Last Day On Earth Tips : 10 things every player should know

Last Day On Earth Tips
Last Day On Earth Tips

Here are the 10 things every player should know about Last Day On Earth. We have already published several articles on Last Day On Earth, including how to find chopper gas tank on last day on earth . Nevertheless, most of the questions are still the same, which is due to the fact that Last Day On Earth keeps many things secret and that it can only be found out by trying it out. Therefore, now a list of things that every player should know in the entry level!

You should know these 10 things

Last Day On Earth

1: Last Day On Earth is a single player game

While it may seem like you’re interacting with other players on Last Day On Earth, they’re only computer-controlled. The names are random based, but the players are always controlled by the computer. Therefore, they always attack you directly.

On the map you can see other bases, but do not worry: These are also prefabricated bases, which are the same for each player and can also be looted without danger.

The raider was introduced with Update 1.7 also only gives the appearance of a multiplayer event. It still remains that no real player attacks you, but everything is done by the system.

2: sense of the game and the first steps

As you re-enter Last Day On Earth, you may be wondering what the purpose is and what steps you need to take. Basically, it starts at the beginning with the following:

1.Build your base (the woodwork is sufficient as walls are destroyed by the zombie horde anyway, reaching you every 24 hours)
2.Go into the green (later yellow and later red) area and kill the zombie, collecting wood, ore and limestone. Collect the items of dead zombies and animals, go home and store them there in chests.
3.By killing the zombie and gathering wood and co, you’ll level up and gradually make more.
4.If you have found a CAC card A, you can use it to build the Bunker Alfa and in the next step the chopper and then unlock new card elements. But it will take weeks and months for this to happen, as Last Day On Earth makes it hard to find all the pieces.

3: The chopper and what you should know

The first vehicle (and the only thing that can be completed so far) is the chopper. It will not be easy, because especially engine parts and the blue gas tank become a challenge. The blue gas tank is very fortunate to find a killed NPC (character controlled by the computer – are the ones who look like other players), but otherwise only in the bunker Alfa and there in the box where you get red coupons must use. The engine parts are very rare to find.

If you’ve ever been to an NPC base, then you’ll have seen a chopper (and even an ATV) there. Immediately the question arises: Can I finish and then use it? NO! Do not put any parts in there, because you will not get them out anymore. The only thing you can do is steal the gas, because that’s what you need for your chopper later. you need an empty water bottle to get the gas fuel.

Oh well, if you ever have the chopper, you use it and then die – do not worry! He then reappears in your base.

4: The plans on Last Day On Earth

As mentioned, you gain experience by collecting wood and co and killing the zombies. Incidentally, there are 10 experience points or 3 experience points for each action (depending on which server you chose when starting the game).

Here is a list of plans that shows which one you should definitely use! In the beginning, hatchet and pickaxe are essential, as is the backpack to transport more. What else should you build, you will find out there!

5: The Events – When do they appear, what do I have of them

There are several events in Last Day On Earth. At the beginning of the game there is more often the plane crash, which later does not appear at all. In general: Events usually come when you have less than 60 or 50 energy, plane crashes in the lower levels usually only under 25 energy. If this is too far away from you, then you’re driven to use the premium currency to replenish your energy, or you look at ads.

At events, especially drop-off point and plane crash, you get some very good materials and resources. Take everything with you! From time to time there are other events such as the shipwreck or the smuggler camp. All offer you resources as a reward!

6: Is it Worth Buying Weapons in Last Day On Earth?

In my view, it is not worthwhile to use real money for weapons, because weapons have such a short shelf life that it simply is not worth it. If you want to spend money, then especially use the packs that bring weapons and armor. Above all, use ranged weapons only in an emergency and leave them at home in boxes.

7: How do I get all the resources in the game?

Not all resources are available in Last Day On Earth. For example, there is currently no Titanium, so that all plans that need something, can not be made. Also, the ATV can not be completed because this is the ATV gearbox is not included in the game.

In order to know what resources are available in the game (and which not) and how to create or find them, we have compiled a list of resources and materials !

8: The bunker Alfa of Last Day On Earth

If at some point you have discovered the CAC card A when collecting, you can use it to open the bunker Alfa (you only need the card the first time). If you enter this, you will find cupboards on the right, which you can use as a warehouse, because everything you miss there will be preserved. If you go straight ahead, you have to enter a code. You get this by building the CB radio, then tapping it and learning the code.

Then you can enter Bunker Level 1. The bunker remains open for 48 hours. After that, it will be reset (level 1 to 3). If you go through the first level, you will see boxes that you can open with coupons. You will receive coupons by killing the zombies in the bunker. Especially red coupons are rare, but their content is very good!

You will find a lift to the boxes to reach the lower levels. If he tells you something about energy or something like that, your device will not be supported and you will not be able to enter the other levels. In level 3, however, it will be over because the developers have not incorporated more levels.

9: Firearms and Melee Weapons and how to kill Frenzied Giant

Firearms are rare in Last Day On Earth and should be kept for frenzied giant or for the Chopper Event or Watchtower. Otherwise only use melee weapons.

Tip: To kill frenzied giant, a bow is enough. You can build it relatively at the beginning and you can make it from parts that are common in the areas! One bow is usually sufficient for 2 frenzied giant.

10: Dying in the Games App

In Last Day On Earth, your character can die for a variety of reasons, and in the end, your life energy simply drops to zero. That can have several reasons:

1.Biter and NPCs attack you
2.You starve
3.You are thirsty
4.You freeze
5.You come in contact with gas / poison

If you die in areas that regenerate (green, yellow, red areas), then your character is lost forever and everything that was in it. If you die in your base, bunker alfa or on an event card that has not yet closed, then you can collect your body and all its parts. But watch out: Only the last body is preserved. If you die again, then your first corpse is gone! After death, you always start back in your base.

Build the doormat best, because this is always your starting point when you enter the base. If you do not have these, you always start at the edge.

Bonus 1: Build walls in Last Day On Earth

Every 24 hours a zombie horde comes over your base. These only destroy your walls. Since other players can not attack you, you do not have to build walls or traps, that would be a waste of resources. If you build walls, bring them immediately to level 3, because from this they can not be destroyed by the zombie!

Bonus 2: The power generator at the watchtower

If you are already advanced, you probably also want to install the power generator at the watchtower. Please note the following:

1.Build the power generator in the plans, then put it in YOUR BASIS and finish it (you need more parts)
2.Power generator with the CHOPPER (yes, you have to own) transport to the watchtower
3.Now more areas are unlocked. You can find more about this here !

Even more tips and tricks for Last Day On Earth

We have a tip for 100% Chopper Tank! READ NOW ! (executes the trick quickly before it stops working)

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