GTA Online – Doomsday Heist: 9 tips and secrets you should know

GTA Online - Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday-Heist DLC for GTA Online is one of the biggest enhancements so far. Underground bases, new heists, a MKZ in the air and countless new vehicles and planes are providing a lot of new content for GTA fans. Here are 9 tips, tricks and secrets to help you with the new DLC.

The year 2017 ends with a blast for players of GTA Online! The Doomsday Heist is up and lets you experience three new Heists and possibly also unravel the mystery of Mt. Chiliad . With our tips, you’ll get started in the expansion and see through many a secret, before others do it.

Buy the right base!

The new underground IAA bases are one of the big highlights of the Doomsday Heist update. Consider that you must first buy one of the nine new bases at Maze Bank Foreclosures and be CEO to start the Doomsday Heist. The following bases are on offer:

  • Land Act Reservoir – $ 2,950,000
  • Paleto Bay – $ 1,250,000
  • Zancudo River – $ 2,100,000
  • Lago Zancudo – $ 1,670,000
  • Grand Senora – $ 2,525,000
  • Wind Farm – $ 1,855,000
  • Sandy Shores – $ 2,740,000
  • Mount Gordo – $ 1,475,000
  • Route 68 – $ 2,312,000

Now, it may be appealing to buy the base at the Land Act Reservoir for $ 2,950,000 as it is closest to the city. However, we can not recommend this base as it is difficult to access due to its location in the dam area. Especially if you use big new vehicles like the Chernobog , the trip to and from the base is very tedious.

Instead, we recommend that you first buy the base in Sandy Shores, Grand Senora or Route 68 . They are located in the center of the map, close to the highway and are easily accessible. The perfect starting point for your Heists!

Get rid of the wanted level for free

The cops are sticking to your butt and you have once again accumulated one or more wanted levels? In such a case, of course, the phone is drawn and Lester called, so he removed your search level. The crux of the matter: Each star costs you $ 200. Unnecessary waste of money that you can avoid thanks to the DLC in the future.

We therefore recommend that you complete all new heists in the DLC as soon as possible. Because Lester removes your wanted stars from now on completely free! The reason for this is that you work for the government in the new Heist missions and therefore you get a free ticket, no matter how much nonsense you drive in Los Santos.

Basen and the Avenger are the perfect retreat

Speaking of search levels, if you already own one of the new bases, you always have the perfect retreat from the cops. No matter how many search levels you have, just drive into your base and you’re safe. Incidentally, the cheapest base costs $ 1,250,000 and is located in Paleto Bay.

The new Avenger, in turn, is a flying mobile command center that you can buy for $ 3,450,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry (additional upgrades cost extra). The Avenger can accommodate up to 30 players at the same time and also has the advantage that your wanted stars disappear instantly when you get behind the wheel and enter the interior.

For the Avenger has an autopilot who will do the flying for you while you are in the interior, where you can upgrade weapons, among other things.

You can now open doors on personal vehicles

Actually a small thing, but it was previously possible only by glitches and tricks to open individual doors or about the rear ramp at Cargobobs and other aircraft and vehicles. With the DLC, you can finally control this yourself, because in the interaction menu of your personal vehicle there is now an option for selecting and opening the individual doors. Thus, for example, other players can get into your Cargobob directly via the loading ramp without much effort.

Only 15% of all players could answer all the questions in our great GTA quiz. Are you one of them?

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Are you the ultimate GTA fanboy?

Grand Theft Auto is probably the best-known title of the American developer studio Rockstar Games. The current GTA 5 is still one of the most popular offshoots in the series. But what about your knowledge of the GTA universe? Find out if you’re the ultimate GTA fanboy – or the ultimate fangirl!

Involve Strike teams on other players

If you’ve bought a base, be sure to buy the weapons room as well. Not only are there weapons and ammunition for you, but also a laptop from which you can send strike teams to hunt down a player you choose in the session.

The Strike teams are in different strengths and Level 1 is free for you. Strike teams for $ 2,000 and $ 5,000, respectively, are more heavily armed and make your life even harder. You can even observe your target and watch how it beats fighting your Strike Team.

