FIFA 20: All information about the release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 20 All information about the release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
FIFA 20: All information about the release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

We are waiting for FIFA 20 and what innovations the football simulation has in store. All the information we have collected for you.

FIFA 20 is already hotly debated, although the current part has only half a year under its belt. In FIFA 19, the football simulation has already missed some big changes from EA. With the expansion of tactics and the introduction of ” Dynamic Tactics ” FIFA fans could finally make as many settings as its long-term rival Pro Evolution Soccer.

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In addition, FIFA 19 players play for the first time the UEFA Champions League from the cozy sofa after. The introduction of ” Timed Finishing ” as part of the revised final timing was as controversial in the scene as the changes in the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode. So that you can have a say as a successor on all important topics, we have collected all known information about FIFA 20 for you.

FIFA 2020 release date expectations

So far EA has not announced an official release date . However, experience shows that the new FIFA will appear after the end of the transfer phase of the national professional leagues, in late summer. So FIFA 19 released on September 28, 2018. Therefore, we expect the successor to a similar date this year. As soon as the official release date is known, we will complement it in this article.

What was previously announced by EA

So far, EA has just stated that FIFA 20 will be released, which is not a spectacular announcement after more than 25 years of sports simulation history.

So far, EA has just stated that FIFA 20 will be released, which is not a spectacular announcement after more than 25 years of sports simulation history.

In addition, Fifa 20 will receive “ significant new features, ” as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen indicated in February 2019 during the quarterly report by Electronic Arts . As soon as official announcements from EA become known, you will of course hear them from us.

For which platforms does FIFA 20 appear?

It is almost certain that Fifa 20 will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Whether crossplay will be possible next year is not yet known, but we do not want to hope for too much right now. In addition, it will probably, as in previous years, a stripped down version of the Nintendo Switch and last generation consoles, so Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 , give.

Is there a VR function in FIFA 20?

More and more games use the possibilities of virtual reality and thus set completely new gaming experiences for their fans. For Fifa 20 as well, VR mode is one of the rumors that has been the subject of much debate so far.

Sebastian Enrique, senior producer of EA, said that so far nothing has been found that surpasses the experience of a controller in the hand. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that it finds the virtual reality in the coming Fifa offshoot.

What needs to get better with FIFA Ultimate Team

There is inequality of opportunity among the players of Fifa Ultimate Team mode . Many passionate hobby players who put together a competitive team over weeks and months of hard work (trading and squad building challenges) are frustrated. Because ever stronger special cards and upgrades come on the transfer market.

Anyone spending hundreds or even thousands of real-money Euros on FIFA Coins to buy packs that are unlikely to include a top player will quickly have the edge. Belgium has already put a stop to the so-called “pay-to-win” principle. The purchase of such real money packs is gambling and banned in Belgium since 31 January 2019. The federal government is also considering a possible ban .

Added to this is the lack of transparency in EA’s Ultimate Team policy. Those who have now put together their competitive dream team for FIFA Ultimate mode through fierce efforts (or through the use of a large number of Euros) have been stunned again. Because EA suddenly noticed that there was a “discrepancy between the team strengths” and quickly regulated the use of icons and players with a particularly strong overall ranking for the “FUT Qualifiers”.

In itself a good regulation , which we also wish for FIFA 20. Better, however, at the beginning of the season, before trying for months to pull every penny out of hobby players’ pockets.

That’s what we want from FIFA 20

FIFA 98 was one of the greatest football sims of the 90s. Among other things, this provided a feature that no longer appeared in any regular FIFA in the future: playing in the hall ! For some years, this mode was exclusively marketed by FIFA’s offshoot “ FIFA Street “. Here, however, it was almost all about trickery, so that the atmosphere that comes with a full-fledged football simulation, never really came up. Please EA, bring us another hall in FIFA 20!

In FIFA 19, EA introduced exciting house rules for offline games. Thus, in “Survival Mode“, a randomly selected player from the team of the last scorer is expelled from the field. If you play with the “Long Range” rules, goals scored twice will be counted from outside the penalty area. What is special about the game mode “no rules”, you can certainly think. So what speaks against integrating the house rules in online modes ?

The whole package has to be right

Last but not least, FIFA 20 wants us to revise the less profitable game modes as well. Neither the pro-clubs nor the career mode , have received major improvements in recent years. In addition, known bugs were fixed only after months.

We hope EA takes an example on the competitor Konami. Because the Japanese developers have exploited their “champions league online” so far (in Pro Evolution Soccer ), that ultimately no more players on the transfer market bought, but could only be pulled over packs. As a result, many disappointed players have migrated to FIFA, which now has to be held. Because of the gameplay, FIFA has developed very well in recent years.

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