Fortnite: Tips & Tricks for the first victory

Fortnite Tips & Tricks for the first victory
Fortnite: Tips & Tricks for the first victory

You want to get started with the Battle Royale game Fortnite? Our valuable tips and tricks bring you much closer to victory.

Everyone knows it, a lot of people play it. Fortnite is a popular game. Here we have explained what the Battle Royale shooter actually is. Now we go into detail and help you to go out victorious for the first time (and hopefully more often)!

In this guide you learn:

  • which basic tips you need to know
  • how important building really is
  • how to use the weapons correctly
  • how you should behave at the beginning, middle and end of a game
fortnite endgame guide

With our tips you master the Battle Royale chaos.

1.Beginner’s tips for Fortnite

Before you think about advanced strategies for the endgame, you should first consider some basics . Without this foundation, it will be difficult to constantly fight for the higher places.

In Fortnite, there is only one card that keeps changing. You have to learn the card. Optimally, you instinctively know where you are at any given moment. So you can handle popular hotspots with many opponents. Even the deadly storm (over the course of a game an ever-increasing storm covers the card that deducts your life) is no longer a problem with good map knowledge .

Learn the weapons. Fortnite is a shooter, so you should be fairly accurate. You can train in the mode playground. Get a friend, split into two teams, and you’ll be ready to try the different weapons.

Pay attention to your inventory . Fortnite limits your inventory to five places (sixth place is reserved for the pickaxe). So you can not take any weapon with you and often have to decide what to leave lying. Also associations (donate life energy) and Shield Potion (donate shield) are affected.

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2.How important is building really?

What sets Fortnite apart from the other Battle Royale shooters is building. At any time, you can collect resources of varying degrees of hardness with your pickaxe and use them for walls, roofs and entire buildings. At first, building can be intimidating.

Many players ignore it completely. But you should not do that. Activate the turbo construction in the options right from the beginning . So you can build faster and more efficiently.

3.Which buildings do I have to build?

You are under attack, but do not know where from? Builds immediately four walls and a roof around you (example PS4: Circle -> four times R2 around you -> R1 -> R2 for the roof over you). Now the enemy must first destroy the walls, before you take further damage. So you can also see from which direction the balls are approached.

In a direct duel with an opponent from the short distance you should always secure the height advantage ! Build a ramp and give your opponent the rest with the shotgun. But beware: if the foundation of your building is destroyed, everything collapses!

Towards the end of a game the right overview is often the key to success. Build a tall tower of solid material to overlook the small field.

fortnite building tips

In Fortnite you can always build buildings.

4.Which weapons are there?

Weapons come in five different levels of rarity : Ordinary, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Of course, your goal is to find powerful weapons. They do more damage and have a shorter reload time. Rate of fire and magazine size, however, always remain the same.

The available weapons include, but are not limited to, pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers. With updates new weapons are added constantly.

5.How do I use the weapons correctly?

At short range, a shotgun is your best friend. The double-barreled shotgun does the most damage, but has to be reloaded after only two shots. Easier to handle is the tactical shotgun. Larger magazine, bigger hit zone, but much less damage.

Absolute standard is the assault rifle . With this weapon you can do damage from almost all situations and distances. More specifically, the sniper rifles. Here is a steady hand asked. The right equipment on the PC or the console can provide better FPS and thus better chances to hit.

Explosive weapons like the rocket launcher can provide many kills simultaneously. But be careful, you can also break it down into pieces! A badly targeted rocket likes to mean “Game Over”.

fortnite weapons

No battle without weapons.

6.How can I replenish Life Energy and Shield Points?

The maximum life energy in Fortnite is 200. 100 of them are life points , the remaining 100 come from the shield. You can replenish both with different items.

The small shield potion heals 25 shield points, but does not work anymore from 50 shield points. Normal Shield Potions heal 100 shield points and can be used at will. So use two small shield potions first and then a normal one to get the maximum shield points.

Associations replenish 15 life points, but no longer work from 75 life points. Medikits heal 100 life and can be used at will. So use the bandages first and then the medikit to maximize your life energy.

The Slither potion heals 75 lives and possibly shield, but not immediately. Every half second he fills up a point. When the life energy is full, he replenishes the shield. The drinking jug is the most powerful healing item in the game and completely replenishes life and shield.

Pay attention to their usage time for these consumable items. A bandage fills 15 life in 3.5 seconds. A Medikit, however, takes 10 seconds. The use of the drinking bowl takes 15 seconds. So take cover before you heal yourself.

7.Additional gadgets: grenades, balloons & more

In addition to weapons, portions and associations there are also grenades and other items in Fortnite. There are also constantly new items added by updates.

The campfire can be built on a built underground and will heal your life energy over time. However, if it goes out, it can not be lit again. Grenades come in different orientations. Including the grenade or the Boogie Bomb, in which the opponents are forced to dance.

If you have to build a building quickly, you can do that with the pocket castle. Relatively new are the balloons with which you can fly in the air. But beware: When an opponent destroys the balloons, you rush to the ground without protection.

8.How can I optimally manage my inventory?

Your inventory should always be perfectly sorted . You can change the order of objects according to your wishes. Place the consumable items like shield potion and Medikits best on the right edge, the weapons on the left and other items in the middle.

9.Which three phases are there during a game?

A Fortnite game takes place in three phases: Early Game, Mid Game and End Game. At the beginning of a game, all players land on the island. In the middle, the number of players has already fallen sharply and the storm covers much of the map. Towards the end of a game, the last players are in a very small radius.

10.Tips for the early game in Fortnite

Do not land in Tilted Towers every time. This region is especially popular because there are many good weapons to be found here. Especially for beginners, the risk is too high to be switched off quickly by experienced players. Prefer calmer landing zones on the edge of the map like Haunted Hills or Lonely Lodge.

Seek Immediately for Shield Drinkers . Your goal is to keep your life energy at 200. Do not be afraid to use your potions and first aid kits. Your primary goal is always to survive the next fight.

Collect building material ! At the beginning of a game, you and your opponents are scattered all over the map. Thus, you can collect building material quite undisturbed by damaging objects with your pickaxe. But never destroy trees or buildings completely, because that’s how you show your opponents your position.

Caution is better than forbearance. One wrong move and you can forget about # 1. Choose your confrontations wisely and stay hidden. For the epic win you just have to be the last survivor and not kill most opponents.

11.Tips for the mid game

Slowly it gets serious. At least now you should go in search of good weapons. Try to carry Rare Weapons or better with you. Prioritize weapons for mid-range combat .

In addition to enough building material should also carry enough ammunition with you. These can be found in ammo boxes on the island. At this point you may have survived some battles against other players. Collect your loot and fill up your supplies.

During a game, drop drops fall from the sky. Be very careful here, because everyone is after the coveted boxes full of weapons and ammunition. Cover yourself and check the situation before you approach a box.

fortnite loot

Loot loots are rare, but bring the best weapons.

12.Hints for the End Game in Fortnite

If you make it to the last ten players, the epic victory is within reach. At this time you have at best legendary weapons in the repertoire and can neatly deal damage. Try to keep track at all times and know the positions of your opponents.

Do not invest too much in a building. You could build a huge fortress , but the storm moves pretty fast at this stage of the game. Sooner or later you have to leave your fortress. So plan in advance.

The best weapon for enemy strongholds is the rocket launcher. So you can destroy walls quickly . However, the flight direction of the rocket reveals your position. She can barely get more ammunition, so she does not waste.

In general, keep calm . Any wrong move could mean defeat. The same applies to your opponents. Keep covered, keep track and do not lose your nerve!

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