You can also make the upgrades of the new special vehicles at the MKZ

At Warstock Cache & Carry , thanks to the DLC, some of the coolest vehicles have now been integrated into the game. Highlights include the jetpack, a DeLorean or an underwater car. The following special vehicles are now available:

  • Akula – $ 2,785,000 and $ 3,704,050 (combat helicopter)
  • Avenger – $ 3,450,000 ( Upgrades: Gun – $ 200,000 | Vehicle Repair Shop – $ 755,000 | Gun Repair Shop – $ 245,000) (Accommodates 30 Players)
  • Barrage – $ 1,595,000 or $ 2,121,350 (buggy with mounted gun in front and behind)
  • Chernobog – $ 2,490,000 or $ 3,311,700 (truck with rocket gun firing heat seeking rifles)
  • Deluxo – $ 3,550,000 and $ 4,721,500 ( upgrades: MG and rockets) (Flying car based on the DeLorean from Back to the Future)
  • Khanjali – $ 2,895,000 or $ 3,850,350 (A tank that can be modified with a rail gun)
  • Komacho – Coming soon
  • RCV (Riot) – $ 2,350,000 or $ 3,125,500 (Heavy Armored Transporter)
  • Stromberg – $ 2,395,000 or $ 3,186,350 (sports car, with which you can move underwater like a submarine!)
  • Thruster – $ 2,750,000 and $ 3,657,500, respectively (The long-awaited jetpack!)
  • Volatol – $ 2,800,000 or $ 3,724,000 (fighter jet with mounted gun)

Note! You unlock the cheaper prices of the vehicles by completing the new heists.

If you want to buy the Avenger with all upgrades, that costs you twice as much as a mobile command center. If that is too expensive, you will be glad that you can make the upgrades of the new war machine at the MKZ. So if you do not have the small change you do not have to do without the upgrades.

You can now save more outfits!

Clothes make people! This is especially true in GTA Online, but so far it has only been possible to save ten outfits at once in order to be able to switch quickly between them. Rockstar has listened to feedback from the community and let you save up to 20 outfits at once from the installation of the new DLC.

Get the Comet Safari with mounted MG!

Legendary Motorsport has a few new cars on offer and more vehicles that will be unlocked in the next few weeks. These are the new cars:

  • Autarch – Coming soon
  • Comet Safari – $ 710,000
  • GT500 – Coming soon
  • Hermes – Coming soon
  • Hustler – Coming soon
  • Neon – Coming soon
  • Pariah – $ 1,420,000
  • Raiden – $ 1,375,000
  • SC1 – $ 1,603,000
  • Viseris – Coming soon
  • Z190 – Coming soon

Especially the Comet Safari is in our opinion worth the purchase. The sports car is designed for rally performance and can race at high speed over rough terrain. In addition to the usual tuning options at Los Santos Customs you can also provide him with a mounted MG. Drive to your mobile command center or your Avenger and mount two machine guns for $ 100,000 .

Get the new Pump Shotgun MK2 with explosive ammo!

With the expansion, six new MK2 variants of weapons find their way into the game. This includes:

  • Bullpup Rifle MK2 – $ 105,750
  • Marksman Rifle MK2 – $ 149,000
  • Pump Shotgun MK2 – $ 82,500
  • Revolver MK2 – $ 99,000
  • SNS Pistol MK2 – $ 79,575
  • Special Carbine MK2 – 135,000

Especially the MK2 version of the Pump Shotgun we would like to recommend you here. Go to the weapons workbench in your mobile command center or aboard the Avenger and upgrade your pump shotgun to the MK2 variant. What makes this weapon so strong is the explosive ammo you can use to fill it.

This will allow you to shoot cars up at close range with a simple shot. So you have a grenade launcher with a straight fire line and a faster rate of fire. Up to 50 meters away, you have one of the strongest weapons in the game that may need to be mitigated by Rockstar in the future.

GTA 5: Secret Places – this is how you will find the hidden apartment

GTA 5: Secret Places - this is how you will find the hidden apartment

The world of GTA 5 is full of secrets. Some are intentionally hidden by the developers of Rockstar Games , others should probably never be discovered. So also a secret place under the city which you can detect by means of a glitch. How the whole thing works, we tell you here.

In the online mode of GTA 5 you can find a hidden apartment under Los Santos . You’ll need to make use of a glitch and you’ll need a parachute. As you can find the secret place exactly, we show you in our guide including video .

