presentation of the zombie mode can be found here.

PUBG mobile: Zombie Mode Tips

So why exactly 5 tips? More is not needed. General tips from our “Invitation to the Chicken dinner” ( Tips for PUBG Mobile ) also apply here. So it’s all about killing all the zombies, which are mostly surfing in the two nights and then turning off other teams.

Tip 1: Leave the cars!

Very few vehicles are available in this mode. No motorcycles and no quads, only jeeps. But these are filled with very little gasoline. So, if you came up with the idea of ​​simply driving over the zombies, give up this plan again. Does not have a high kill rate, also brings a crowd of so 10-20 zombies the car extremely fast to the explosion.

Tip 2: On the roof!

Another special feature in the mode is that many towers are barricaded with boxes and boards, so you do not flee there. But wait, there is a place with “magical abilities”. Oh, sorry, no fantasy RPG here. Anyway, the roof of the school is perfect for surviving Wave 2. Acuh all alone.

Just stand in a corner of the roof, it will keep your back free and kill the approaching zombies. But beware of the spooks, which also hit the ground from the ground. Oh, and then there’s a roof on the RPD building. On what?

PUBG Zombie Mode Tip 3: Go to the RPD building

For once, RPD does not stand for a weapon, not for the Soviet machine gun, it stands for the Raccoon Police Department. You can find it there at the Mansion, look at the screenshot for the exact location.

It used to be an insider’s tip, but it spreads with each passing hour, making it a hotspot like the school. The building itself is quite boring, not comparable to the castle on Vikendi. But there are lots of zombies and precious loot. The two special weapons, so rail gun and flamethrower are more common here.

PUBG Zombie Mode Tip 4: Use the special weapons

Actually, the PUBG tip could also be that you loot as much as possible and do not warp on the roofs. A teammate has made fun of the fact that the opponents had no Schaldämpfer in the endgame. There was probably someone lazy when zombie barbecue.

Which we are on the subject – the special weapons:

1. Flamethrower: He shoots only at a short distance, but because it makes a surface damage, which also has an effect on opponents. Fire ebe. You collect these red cartridges, which take up very little space in Rucksak.

2. M134 Minigun: The Gatling-style weapon has a huge impact, but it takes a long time to shoot and reload. Only usable if you have teammates who cover you then.

3. Combat Knife: Ideal for launching games to make no noise, killing the zombies.

Zombie Tip: Kill the Tyrant!

Jo. It does. It’s not that difficult and he brings a lot of loot. However, you should note that other players could exploit your attack on him. I myself could do a squad that was busy bringing him down.
First of all there were 5 tips for PUBG mobile in Zombie mode. If you have a question, have a look here in the FAQ!

Apex Legends: All heroes abilities and how to use them

Apex Legends: All heroes abilities and how to use them

Apex Legends: These are the first eight available legends or heroes. In the middle of March Octane was joined by the ninth.

In the Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends you play in a team that consists of three out of nine different legends or heroes. Each legend has a total of three abilities, of which you use two active and one passive.

The legends can be combined depending on the style of playing a team and thus bring a lot of momentum into the game. In this article you will see in several lists which heroes are there and which skills you can use.

We also give tips on how to use appropriate abilities. For Apex Legends, you can access abilities by using the Q (Tactic Ability) and Y (Ultimate Ability) keys by default.

The passive ability should always keep in mind and adjust your playing style. Once used skills recharge. You can use legends skills during a round several times.

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For example, the healer Lifeline can drop a drone to heal herself and teammates. As a Secondary / Ultimate Ability, you can summon a Reservoir that contains mostly armor, healing, and weapon gadgets.

As a passive ability, Lifeline can revive players 25 percent faster than other legends. Anyone who has an open eye for the health of his mates in the game and should be on the spot in case of an emergency is thus clear. On the next page all legends and their abilities follow in Apex Legends.

Additional tip: Collect Ultimate Accelerator and apply it. These shorten the regeneration time of the secondary ability by 20 percent

Update March 20, 2019: On March 19, the Battle Pass appeared and the starting signal for Season 1 fell. With new skins, badges, trackers and last but not least a new legend it goes into the fight. Octane completes the field. His skills and tips for playing can be found on a separate page.




Tactic Ability: Eye of the All-Father

Short scan for enemies

Ultimate Ability: Lord of the Hunt

Temporarily more speed and sharper senses

Passive ability: tracker

Read tracks

Bloodhound is well used as a scout. He finds by ambient scan more easily the opponents (visible to all team members), reads tracks and uses if necessary its higher speed and the sharper senses, in order to better identify opponents in the fight.




Tactic Ability: Guard Dome

15-second shield with increased radius

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

mortar attack

Passive Ability: Weapon Shield

Shield when sighting

Gibraltar is stuck in and out. As a classic tank, you can go to battles ahead. Use the shield to protect your comrades and yourself. Although Gibraltar works slower than other legends, according to the developers, this is due only to the relatively slow animation of the arms.




Tactic Ability: DDM Healing Drone

Healing Drone for lifeline and other players (including opponents) in the vicinity

Ultimate Ability: Care Package

Gets a landing capsule with defensive equipment

Passive Ability: Combat Medic

Invigorates players faster (plus a protective shield) and consumes healing items 25 percent faster

Lifeline provides healing and can revive or raise downcast Mates faster. As the Ultimate Ability, it calls you a supply pod that contains high-quality armor items or large medi-packs and protective shield cells. Use the accelerators to call regular care packages.




Tactic Ability: Climbing hook

Gripping and climbing hooks

Ultimate ability: zip-line thrower

Tighten a pull rope for everyone

Passive ability: insider knowledge

Can display the next position of the ring

Pull ropes and balloons help on the last-minute journey into the ring zone. If these are not available, the Pathfinder robot will help. You can also use it like Wraith to get yourself and your team on high ground or other hard-to-reach areas. So you can spy on opponents and play from superior position.




