FIFA 19: Tips and Guides at a Glance – Ultimate Team, FUT Division Rivals, Special Moves

FIFA 19 Tips and Guides
FIFA 19 Tips and Guides

Just in time, we offer you a tips overview of the EA Sports football simulation. We’ll tell you details about all the special moves and give you a first look at the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, including the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All FIFA 19 tips and guides at a glance: We offer you our tips for the EA Sports football simulation. We provide you with all shortcuts for special movements at a glance. We also offer you an introduction to the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and tips on the new FUT game mode Division Rivals. If you have not opted for either PES 2019 or FIFA 19 , you can read in our reviews all details about the two competitors to the virtual football crown. In terms of licenses, this year FIFA 19 can come up with the UEFA Champions League. So if you start in career mode, you’re playing for the Champions League championship.

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Also on the Nintendo Switch is FIFA 19 playable. PS4 , Xbox One and PC players are looking forward to the final of The Journey. There you bring the story about Alex Hunter to the conclusion. At the heart of the online duels remains the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You form a team of randomly selected cards – similar to the Panini collectible stickers. Now you’re contesting online or offline matches and receiving rewards and money for wins to open new card packs or engage players in the transfer market and strengthen your team. The following tips for FIFA 19 are also used by FUT.

FIFA 19 – All guides and tips in the overview

These tips on FIFA 19 bring you all the special moves at a glance, as well as an introduction to the Ultimate Team and the new FUT Division Rivals game mode.

All keyboard shortcuts for special movements

In order to keep your opponents on the wall in FIFA 19, you also use 19 special moves in FIFA, which you can perform with keyboard shortcuts, depending on the skill of the player. Not every virtual kicker in the soccer simulation can do any trick. To get a good overview of all tricks, you will find in the gallery of the following guide all special movements at a glance. You can access this in the game menu, our gallery opens it practically as a second screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Beginner’s Tips

What does Team Chemistry mean in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? How do I create green lines between my players in FUT? We’ve put together ten helpful tips on the popular game mode. This will make it easy for you to get started and not necessarily invest real money to build a great team. For example, you should invest your EA Sports Football Club coins to earn money boosts for completed games. So you buy at best targeted at the transfer market player, instead of hoping for the luck in the gold player pack.

FUT Division Rivals – this is how the game mode works

The Division Rivals mode is one of the innovations in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. In this guide you will find tips and explanations of what the game mode has to offer. First, you deny five games that classify you in a league. After that, random online opponents of the same level you play against are kicked. If you win, you will receive more points and you can go up. The higher the division, the better the rewards. We explain to you how ascending and descending works and what rewards you can actually earn.

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