GTA 5: Secret Places – this is how you will find the hidden apartment

  • Get a parachute at the next Ammu nation , if you do not already have one.
  • You also need an SUV or a comparably high vehicle .
  • Then head to the position marked Vinewood West on the map .
  • Drive to the garage and park on the wall, so you can then climb the car over the ceiling.
  • Now jump into the untextured area and release the parachute. Your target is west of you .
secret places in gta 5 online
  • Once you have landed on the apartment, you can also switch to the Ego view to make the interior visible.

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The secret apartment is just one of the secrets in GTA 5. We’ll show you more myths in the gangster epic!

Incidentally, the apartment is the copy of the apartment at the top of the map. As soon as you enter your apartment at the top, you end up at the loading screen in the hidden apartment below. However, this glitch works only for the versions of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals – Ultimate Team Mode Tips – Rewards, Champions Points

FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals - Ultimate Team Mode Tips - Rewards, Champions Points

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you will play the Rivals division this season, earning points for the Weekend League and earning massive FUT rewards. We’ll explain how the new game mode works in the EA Sports football game, and what you’re allowed to dust off. You start with five qualifiers against online opponents first, so that your skill value is determined.

New in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode ! This season the Division Rivals start as a new game mode in FUT. In doing so, you will first contest five qualifiers and then receive a classification of the division in which you start. After that, you have one week to play games and earn tons of skill points, weekdays and championship points for the Weekend League. Up and downs in the division are possible, depending on your skill points. There are five Reward Ranks per Division, promising different weekly rewards.

We’ll tell you how to reach the top reward ranks and rise in the divisions. You also do the qualification for the Weekend League by the way. Are you new to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Then take advantage of our FUT beginner guide with tips on the trading card mode in the new EA Sports football game. We also put our test to FIFA 19 to our hearts . In it you will find all the strengths and weaknesses as well as the rating of the Nintendo Switch version of the PES 2019 competitor.

FIFA 19 – Ultimate Team: New Game Mode Division Rivals in FUT

We explain the Division Rivals to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. If you’ve been playing FUT exclusively online in the past, you will not be able to get past this mode this year. An online season mode is no longer available in the FIFA 18 successor as Division Rivals replaces this competition.

How does Division Rivals work in FIFA 19 FUT?

The Rivals Division in FIFA 19 FUT will run for a period of one week, starting at 8:00 each Thursday. Until then, Ultimate Team players will have plenty of time to play games to earn Skill Points, Week Points, and FUT Champion Points.

Of course you get the most points for a win, but you will still get more points in a draw than in a defeat. Before you jump into the Division Rivals, you will first complete 5 “qualifiers”, the outcome of which will be your first rating in Divisions 1 through 10. After qualifying, a skill value is set for the first time.

For example, you’ll be rated in Division 5 starting at 1,100 points. Below that, you descend into Division 6.

If you win games, your value increases, you lose, this value decreases. Depending on the amount of victory or defeat, the skill point value increases or decreases more extreme. Weeks define the rewards at the end of a week.

The more you receive, the higher your rank and rewards. Attention: The ranks are dynamic. This means that you can descend in rank if you are defeated or do not play. Last but not least, you also earn FUT Champion points you need for the Weekend League. At the start of the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, the Rivals Division is the only way to earn FUT championship points.

When and what rewards are there?

Of course there are also rewards in FIFA 19 FUT Division Rivals. On the one hand, you will receive coins for completed games as usual, but on the other hand, EA Sports pays rich rewards once a week depending on your reward rank of the week. You will be able to rewards your rewards on Thursdays, just after 8:00 am on the basis of your rank achieved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In our case, we have been divided into Division 5 and list the ranks rewards for this league. In ranks 1 to 3, you may choose from three options for the FUT Champions points.

Which points do I get?

In addition to skill points for the league affiliation you also collect FUG champions points. At the start of Ultimate Team in FIFA 19, they start the five qualifying matches in the Division Rivals. Then you will be classified as skill points in the league. League affiliation also determines the so-called FUT championship factor after you collect FUT points for victories. In the following overview you can see the skill points required for each division, including the FUT champion factor, which multiplies your victory points. The higher the division, the more FUT points per victory.

