Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS
Mobile Strike: cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike is the latest real-time strategy game from the Game of War makers for Android and iOS devices and not least thanks to the commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger on everyone’s lips. Especially at the beginning, the hectic bustle on the screen is a bit confusing. Here you will find the best cheats, tips and tricks for Mobile Strike.

Mobile Strike calls itself the new game of the creators of Game of War and is to repeat the success of the predecessor. As with other real-time strategy games, you’ll need to set up bases here, build units, and roll over the enemy with your war machines. Mobile Strike also has some features that you would otherwise expect from MMOs – for example, forging alliances with your fellow players and making them even stronger.

Mobile Strike: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Mobile Strike follows the rationale of other real-time strategy games: build your base, gather resources, buy more and more powerful units and decimate your opponents. It works even better with the following Mobile Strike tips and tricks for Android and iOS:

  • Accept as many missions as possible: You will receive rewards that allow you to build stronger units even faster.
  • First of all, focus on the missions that the game proposes to you: the initial missions will not last very long and will give you a great opportunity to quickly get resources and money.
  • The rewards you have to pick up every time you complete the mission in the mission screen.
  • As you complete missions, you will also receive skill points that you can use to increase your commander’s abilities – these are the points you should consume directly before proceeding to the next battle.
  • Unlike other games, you do not need resources to build buildings – so you can let off steam and quickly build a large number of buildings.
  • Exploits this feature, but tries to keep a certain balance, so you do not just build buildings of one type, for example.
  • Boosts to speed up the timer, you should use only sparse
mobile strike game screenshot

Mobile Strike: MMO or Real-Time Strategy – Forge Alliance

In Mobile Strike, you should not fight alone, but start working with other players as soon as possible. As a team, it’s easier to fight, and it also unlocks additional rewards.

  • When you join an alliance in Mobile Strike, you immediately receive a Gold Bonus that you can use at will.
  • It also unlocks new missions, with a focus on raiding other human players.
  • When your fellow campaigners make an in-app purchase, everyone in the alliance benefits.
  • You can also connect Mobile Strike to your Facebook account – this will unlock the Goldmine, which you can use to give (and receive) gold to friends.

If you want to be especially easy, you can search for enemy bases that have been abandoned by the player. The attack costs nothing and the victory is almost certain – plus you do not have to fear a counter-attack.

Mobile Strike: Cheats and Hacks

As with many mobile and smartphone games, the question naturally arises with Mobile Strike: What about hacks and cheats? There are already numerous sites on the net that promise you Mobile Strike hacks and cheats for infinite gold and the like.

  • Here you should be extremely careful: Behind these offers are usually click traps that you want to tempt you to install certain programs on your Android or iOS device.
  • These programs do not contain mobile strike hacks and cheats but Trojans or other virus infected programs.
  • Alternatively, you will be tricked into completing dubious subscriptions, eg by entering your mobile phone number.

According to current knowledge, there are no hacks or cheats for Mobile Strike – that would also undermine the business model that lives on the fact that players make real money in-app purchases . A hack for Mobile Strike would undermine that – so you better stick to our tips and tricks for Mobile Strike to win in a fair way!

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