GTA Online: Find Jetpack – Infos, Upgrades and Gameplay

GTA Online Find Jetpack - Infos, Upgrades and Gameplay
GTA Online: Find Jetpack - Infos, Upgrades and Gameplay

Long fans in GTA Online longed for the jetpack and with the DLC “The Doomsday Heist” it finally found its way into the game. In the game, the jetpack is named “Thruster” and we’ll explain in the following how and where you can get it and what you need to know about the jet-powered Raktrucksack.

Before the DLC “The Doomsday Heist” it was only possible to get a jetpack in GTA 5 via various mods . Due to the large content expansion, the so-called thruster from the manufacturer Mammoth now but officially found its way into the game. But where can you buy the jetpack or can you even find it in the game world? We give you all info!

So you get the jetpack in GTA Online

The Jetpack “Thruster” is available exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry. You can not find it in the game world or otherwise get it for free. At Warstock Cache & Carry you can buy it for 2,750,000 or 3,657,500 GTA dollars. You unlock the cheaper purchase price by completing the final Heist mission as leader of the group.

Important NOTE! In order to buy the thruster, you must first buy one of the newly integrated bases. The jetpack can only be parked in one base. By the way, you get the cheapest base for 1,200,000 GTA dollars in Paleto Bay. So you need at least 4 or 4.9 million dollars, if you want to buy the jetpack directly.

Once you have bought the Jetpack, you will find it in your base. It stands sideways on a ridge and you can easily reach it after entering your base and being able to move freely.

Tuning and information

If you have purchased the vehicle workshop upgrade for your base , you can upgrade it before departure with various modifications.

There are also various designs and finishes and the usual option for protection against theft and loss.

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Where to buy the jetpack, the location in your base, and Thruster gameplay, you’ll see again in the following video from the YouTube channel GTA Series Videos.

Is it possible to get the Jetpack offline in GTA 5? If you want to use the Jetpack in single-player mode, apart from GTA Online, you can look into the tube. Like so many vehicles that have been integrated into the game through updates, the Thruster is also reserved for online mode only.

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