Division 1 : 2400 skill points – 25 FUT champion factor
Division 2 : 2200 skill points – 12.5 FUT champion factor
Division 3 : 1900 skill points – 6.2 FUT champion factor
Division 4 : 1600 skill points – 4 FUT champion factor
Division 5 : 1200 skill points – 3.2 FUT champion factor
Division 6 : 800 skill points – 2.5 FUT champion factor
Division 7 : 500 skill points – 2 FUT champion factor
Division 8 : 250 skill points – 1.5 FUT champion factor
Division 9 : 100 skill points – 1.2 FUT champion factor
Division 10 : 0 skill points – 20 FUT points

How do I get access to the Weekend League?

To play in FUT Champions in the Weekend League, you can score at least 2,000 points in a week. In addition to the Weekend League itself, the Rivals Division in FUT in FIFA 19 is the only way to earn points for the weekend league. You will receive 20 points for each win in the Division Rivals matches. These 20 points are multiplied by the FUT Champions factor of each division. You will then receive the result per win on your FUT-Champions points account.

Apex Legends: Battle Pass – Release, Costs and 100 Rewards

Apex Legends Battle Pass Release

In Apex Legends, you can purchase a Battle Pass every season, rewarding you with extra cosmetic extras similar to Fortnite . The first Battle Pass will be released on March 19th, unlocking tons of extras in 100 levels. Everything you need to know about the Battle Pass, you will learn here at our website !

On March 19th, Season 1 of Apex Legends will start! The season is called “Wild Borderland” and you can also secure a Battle Pass right to the start. But there will also be free content.

Not convinced by Apex Legends yet? Then check out the gameplay trailer:

Release and costs of the Battle Pass

The first Battle Pass will be launched at the same time as Season 1. From 19 March, you can secure it in the shop. There it is offered in two variants:

  • Battle Pass: 950 apex coins (equivalent to 9.50 euros)
  • Battle Pass Bundle: 2,800 apex coins (equivalent to 28 euros)

With the bundle you not only get the Battle Pass, but also the first 25 levels are unlocked by him directly. So you get instant access to the first 25 rewards. If you buy the Battle Pass later in the season, you will get all content retrospectively unlocked. However, once Season 1 ends, which will be the case on June 4, 2019 , you will not be able to unlock any further content from the first Battle Pass.

Even without a Battle Pass, all players receive the following free items at the beginning of the season :

  • 1 Wild Borderland Legend-Skin
  • 5 apex packs
  • 18 Wild Border Statistics Tracker

Incidentally, the next seasons with new passes will start in June, September and December.

apex legends battle pass wild bolderland

All the rewards of the 1st Battle Pass at a glance

The battle-pass structure of Apex Legends is based on the model of Fortnite. You can unlock a total of 100 levels , with each level offering a new reward. Anything you unlock by the end of the season on June 4th can be kept beyond the seasons.

The following 100 rewards await you:

  1. Skins for Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage
  2. Skin for the triple take
  3. Kill counter for Wraith
  4. Skin for the Hemlock
  5. Level-5 badge
  6. Intro for Bangalore
  7. Apex coins
  8. Kill counter for Bloodhound
  9. Skin for the Prowler
  10. Level-10 badge
  11. Apex coins
  12. XP
  13. frame
  14. Skin for the Longbow
  15. Level-15 badge
  16. Intro for Mirage
  17. Apex coins
  18. frame
  19. Skin for the devotion
  20. Level 20 Badge
  21. Apex coins
  22. XP
  23. frame
  24. Skin for Mozambique
  25. Level-25 badge
  26. Apex Pack
  27. Intro for Pathfinder
  28. Kill counter for Mirage
  29. Skin for the Kraber
  30. Level 30 Achievement
  31. Apex coins
  32. XP
  33. Kill Counter for Pathfinder
  34. Skin for the EVA-8 automatic
  35. Level 35 Achievement
  36. Intro for Caustic
  37. Apex coins
  38. Kill Counter for Caustic
  39. Skin for the Flatline
  40. Level 40 Achievement
  41. Apex coins
  42. XP
  43. Apex Pack
  44. Skin for the Alternator
  45. Level-45 badge
  46. Intro for Gibraltar
  47. Apex coins
  48. Kill counter for Gibraltar
  49. Skin for the peacemaker
  50. Level 50 badge
  51. Skin for the Prowler
  52. XP
  53. Apex Pack
  54. Skin for the devotion
  55. Level 55 Achievement
  56. Intro for Wraith
  57. Apex coins
  58. Kill counter for Octane
  59. Skin for the mastiff
  60. Level-60 badge
  61. frame
  62. XP
  63. Apex coins
  64. Skin for the P2020
  65. Level 65 Achievement
  66. Intro for Bloodhound
  67. Apex coins
  68. Kill counter for Lifeline
  69. Skin for the Havoc
  70. Level 70 Achievement
  71. frame
  72. XP
  73. Apex Pack
  74. Skin for the R-99
  75. Level 75 Achievement
  76. Intro for Octane
  77. Apex coins
  78. Kill counter for the Bangalore
  79. Skin for the Wingman
  80. Level 80 Achievement
  81. frame
  82. XP
  83. Apex Pack
  84. Skin for the RE-45
  85. Level 85 Achievement
  86. Apex Pack
  87. Apex coins
  88. frame
  89. XP
  90. Level 90 Achievement
  91. frame
  92. XP
  93. Apex Pack
  94. Skin for the G7 Scout
  95. Level-95 badge
  96. Intro for Lifeline
  97. Apex coins
  98. frame
  99. Skin for the R-301
  100. Level 100 Badge and Skin for the Havoc

