clash of clans tips

clash of clans tips

A good defense is very important in the clan war. Only things are different in the two days of the group fight together. Some things to watch out for, if you want to be victorious and take lots of extra resources home with you. Simply copying the lineup of your regular village and going to war with it is usually not the best option. If you need to change, upgrade and improve, check out our Clan wars defensive clash clash of clans tip!


Unlike in the normal fight, in clan war everything revolves around how successful you are at flattening your opponent’s bases. You do not have to protect elixir and gold as much as clan castle or town hall. The latter in particular should be the most important building in your defense strategy and most protected. What can be useful in the normal fight, namely to place the main house offside is a gifted star in the Clan War! The Clan castle is of interest because the reinforcements placed in it can only move out within a radius – so it can easily be lured out if the castle stands somewhere on the edge. It also proves useful to place individual buildings without priority (huts, for example) in the corners to extend the paths for attackers. Not infrequently, the third star for your opponent fails because the time has expired and he has not lifted units for the huts. There is one more to say Clash of Clans would not be Real-time strategy .

Quick glance:

  • elixir collector and gold mines not worth protecting in war
  • Best to defend TOWN Hall
  • Clan Castle is very important
  • Builder huts in the corners
best defense strategy in clan war clash of clans
best defense strategy in clan war clash of clans

Whether you place your base in the middle or install in the corner, of course, is up to you. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Constructs individual buildings as in normal mode, creating several parcels with open ends instead of just a strong defensive wall. If you still have a low level of the town hall (4, 5, etc.), so you can block a few walls, trying to lure the attacker into traps or to lose time. But your biggest asset is reinforcements.


Often the donated units are underestimated during the clan war. Since these can not be seen by the opponent in advance, they have a clear tactical advantage, at least in the first attack. Use it! For example, many attacking unit types have certain primary targets, giant defenses, and wall breaker, so your units will have some time to strike unhindered. A high clan castle capacity (20+) is extremely beneficial, as you can then receive powerful dragons as reinforcements. Likewise, baby dragons and Valkyries have proven themselves. You do not need to donate goblins, balloons, healers or pig riders in the clan war. Remember that you can also turn down unwanted troops if you need the space for better units.

dragon in clan castle
Extremely strong not only in attack, but also in defense

Quick glance:

From Clan castle level 3 use Dragon as reinforcement
No goblins, no healers donate
Effective counterattack: lightning spell

In conclusion, these hints do not always save you from annihilation. Sometimes the attacker is just too strong, that can happen again and again. However, with equally strong opponents, you may have good cards with this defense to protect one or the other star.


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