Tactic Ability: Into the Void

Teleportation for a few meters

Ultimate Ability: Dimensionstor

Make a wormhole for 60 seconds

Passive Ability: Voices from nowhere

Better hearing for opponents

Wraith teleports a few meters further or transports the team to remote places with a wormhole. This is perfect for gaining advantage in skirmishes with a quick change of position. The good ear is also suitable for use as reconnaissance – for example, if in the next area on the way to the ring zone lurking opponents.




Tactic Ability: Smoke Launcher

Throws smoke grenades

Ultimate Ability: Thunder Raging

artillery strike

Passive Ability: Run

Higher movement speed during shelling

Bangalore is the stealth expert with cavalry. In the smoke he and his comrades can flee or fight to critical positions. If enemies are spotted, Bangalore calls an artillery strike. It will also help with sudden firefights if Bangalore flees quickly. Be careful, however, that the own team comes after.




Tactic Ability: Noxgas Trap

Set up gas canister traps

Ultimate Ability: Noxgas Grenade

Nox-gas grenade

Passive Ability: Nox Vision

Enemies experience hallucinations on contact with gas

Caustic and Mirage must be cleared with points at the beginning or buy Apex Coins with the in-game currency (about 10 Euro each). Caustic is the right hero or legend in literally tight and dangerous situations. In underground catacombs or narrow canyons, the gas helps to keep the enemy on their toes while the comrades work their way up and clean up their flanks. Gas can be helpful as a wall in the escape, or even for the encirclement of opponents.




Tactic Ability: Freaky

Can project a holographic double

Ultimate Ability: Disengagement

Make holograms of yourself and then flee invisibly

Passive Ability: Encore!

5-second hologram appears when knocked down by an opponent

Mirage is the master of deception. You can use this legend to confuse your opponents. With the Q key, Mirage sends a hologram away. You can do this, for example, to divert the fire away for a short time. The Y button suddenly puts ten Mirage characters in place. The real is invisible and can escape. The invisibility bonus also helps with the attack.

Apex Legends PC system requirements and tips for champions

Apex Legends PC system requirements and tips for champions

The free Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends takes on Fortnite and PUBG. All information about download, PC system requirements, tips and tricks.

With Apex Legends, the Call of Duty inventors and founders of Respawn Entertainment released an alternative to Fortnite, PUBG, Black Ops 4 Blackout and more on February 4, 2019. We show on this page the PC system requirements and how to start the download via Origin and install the Battle Royale shooter.

Besides PC, players can also play PS4 or Xbox One. You will find in the respective stores of the consoles. While Xbox Live requires Xbox One players, PS4 players can play Apex Legends without PS Plus for 25 cents . PS Plus allows you to gamble at no extra cost. Crossplay between PC, PS4 and Xbox One is not yet possible, but is planned. Likewise, it is currently puzzled whether solo players and duos in the future get a playlist or a suitable modes. There is no news yet. So long are you in the trio at Apex Legends.

To play Apex Legends on the PC, you need a computer that meets the following minimum requirements. These allow a game start. However, liquid frame rates can only be expected at low settings. The creators of Respawn Entertainment have compiled the graphics options available on the official website . For 60 FPS or frames per second (usually in 1080p / Full HD), the calculator should meet at least the recommended system requirements:

Apex Legends: Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 with 3.8 GHz / AMD FX-4350 with 4.2 GHz quad-core processor
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / AMD Radeon HD 7700
  • GPU RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard disk: mind. 30 GB of free space

Apex Legends: Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • GPU RAM: 8 GB hard drive: min. 30 GB of free space

Apex Legends: Download and Installation

The download on Origin was nearly 13 gigabytes in size (12.77 GB). You need the desktop client and an account with Electronic Arts‘ Steam competitor (FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield and more). Once set up and your account is signed in, you can search and install Apex Legends in the Origin store. Click “Get Game” to add it to your library. Choose an installation folder with enough space and start the download.

Origin automatically installs the game after the download – as you have come to expect from some launches such as Steam, Uplay by Ubisoft or by Blizzard. When download and installation are complete, you can launch Apex Legends from the Origin interface.

Apex Legends: Connection issues and crashes

Start Apex Legends, the game connects to the servers. Depending on the time of day, this can take longer or sometimes not be possible. Just try reconnecting in the latter case – unless there are general problems with Origin or Apex Legends itself causing trouble.

Some errors, such as a missed connection, pending or bugged menus, black screens, and more, can occur regularly depending on your computer. Here you can do little, except to restart the game and continue to taste it. After all, Apex Legends on the PC with the shortcut Alt + F4 quickly finished.PCquickly terminated with the key combination Alt + F4.

Some players also crash. The game freezes and they land on the desktop. The first patch for Apex Legends should put an end to it. Even later patches are constantly taking on the problem. Some players continue to report these symptoms. For those affected, there is no remedy, except to restart Apex Legends and hope for the next patch.

Otherwise, typical wooden mallet methods could bring an improvement: reinstall or download Apex Legends, keep drivers and windows current (gff a downgrade), rebuild the system. But there is no guarantee that Apex Legends will work. We hope that the developers can fix the problem for those affected in a future update.

Apex Legends update and patch notes

Respawn Entertainment released the first patch for Apex Legends on February 13, 2019. Among other things, he fixes bugs while reviving on the supply ship. Add to that Valentine’s Day outfits that players can unlock or buy in the in-game store with Legend Tokens.

A short time later, Respawn Enterrainment brought the first new weapon into play with the Havoc. Read about it in our update of the best weapons in Apex Legends . Respawn Entertainment announces Reddit for more Apex Legends updates .