Incidentally, you can only buy the Battle Pass in the in-game shop with Apex coins . As there are some apex coins as a reward for the individual levels, you can easily earn the future passes of the next seasons by unlocking all levels. You can then save the coins you have earned for the next Battle Pass.

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

subway surfers tips and tricks guide

“Subway Surfers” is one of the most popular endless runner games, where you can only get by with tips and tricks. Therefore, we show you in this practical tip the best basics and game tips for this game.

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Many people look for cheats on the Internet, but officially there is no way to cheat on Subway Surfers. If you want to unlock more money or all characters, you have to look deep into dubious developer forums.

  • Even then, the “cheat bots” promise no guarantee of success. Often hide behind it Trojans or other viruses.
  • Nevertheless, some players report the following “cheat”: Go to the character menu and select an unused but still unlocked player. Press and hold “Select” and then swipe with the other hand to an unreleased character. Now let go of “Select”, this should be unlocked.

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Basics for Subway Surfers

Basics for Subway Surfers

In order to succeed in ” Subway Surfers “, you need to pay attention to some things and basics. It is quite difficult to avoid the oncoming trains.

  • Grasp your smartphone with both hands for a secure grip. This makes wiping with your thumb very easy.
  • Play the game in peace to achieve the highest possible score. A bumpy train ride or on the way to the next bakery is rather counterproductive for your destination.

Subway items and money

 Subway items and money

On the way to infinity you have to avoid tracks and come over obstacles. The different items can help you.

  • Whenever possible, take the “Jetpack”. So you can go fast and get many coins.
  • The “shoes” you should rather forget. With these, the control is imprecise and you make more mistakes.
  • Use the hoverboard if you have it. This is like a second life and protects you once from death.
  • Complete the missions to get even more points or coins.
  • Get free coins: Go to the shop and press “Earn Coins” at the bottom of the screen. Alone the connection with Facebook gives 300 coins.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two: Who will win the next generation of console war?

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two: Who will win the next generation of console war?

The next generation of consoles is getting closer and closer. According to analysts, it should be ready in a year. And then it starts all over again: the speculation about which is the best console. We dare a view.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two : Although the two consoles are far from ripe, there is only a handful of information on the next Xbox and only a few rumors about the future PlayStation, now begin the speculation about which console as the winner of the next generation of consoles evident.

We also have vague ideas and, above all, many hopes for the next generation of consoles. Even in our editorial department , the camps split : there are those who continue to believe in the success of the PlayStation – I count myself among them – and those who hope for a comeback from Microsoft ; by name: colleague Mark .

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Who will be the winner of the next generation of consoles – PS5 or Xbox Two?

With him I sat down and discussed which console has the better prospects: The PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Two – or maybe the Nintendo Switch?

Lisa: “I know that you think the Xbox has a good chance of winning in the next generation of consoles – but why? Because just in this generation it does not look so good for the Xbox. “

Mark: “Well, I think that it will be difficult for Microsoft , because Sony is already really well positioned – especially with all the exclusive titles . That’s why the Xbox One is in such bad shape right now. And yes, Microsoft has made it particularly easy for Sony in this generation, which has already begun with the announcement of the Xbox One – which was a disaster .

