GTA Online – Doomsday Heist: 9 tips and secrets you should know

GTA Online - Doomsday Heist
GTA Online - Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday-Heist DLC for GTA Online is one of the biggest enhancements so far. Underground bases, new heists, a MKZ in the air and countless new vehicles and planes are providing a lot of new content for GTA fans. Here are 9 tips, tricks and secrets to help you with the new DLC.

The year 2017 ends with a blast for players of GTA Online! The Doomsday Heist is up and lets you experience three new Heists and possibly also unravel the mystery of Mt. Chiliad . With our tips, you’ll get started in the expansion and see through many a secret, before others do it.

Buy the right base!

The new underground IAA bases are one of the big highlights of the Doomsday Heist update. Consider that you must first buy one of the nine new bases at Maze Bank Foreclosures and be CEO to start the Doomsday Heist. The following bases are on offer:

  • Land Act Reservoir – $ 2,950,000
  • Paleto Bay – $ 1,250,000
  • Zancudo River – $ 2,100,000
  • Lago Zancudo – $ 1,670,000
  • Grand Senora – $ 2,525,000
  • Wind Farm – $ 1,855,000
  • Sandy Shores – $ 2,740,000
  • Mount Gordo – $ 1,475,000
  • Route 68 – $ 2,312,000

Now, it may be appealing to buy the base at the Land Act Reservoir for $ 2,950,000 as it is closest to the city. However, we can not recommend this base as it is difficult to access due to its location in the dam area. Especially if you use big new vehicles like the Chernobog , the trip to and from the base is very tedious.

Instead, we recommend that you first buy the base in Sandy Shores, Grand Senora or Route 68 . They are located in the center of the map, close to the highway and are easily accessible. The perfect starting point for your Heists!

Get rid of the wanted level for free

The cops are sticking to your butt and you have once again accumulated one or more wanted levels? In such a case, of course, the phone is drawn and Lester called, so he removed your search level. The crux of the matter: Each star costs you $ 200. Unnecessary waste of money that you can avoid thanks to the DLC in the future.

We therefore recommend that you complete all new heists in the DLC as soon as possible. Because Lester removes your wanted stars from now on completely free! The reason for this is that you work for the government in the new Heist missions and therefore you get a free ticket, no matter how much nonsense you drive in Los Santos.

Basen and the Avenger are the perfect retreat

Speaking of search levels, if you already own one of the new bases, you always have the perfect retreat from the cops. No matter how many search levels you have, just drive into your base and you’re safe. Incidentally, the cheapest base costs $ 1,250,000 and is located in Paleto Bay.

The new Avenger, in turn, is a flying mobile command center that you can buy for $ 3,450,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry (additional upgrades cost extra). The Avenger can accommodate up to 30 players at the same time and also has the advantage that your wanted stars disappear instantly when you get behind the wheel and enter the interior.

For the Avenger has an autopilot who will do the flying for you while you are in the interior, where you can upgrade weapons, among other things.

You can now open doors on personal vehicles

Actually a small thing, but it was previously possible only by glitches and tricks to open individual doors or about the rear ramp at Cargobobs and other aircraft and vehicles. With the DLC, you can finally control this yourself, because in the interaction menu of your personal vehicle there is now an option for selecting and opening the individual doors. Thus, for example, other players can get into your Cargobob directly via the loading ramp without much effort.

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Involve Strike teams on other players

If you’ve bought a base, be sure to buy the weapons room as well. Not only are there weapons and ammunition for you, but also a laptop from which you can send strike teams to hunt down a player you choose in the session.

The Strike teams are in different strengths and Level 1 is free for you. Strike teams for $ 2,000 and $ 5,000, respectively, are more heavily armed and make your life even harder. You can even observe your target and watch how it beats fighting your Strike Team.

You can also make the upgrades of the new special vehicles at the MKZ

At Warstock Cache & Carry , thanks to the DLC, some of the coolest vehicles have now been integrated into the game. Highlights include the jetpack, a DeLorean or an underwater car. The following special vehicles are now available:

  • Akula – $ 2,785,000 and $ 3,704,050 (combat helicopter)
  • Avenger – $ 3,450,000 ( Upgrades: Gun – $ 200,000 | Vehicle Repair Shop – $ 755,000 | Gun Repair Shop – $ 245,000) (Accommodates 30 Players)
  • Barrage – $ 1,595,000 or $ 2,121,350 (buggy with mounted gun in front and behind)
  • Chernobog – $ 2,490,000 or $ 3,311,700 (truck with rocket gun firing heat seeking rifles)
  • Deluxo – $ 3,550,000 and $ 4,721,500 ( upgrades: MG and rockets) (Flying car based on the DeLorean from Back to the Future)
  • Khanjali – $ 2,895,000 or $ 3,850,350 (A tank that can be modified with a rail gun)
  • Komacho – Coming soon
  • RCV (Riot) – $ 2,350,000 or $ 3,125,500 (Heavy Armored Transporter)
  • Stromberg – $ 2,395,000 or $ 3,186,350 (sports car, with which you can move underwater like a submarine!)
  • Thruster – $ 2,750,000 and $ 3,657,500, respectively (The long-awaited jetpack!)
  • Volatol – $ 2,800,000 or $ 3,724,000 (fighter jet with mounted gun)

Note! You unlock the cheaper prices of the vehicles by completing the new heists.

If you want to buy the Avenger with all upgrades, that costs you twice as much as a mobile command center. If that is too expensive, you will be glad that you can make the upgrades of the new war machine at the MKZ. So if you do not have the small change you do not have to do without the upgrades.

You can now save more outfits!

Clothes make people! This is especially true in GTA Online, but so far it has only been possible to save ten outfits at once in order to be able to switch quickly between them. Rockstar has listened to feedback from the community and let you save up to 20 outfits at once from the installation of the new DLC.

Get the Comet Safari with mounted MG!

Legendary Motorsport has a few new cars on offer and more vehicles that will be unlocked in the next few weeks. These are the new cars:

  • Autarch – Coming soon
  • Comet Safari – $ 710,000
  • GT500 – Coming soon
  • Hermes – Coming soon
  • Hustler – Coming soon
  • Neon – Coming soon
  • Pariah – $ 1,420,000
  • Raiden – $ 1,375,000
  • SC1 – $ 1,603,000
  • Viseris – Coming soon
  • Z190 – Coming soon

Especially the Comet Safari is in our opinion worth the purchase. The sports car is designed for rally performance and can race at high speed over rough terrain. In addition to the usual tuning options at Los Santos Customs you can also provide him with a mounted MG. Drive to your mobile command center or your Avenger and mount two machine guns for $ 100,000 .

Get the new Pump Shotgun MK2 with explosive ammo!

With the expansion, six new MK2 variants of weapons find their way into the game. This includes:

  • Bullpup Rifle MK2 – $ 105,750
  • Marksman Rifle MK2 – $ 149,000
  • Pump Shotgun MK2 – $ 82,500
  • Revolver MK2 – $ 99,000
  • SNS Pistol MK2 – $ 79,575
  • Special Carbine MK2 – 135,000

Especially the MK2 version of the Pump Shotgun we would like to recommend you here. Go to the weapons workbench in your mobile command center or aboard the Avenger and upgrade your pump shotgun to the MK2 variant. What makes this weapon so strong is the explosive ammo you can use to fill it.

This will allow you to shoot cars up at close range with a simple shot. So you have a grenade launcher with a straight fire line and a faster rate of fire. Up to 50 meters away, you have one of the strongest weapons in the game that may need to be mitigated by Rockstar in the future.

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