FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals – Ultimate Team Mode Tips – Rewards, Champions Points

FIFA 19 FUT Division Rivals - Ultimate Team Mode Tips - Rewards, Champions Points
FIFA 19 FUT: Division Rivals - Ultimate Team Mode Tips - Rewards, Champions Points

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you will play the Rivals division this season, earning points for the Weekend League and earning massive FUT rewards. We’ll explain how the new game mode works in the EA Sports football game, and what you’re allowed to dust off. You start with five qualifiers against online opponents first, so that your skill value is determined.

New in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Mode ! This season the Division Rivals start as a new game mode in FUT. In doing so, you will first contest five qualifiers and then receive a classification of the division in which you start. After that, you have one week to play games and earn tons of skill points, weekdays and championship points for the Weekend League. Up and downs in the division are possible, depending on your skill points. There are five Reward Ranks per Division, promising different weekly rewards.

We’ll tell you how to reach the top reward ranks and rise in the divisions. You also do the qualification for the Weekend League by the way. Are you new to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Then take advantage of our FUT beginner guide with tips on the trading card mode in the new EA Sports football game. We also put our test to FIFA 19 to our hearts . In it you will find all the strengths and weaknesses as well as the rating of the Nintendo Switch version of the PES 2019 competitor.

FIFA 19 – Ultimate Team: New Game Mode Division Rivals in FUT

We explain the Division Rivals to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. If you’ve been playing FUT exclusively online in the past, you will not be able to get past this mode this year. An online season mode is no longer available in the FIFA 18 successor as Division Rivals replaces this competition.

How does Division Rivals work in FIFA 19 FUT?

The Rivals Division in FIFA 19 FUT will run for a period of one week, starting at 8:00 each Thursday. Until then, Ultimate Team players will have plenty of time to play games to earn Skill Points, Week Points, and FUT Champion Points.

Of course you get the most points for a win, but you will still get more points in a draw than in a defeat. Before you jump into the Division Rivals, you will first complete 5 “qualifiers”, the outcome of which will be your first rating in Divisions 1 through 10. After qualifying, a skill value is set for the first time.

For example, you’ll be rated in Division 5 starting at 1,100 points. Below that, you descend into Division 6.

If you win games, your value increases, you lose, this value decreases. Depending on the amount of victory or defeat, the skill point value increases or decreases more extreme. Weeks define the rewards at the end of a week.

The more you receive, the higher your rank and rewards. Attention: The ranks are dynamic. This means that you can descend in rank if you are defeated or do not play. Last but not least, you also earn FUT Champion points you need for the Weekend League. At the start of the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, the Rivals Division is the only way to earn FUT championship points.

When and what rewards are there?

Of course there are also rewards in FIFA 19 FUT Division Rivals. On the one hand, you will receive coins for completed games as usual, but on the other hand, EA Sports pays rich rewards once a week depending on your reward rank of the week. You will be able to rewards your rewards on Thursdays, just after 8:00 am on the basis of your rank achieved in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In our case, we have been divided into Division 5 and list the ranks rewards for this league. In ranks 1 to 3, you may choose from three options for the FUT Champions points.

Which points do I get?

In addition to skill points for the league affiliation you also collect FUG champions points. At the start of Ultimate Team in FIFA 19, they start the five qualifying matches in the Division Rivals. Then you will be classified as skill points in the league. League affiliation also determines the so-called FUT championship factor after you collect FUT points for victories. In the following overview you can see the skill points required for each division, including the FUT champion factor, which multiplies your victory points. The higher the division, the more FUT points per victory.

Division 1 : 2400 skill points – 25 FUT champion factor
Division 2 : 2200 skill points – 12.5 FUT champion factor
Division 3 : 1900 skill points – 6.2 FUT champion factor
Division 4 : 1600 skill points – 4 FUT champion factor
Division 5 : 1200 skill points – 3.2 FUT champion factor
Division 6 : 800 skill points – 2.5 FUT champion factor
Division 7 : 500 skill points – 2 FUT champion factor
Division 8 : 250 skill points – 1.5 FUT champion factor
Division 9 : 100 skill points – 1.2 FUT champion factor
Division 10 : 0 skill points – 20 FUT points

How do I get access to the Weekend League?

To play in FUT Champions in the Weekend League, you can score at least 2,000 points in a week. In addition to the Weekend League itself, the Rivals Division in FUT in FIFA 19 is the only way to earn points for the weekend league. You will receive 20 points for each win in the Division Rivals matches. These 20 points are multiplied by the FUT Champions factor of each division. You will then receive the result per win on your FUT-Champions points account.

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