But just by the fact that the Xbox is now regarded by Microsoft again as a video game console, it goes uphill for the console. I believe that Microsoft will learn from the past mistakes , they will now catch up – with cloud gaming and streaming , chances are they’ll go one step further. In addition, I find interesting and also good that in the new generation probably both an Xbox as pure streaming platform and alternatively as a classic console to come on the market, quite a cheap and a more expensive version of the same console. “

Microsoft already has the Xbox Game Pass. What exactly that is and what he offers you is explained in the following guide:

Lisa: “I’m just still skeptical if Microsoft has not released information about the new console much too soon . That was already a problem with the last generation. Of course, the information on the Xbox One did not appeal to consumers right from the start, while opinions are more neutral to positive this time. Nevertheless, Sony now has the surprise moment for itself: If the company announce something to the next PlayStation, on a large presentation and perhaps already with pictures, then this could lead to a larger hype than if Microsoft simply reaffirms the already known information.

In addition, Sony already has the confidence of its customers , while Microsoft is increasingly on the verge. And this despite the fact that the company now offers the powerful Xbox One X and the console’s software has been improved. I’m worried that it might be hard for Microsoft to get back on its feet in the future – while Sony is now pretty solid. “

Head-to-head: That’s what the games for the next generation of consoles are all about

Mark: “What gives me hope is that Microsoft has now acquired several developer studios – including well-known developers such as Ninja Theory, who have developed Hellblade , and Obsidian Entertainment , who were responsible for Fallout: New Vegas . They also have the Xbox Game Pass , which has been adopted by the players lately. After all, you get all exclusive games with him- they are not that many yet, but that can still happen! Since Sony has to follow suit, and I do not see that yet. “

Lisa: “Real? I see exactly the opposite! Of course, Microsoft hasrecently bought many studios, including those that I personally value. Games have been announced but nothing yet, it is all very unconcrete . Sony, however, has already announced some games that could theoretically release titles for the PS5.

We look forward to the following games in the near future – maybe also on the new consoles -:

I’m thinking of Concrete Genie , which does not have a release date or platform so far, so it may well be on the PS5 – maybe even in conjunction with a new controller feature . It is indeed speculated about whether this has a built-in touch screen . That could have been his first use in Concrete Genius, making the game a hot candidate for a PS5 release title . But who knows: Maybe Microsoft announces already at the E3 2019 new exclusive games, while Sony will not be there at all. “

Mark: “But for the Xbox already Gears 5 and Halo: Infinite have been announced; I can imagine that these also appear only on the new console . Otherwise, I’m also the games for the new Xbox most worried. Although many studios have been bought and I see a lot of potential for the future, I think it will probably look a bit miserable in the first years, I’m afraid. “

Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Which platform is the best – PC, PlayStation or Xbox? The question gamers have been dealing with for so long is now finally being officially clarified thanks to a study.

A review of more than 1,400 players has determined how good the response of PC, PS4 and Xbox One players is. So DailyStar cited the press release to the study. On the screen of the test subjects appeared goals that are first green, but red with time. Players should try to get all the targets as fast and accurate as possible . The results were converted into a response score composed of the factors accuracy, goals and reaction time.

The result should come as a surprise: While most would argue that the PC is the platform that best suits their exact goals, the study claims that Xbox One is the winner of the console war . With an average reaction score of 79.7 points and 78 percent hit goals , they top the list of the best gamers. Contrary to expectations, PC players are in last place , with a score of 62.2 and a hit rate of 70 percent .

But their response time is particularly good : While Xbox players hit only 9 percent of the targets when they were still green, this was achieved by 18 percent of PC players. PS4 players are in the golden mean with a score of 71.9 and a hit rate of 74 percent . And where Nintendo Switch players land, we’ll never know, they were not even considered in the study .

Now its your turn click here to do the reaction test

The results should not be taken too seriously. The study has been carried out by hardware manufacturer LG in cooperation with Activision . You can still take part in it; If you go to the appropriate website of LG , it turns out that this is actually an advertising campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 . You feel like getting the game now? Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently available at Amazon .

According to GameRant , using the study as a promotional campaign for a game is also the reason why the study is not very credible . After all, everyone could simply have indicated the platform they least liked and intentionally played badly to distort the outcome . Ultimately, LG will hardly end the console war with the study.

