clash of clans strategies for defense tips

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

clash of clans strategies for defense tips

For a long time now we have a guide on defense strategies in clash of clans, in other words defense strategies. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to protect your village best to earn numerous trophies.

We also have tips and tricks on how you intentionally lose trophies and how you should build your village. You do not understand why that should make sense? We explain it to you. Clash of Clans is really complex and if you want to move on fast, you have to come up with a strategy and always adapt it. Accordingly, our strategy guide for defense in clash of clans is again very extensive. Therefore, we divide the whole into different areas below.

Here is a brief overview of what the strategy guide for Clash of Clans should be about. With our tips and tricks you will certainly make faster progress. I have committed these mistakes first and now turned off. Here is the overview:

In addition, we recommend you to read our general tips, tricks and cheats articles around Clash of Clans , as this again gives many valuable aids.

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Deliberately lose – What are the reasons and how should I build

I had the problem that I wanted to level the town hall at level 6. For this one needs 750,000 coins. However, attacking one of the enemy and stole so per robbery almost 100,000 gold. The reason: I built wrong. Despite securing the gold camp, this has penetrated and has taken the gold. Accordingly one should try to lose on purpose. In other words, the enemy should only destroy the town hall and receive trophies for it. Our gold camps should remain untouched.

How should I proceed in Clash of Clans?

In the first step, you should first lose trophies. So attack enemies and just put a barbarian. Then you give up the fight and lose the trophies accordingly. Go down to 400 cups.

The next step is to rebuild your base. The gold camps should be in the center, protected by walls and towers around, which are also protected by walls. This strategy makes sense only from level 5  sense, otherwise you do not have enough walls. And this could look like this for example:

As you can see, the towers are once again protected by walls and our gold warehouses are also walled up again. The players in the lower levels are looking forward to an easy goal and usually attack only the town hall. Your gold camp remains protected.

It also gives you a shield in Clash of Clans for 12 hours. Others can not attack you anymore. This strategy again in the overview:

Defense Strategies in Clash of Clans

But who wants to lose intentionally. Anyone who plans to win 1250 trophies in order to receive 450 diamonds needs to pursue a different strategy. The following strategies only make sense from Town Hall level 5, otherwise you will not have enough walls available.

Here are some defense strategies in Clash of Clans below. We also found examples of how not to do it.

The best strategy: The best principle for defense

The best strategy has proven to be the pickpocket tactics in Clash of Clans. This protects the defenses and bearings best.

Below we have a screenshot of how to understand this tactic. Having used numerous tactics, this tactic is clearly the best. First, a screenshot and then we explain again the structure of this defense in Clash of Clans:

This strategy is perfectly suited from Level 5, but can also be used earlier. And so you place the buildings:

Building building, barracks, warehouse, laboratory and Clan castle outside: These buildings can be torn by the enemy without consequences. Accordingly, these should be outside, but also be accessible by defenses
In the middle of the gold warehouse and town hall.
Where you do not have enough walls, fill up with bombs and leghold traps

Important in this type of defense is that you place the  so that at least 2 brick breakers are needed to reach the center. If you have more walls later, it should be 3 and more.

A wall around everything? Not the best strategy

If you attack other players, you can see good and bad strategies. One should always consider with the own strategy: If I would attack my own village, how would I do that. If you yourself know how fast that works, then the enemy knows that too.

Below we have discovered three examples of how not to do it. If you try to find out yourself where the error lies:

This strategy is simple: I just build a wall around everything. Two cities still have walls around the town hall. This has been done wrong:

Wall breakers: We’ll just grab a brick breaker and we’re in there. Inside we have no further walls (except possibly to the city hall), but can now butcher everything.
Archers: With archers or magicians or balloons we can destroy the town hall without breaking the wall.

You see: Such bases are an easy victim. Together with Giants we have an easy game. Accordingly, your defense should NEVER look like this.

If you still have a lower level, then still uses our strategy as mentioned above. There is another strategy that is welcome, which we present below.

Double walls? Not bad, but not very productive

Thus, while a wall does not bring much, as we are usually through with a brick breaker, the double wall has established itself with some players. The advantage of double walls is that you need at least 2 brick breakers. However, walls are limited and can not be built indefinitely.

Behind the double walls should definitely be defense systems. Otherwise, a double wall does not bring anything if the enemy comes through them without shelling. The wall must be protected at all points with defenses in Clash of Clans.

Put buildings in the corners – why do you do that?

Often you see a defense strategy, which is to place buildings in the corners. This Clash of Clan defense strategy has one to do with an attacker having a maximum of 3 minutes to slaughter everything. Only then there are 3 stars. If an attacker at the main fortress in the middle takes too long, he may not make the corners anymore. Our loss of trophies is not that high.

Do not forget bombs and iron plates

With all strategies one should not forget to place the bombs and iron plates correctly. One should ask oneself: If I was the enemy, where would I release the troops? In these places you should place the bombs and iron plates.

Conclusion: strategies of defense

We have now introduced you to numerous defense strategies, with only the one-box defense principle in Clash of Clans making the most sense and being used by the players in high levels. The advantage is that you have to break through many walls until you come to the middle. Accordingly, the defensive attacks can destroy the attackers.

Simply pulling a wall around the settlement has no sense and should be avoided. Double walls also do not bring much. Last but not least, you should place bombs and traps suitably to do maximum damage to Clash of Clans attackers.

In addition, there is the opportunity to deliberately lose to protect his gold camps and thus to obtain protection so that no other player can attack.

If you know more defense strategies in Clash of Clans, feel free to sign up in the comments section.

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