FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: Introductory tips for the FUT season opener – Team chemistry, loyalty, lineup

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Introductory tips for the FUT season opener - Team chemistry, loyalty, lineup
FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: Introductory tips for the FUT season opener - Team chemistry, loyalty, lineup

FIFA 19 marks the start of the new season for the Ultimate Team. Whether setup, earning money in the transfer market, team chemistry, loyalty and more, we will provide you with an overview of the most important points in the new FUT. The cornerstones of the Ultimate Team have remained the same in the new FIFA 19 season.

In FIFA 19 FUT, you will once again put together a top team and play against friends or in offline modes against the CPU. Your Ultimate Team in the new FIFA should – as in previous years – rather include a good team chemistry with loyalty to your club as eleven individual players. Finally, in tight matches in FUT also nuances in passes or flanks in the sixteenth. In our beginner’s guide to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team we provide you with basic tips for the popular game mode at a glance.

Should you be new to the FIFA Ultimate Team, let’s summarize the basic principle of this game mode. You choose your first team by choosing a country in FIFA 19 FUT. Check out jerseys and coats of arms as well, before you get your first set of players in the form of a pack – much like the Panini scrapbooks of the 1990s. Players are Bronze, Silver and Gold, with Gold being the strongest category. On top of that, we’ll also recommend our FIFA 19 test with all the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – That’s it

Your task now is to earn coins as ingame currency through wins in various competitions, to bring you either new player packages with randomly drawn players or targeted cards on the FUT transfer market in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team to buy. Then you build your team according to your ideas. An important criterion here is team chemistry. Players with the same nationality, league affiliation and even club harmonize best. It is also possible for FIFA Ultimate Team to invest real money on packs. However, this should be avoided as far as possible in our guides.

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – FUT Guide with tips for beginners

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – FUT for short – you’ll set the course for a good player base at the start of the season. We offer you ten beginner tips that will flush you players and coins right into the club cashbox.

Solve the first tasks

To get started in the game mode you will first solve the first manager tasks that will familiarize you with the features in the Ultimate Team. For example, you assign correct player placement to a player, play a match in off-season mode, or apply spending cards such as contract renewals. All this brings you both players and a little money in the entry-level tasks. Fills you then bring you then on the transfer market first players who fit your basic tactics. At best, complete all entry-level tasks and then focus on the daily and weekly tasks.

Play offline at the beginning

The entry into the Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 also suggests you due to the first tasks to play offline games. Here you choose the best season mode. Here you climb in the league affiliation from bottom to top. Ascents and championships require more and more points. In this mode you collect coins for your account for wins, good actions, a few cards or goals and highest possible wins and cool tricks. Get up and get your bonuses, it’s best to pick the title to get the maximum amount of coal. Here you will also test new players or tactical subtleties, if you change your style of play in FIFA 19 FUT.

Find tactical lineup

Before you build your team in FIFA 19 FUT, you should be aware of the tactical order of your game style. Should it rather be a 4-2-3-1 or rather a classic 4-3-3. After that, it depends on what positions you occupy with players. While some tactics include classic left winger (LM), others prefer to use left winger (LF) or offensive full-back (LAV). Later in the game, there are modification cards that allow you to change your player’s positions.

Adjust positions of players

You see on the transfer market a player card at a low price and then
hits. Suppose you find seals with RM position at a good price on the transfer market. Then you realize you are playing with right winger instead of right midfielder. For this you get on the transfer market a modification card, which converts a RM into an RF. So you can buy cheap players among other things and then sell them in other positions. But beware: The experience from recent years shows that modifiers for some positions become more expensive with increasing duration of Ultimate Team.

FUT App & EA Sports Football Club Rewards

On the PC or via smartphone you call up the FIFA 19 FUT app and make transfers, squad buildings or tactical changes without being in the game. This is always very rewarding at the beginning of the season, as EA Sports starts out with daily gifts in the form of players or coins. In no case should you miss these presents. If you’ve also been an Ultimate Team or FIFA player for a while, then take advantage of the rewards of the EA Sports Football Club. The R3 key will take you to the Rewards page in the Ultimate Team menu. Use the coin rewards for the games to get more than 1,000 coins per game! Also balls, jerseys or loaner you will find as a reward.

Money in the transfer market

Transfer tips for Ultimate Team are not just since FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The older articles give you an overview of how gambling and hunting for bargains works without having to invest real money. The system of the transfer market offers a very great appeal, as it specifically seeks players, instead of hoping to pull players with +85 strength in a pack, not to mention the probabilities of mega stars in FUT gold packs. It is therefore always advisable to deal with the transfer market and to invest your money there.

Open packs

Have you earned a certain number of coins and want to give yourself to the thrill of opening pack, so look at the menu, which variants there are this year. But also pay attention to what is included in each pack! While premium variants promise you more rare cards, the standard packages also offer many passive cards such as contracts, medical help or modifiers for positions or play styles. All in all, packs with in-game currency are very expensive compared to the playful effort. We therefore recommend spending sour money on the transfer market more meaningfully and expediently.

Team Chemistry

It does not help to place 10 individual players in front of the goalkeeper, who do not harmonize with each other in the field. To get the most team chemistry, you should pay attention to the following things. Players must be deployed in the right position. The connecting lines between the players should always be green, to increase the team chemistry in the game. Even the coach with the right league affiliation influences this value enormously. So pay attention to this when setting up your Ultimate Team in FIFA 19.

What is loyalty?

In addition to team chemistry, loyalty plays a role in FIFA 19 FUT! If you get players in the transfer market, they will develop better loyalty in your team only during their careers. A total of 10 games you have to complete with a virtual kicker, so that he has reached the maximum loyalty. This is important, because you will receive a bonus on the team chemistry share of that player. In addition, some squad building challenges require maximum loyalty.

Use Squad Building to get rid of cheat cards

In this FUT mode, you will also get new packs and players in FIFA 19. But you do not do classic matches for that. Rather, you make according to specifications a combination of players together, which are then removed from your club. Even loaners can be partially involved. So you give players not free in vain, which must not be traded on the transfer market. Use this method to get rid of unloved kickers and get new packs.

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