Last Day On Earth: How To Find Chopper Gas Tank 100% Working

last day on earth chopper gas tank
last day on earth chopper gas tank

With this trick you can find the chopper gas tank in Last Day On Earth at 100%! We have posted a great trick on Facebook in the Last Day On Earth group , which allows us to find the Chopper Gas Tank 100% and to clean up the bunker Alfa without any problems and to earn the coupons.

Sooner or later, you will need the chopper to unlock new areas or just switch between areas faster or use the chopper event. Everything about the chopper at Last Day On Earth HERE !

Last Day On Earth: Find Chopper Gas Tank for everyone

Preparation: You should have that

1.In order to use the following trick (please make it quick, because who knows how long it will work – in version 1.7 it still works), you should have made the following preparations: least 30 red coupons, 25 yellow coupons and 20 green coupons (the chopper tank is actually only in the box with the red coupons, but you can still go through all the same)

3.The bunker Alfa Level 1 is still locked (you have not entered the code yet)

4.Write down the code for Bunker Alfa to enter and go to Bunker Alfa

5.You’re connected to your Game account (iOS) or Google Play account (Android)

6.You need a second device of the same operating system (so twice iOS or twice Android). If you only have an Android smartphone / tablet, just use Bluestacks for the PC (this is an Android emulator – more information in the following article)

7.On both devices you have to be connected to the same account (Game center or Google Play Account) (at the start you will see your name at the top, tap on the settings icon on Last Day On Earth you should see something like “disconnect”, that means you are currently connected to the account.

Step by step instructions

last day on earth gas tank trick

Decide on which device that you want to enter the bunker by default and open the boxes. The other device has the world map open. Since both devices are synchronized via the same account, the trick works! With you, device 1 could be your Android smartphone and device 2 could be the Bluestacks emulator.

Make sure you are in your 1 device in Bunker Alfa (only the top level, do not type anything or anything else – access to level 1 must be blocked and also have the coupons – 30 red, 25 yellow and 20 green in the inventory) , Change again the areas, enter, for example, the green, so your inventory and your current point are stored exactly in Bunker Alfa. Now start device 2 and open the world map.

Now enter the bunker Alfa with device 1 and enter the code. Now go to the boxes in level 1 and open them (theoretically enough, the red box with the 30 red coupons). Now look up what’s in it. You have the chopper tank? Perfect! Unless? Just note the content. If next time the content should be the same, you have to change the area beforehand, kill someone there, take the loot and store it in the bunker, for example, so that the random code changes in the game.

Close Last Day On Earth on device 1 completely (in iOS, wipe up and eject the app – For Android mostly tap the menu button and wipe out the app there). Now you enter with device 2 the bunker Alfa. Your coupons are back in and the bunker is still closed to level 1. Leave the bunker directly again and device 2 is back on the world map.

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Now you start device 1 again and as you can see, even there the coupons are back in the inventory. Now you’re going on with device 1 again: go into the bunker, enter the code, open the boxes.

This can be quite time-consuming: my one friend had needed about 100 attempts, another member was already lucky on the second attempt and could call the chopper gas tank his own. So: Anyone who has not yet found the chopper tank on Last Day On Earth can find it so 100%!

Even more tips on Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

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