Need more studies to tell us who we really are? Here’s more – do you agree with their results?

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But that does not seem to have been the goal of LG. As the company’s marketing manager notes in the press release, “Whatever option you choose to play in, we’ve set ourselves the goal of providing the best gaming experience possible: with our selection of 4K HDR gaming -Tvs with low delay time, which were made to meet games. ” So the whole action serves ultimately only one purpose: the self-promotion.

What do you think: Does the study still have a true core, or is it complete nonsense? Which platform do you find the best? Or do not you care about that as long as games are fun? Write us down in the comments.

Fortnite Streamer receives a new record donation on Twitch


Twitch streamer live off the donations their viewers leave to thank. Usually, these rank in low ranges. A Fortnite player has probably received the largest donation in Twitch history so far.

$ 75,000: That amount fluttered across the screen in one of Exotic Chaos’ past streams. He’s Twitch Streamer, who focuses on Fortnite and has the mission to unlock every skin in the game. He was initially very skeptical until the money was released.

At first I thought that my moderator wants to hug me. He sometimes tests 100 dollar donations to activate the alarm and distract me. So I first thought that this must be a joke. Then I checked PayPal and saw $ 72,000 as outstanding. They were released 24 hours after the donation.

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So the streamer reacted to the high donation.

Because of course it could have been a mistake. However, the donation comes from another streamer. “KingMascot” invested early in BitCoins and now trades in stocks. He wanted to support the donation with his friend who wants to make life possible not only for himself, but also for his wife and four-year-old son. The last few months have been very difficult for the family, which “KingMascot” has probably changed for the time being.

These games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS: An Overview

games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS

Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that Nintendo released games for Android and iOS, because exclusivity of the titles for the Nintendo consoles were more important. An exception were Pokemon games that have been published by The Pokemon Company and in which Nintendo holds a stake in the company. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016, triggering a true hype all over the world. Even if Nintendo has only a small share in the company and thus in sales, it was nevertheless a wake-up call not to ignore these platforms.

Therefore, this article will provide an overview of the games of Nintendo for Android and iOS – What has been published and what is planned for the future. The now but overly many apps for Android and iOS from Nintendo appear, but is not expected. Exclusiveness pays off, because otherwise the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, would not have sold more than 10 million.

Already published games apps from Nintendo

Super Mario Run: The popular side-scroller

super mario run

Super Mario, still celebrated today as one of the best games of all time , is represented on almost all platforms. With Super Mario Run also on Android and iOS. The app was released December 2016 exclusively for iOS and then in March 2017 for Android. Unlike many other games, there are no micro transactions in Super Mario Run, instead there is an in-app purchase that unlocks everything. Super Mario Run is a side-scroller jump and run game reminiscent of Super Mario World by SNES. The game became a complete success!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Build your own campground

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp there is no classic destination, instead you have to build a campground from scratch and do various tasks. Unlike Super Mario Run, there are quite a few micro-transactions here. Nevertheless, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is very successful and has already been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Google Play Store alone.

Fire Emblem Heroes: The RPG game for smartphone and tablet

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s successful Fire Emblem strategy RPG series has been around for over 25 years. With Fire Emblem Heroes, released in February 2017, this journey continues her journey on the smartphones and tablets of the world.

It’s about proving the fights, summoning characters from the Fire Emblem universe, developing skills and taking heroes to new heights.

The app is available for Android and iOS for free. It includes in-app purchases that can be used to buy items and benefits.


More games apps with participating companies

They just introduced apps run directly under the Nintendo account. But there are a lot more games apps that Nintendo has through interests in other companies. Among other things, Nintendo has participated with 10 percent in the studio DeNA Co., which has emerged as a publisher and developer of games apps, among other things. There has always been The Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of Nintendo, which bundles all of Pokemon’s activities, including Pokemon Go.

What is planned for the future?

Although Nintendo will continue to release more games apps for Android and iOS in the future, but rather goes the way that these apps should generate revenue, but should still primarily serve as an advertisement for their own consoles and exclusive games. This year , the DICE Award went to the game “Zelda – Breath of the Wild“, exclusively playable only on the Nintendo console. Accordingly, the focus will continue to be on exclusivity, but apps for Android and iOS will follow.