FIFA 19 Tricks: Keyboard shortcuts for all special moves

FIFA 19 Tricks Keyboard shortcuts for all special moves
FIFA 19 Tricks Keyboard shortcuts for all special moves

In our FIFA 19 Tips, we have the keyboard shortcuts for all the special moves in Electronic Arts football simulation. In the overview you will learn how to perform both simple 1-star and difficult 5-star movements. For the latter you need special 5-star Skiller in FIFA 19. Which players are suitable for the best FIFA 19 tricks, you will learn in the article – along with each keyboard shortcuts.

With the FIFA 19 Tricks you let your opponents look old. The Feint look partly not only impressive. Ideally, they will give you room for a dangerous attack. It always depends on the right keyboard shortcuts. In FIFA 19 you can do a lot of tricks again – from 1-star combos to masterly 5-star feints. Which buttons you have to press for it, you will learn from the screenshots in our gallery below. Note that you need special players for the 5-star skills – not every footballer in the football world knows the best FIFA 19 tricks , Elastico, Hokus Pokus, Brust-Flicks Sombrero and Co.

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The five-star FIFA 19 scorers include Kingsley Coman (FC Bayern Munich), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Thiago (FC Bayern Munich ), Cristiano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (LA Galaxy). In addition, the tricks in FIFA 19 with some icons such as Pelé, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho executable. German players do not master the particularly difficult special movements. If you do not have any of the stars in your troupe, you can fall back on the simpler feint. With the 1-star movements you juggle about with the ball or performs a Fußfinte standing up.

Worth seeing are the two-star tricks. You can choose between climbers, body delusions and ball rolling. Even backwards fall under the 2-star tricks at FIFA 19 . The 3-star moves include hacking flicks, roulette and deceptions left and right. With the 4-Star-Tricks you let the ball jump in the EA-Kicker, execute a simple Rainbow or baffle your opponent with a hoe-to-hoe-patch. Passfinten and Hacken-Chops are also among the trickier tricks.

Especially tricky, but impressive: the 5-star tricks. These include a triple Elastico, Rabona Feint, Hokus Pokus and Sombrero Flicks. You may need to do some training for these tricks. You also need one of the 5-star skillers mentioned to complete the FIFA 19 Tricks. Incidentally, only Neymar has a special rainbow flick in FIFA 19. You do this like a normal Rainbow-Flick (see gallery).

FIFA 19 Tricks: Skill Moves, Special Moves – Explanation

Flick : If you have to do a flick on the key combination, you push the stick briefly in the indicated direction and then bring it back to the starting position.

Hold : This means nothing more than to move and hold the respective stick briefly in the specified direction. Release it afterwards.

Arrow beside the stick : The arrows indicate which direction you need to move the stick to perform the trick in FIFA 19.

Tapping : If performing a trick requires tapping the stick, you only need to press the key in briefly.

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