clash of clans wall building tips

clash of clans wall building tips

A good defense is the nuts and bolts in Clash of Clans. Only if you know how to defend clash of clans wall well you can save your treasures. Walls play no subordinate role, because cleverly deployed, they keep the enemy long enough and save your defenses from destruction. What you should pay attention to in terms of walls at Clash of Clans, you will learn on the following lines.

First of all, walls cost gold. Lots of gold, if you want to strengthen early in the game, which we advise you otherwise. Nevertheless, the development of your defenses such as mortars, archers’ towers and traps should be given first priority.Upgrading these defenses needs lots of golds too. First you should upgrade the archers towers, then the walls. Of course, it is tempting to quickly upgrade the townhall and access more powerful units and more effective buildings. However, if you invest in strong walls early, you will have more of your progress later.

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Clash of clans wall building strategy

Sets walls in Clash of Clans to create multiple nested areas. Then, even after a breakthrough at one point, attackers can only destroy a few of your buildings, but not all. Of course, the usable wall pieces are still limited at the beginning, but at the latest with Town Hall level 6 you can tinker some tricky labyrinths for aggressors. It would also be possible to build partially double-row defensive lines so that archers could not shoot it over easily. Remember to keep the distance between both walls, so that the surface effect of the brick breaker does not ruin everything.

Speaking of brickbreaker! They are currently attacking the nearest location, which is self-contained and houses buildings. This means they ignore freestanding walls and walk around open ends, which you should use as a real-time strategy to your advantage. Build fortresses that are not completely sealed, but offer supposed loopholes.


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This advanced village does many things right: nested paths, open ends with traps and buildings worthy of protection deep inside.

And what should you protect first of all with your walls? Here is a small overview:

  • Area-effect defense systems, ie mortars, archer towers, etc., so that several attackers are attacked at one time.
  • Town Hall should be middle in Clan Wars, otherwise it’s automatically a star for your opponents.
  • Resource deposits because it holds almost all of your gold, elixir, and dark elixir.
  • Air defense, which would quickly fall victim to ground units and then clear the way for balloons, healers and the dreaded dragons of Clash of Clans.

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