My Talking Angela: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

My Talking Angela Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide
My Talking Angela: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Angela is the name of the female counterpart to Talking Tom , that mega successful simulation of a talking cat. But fans already know that, after all, the talking Angela app has been in the store for a while. But there is a sequel to My Talking Angela from Outfit7. It promises more features so developers even talk about a virtual pet.

Note: The game is also called My Talking Angela, the full translation to My Talking Angela can not be far away. It was released for Android, iOS and Windows Phone for free as we shared with you here on the Blog, Later in the article I will keep you informed about the updates and will be happy to answer any questions about the app. First of all, Angela is not dangerous! There are no eyes in the app watching you. However, there are in-app purchases …

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my talking angela tips and tricks

My talking angela tips and tricks

So Angela is called the cat, except for our chancellor, I know no person with that name. That made the app seem somewhat strange to me at first. And although you can give Angela her own name in Settings, this angelic name is used in menus and notifications. Did the satirical magazine Titanic release an app?

But even the first look in the app shows the handwriting of the makers of Talking Tom. A cute kitten with human features demands my attention. It wants to be fed, bathed, sleeping and playing. Strangely, she does not yet speak, but she has already left the preschool age with me with a higher double-digit level.

My talking Angela is so weird, probably just to build on its predecessors. But this is a positive restriction for all anxious. The app does not require access to the micro or the camera and no one can see you from the eyes of the cat, as you could read in the predecessor more often in the reviews as a warning, which is anyway a hoax.

my talking angela cheats

My talking angela cheats

Whenever I open the app, Angela is lying in bed staring at me in the dark with her big eyes. She has slept and looks damn dirty. Three of their four need buttons at the bottom of the screen are red: fun, food, hygiene. She just slept enough. So off to the bathroom, where she is foamed and showered and brushed her teeth in two steps.

Strangely enough, you do not just have to do this with the baby / toddler, which is already strange because of the logic. As she sits in the tub, various food symbols pop up over her head. What she gets to eat does not matter, mainly it should fill up the energy. Now only the fun button remains.

This is filled by playing. Currently there are only two mini-games. One is a classic brick breaker, the other a laying puzzle. Both games are getting boring fast. I find it particularly annoying that you always start with the puzzle at level 1 and have to play the later solutions again and again. However, as I write below in the updates, there are always new mini-games, now we have Angela players already 7 different choices to choose from, including a jet ski and a suitcase poplar game.

The progress of the game with Angela is mainly determined by her level. She rises when she has gained enough XP. With the right clothes and things to buy in the shop an XP multiplier increases. There are also sticker collections, which are rewarded with diamonds when completed.

This is roughly the scope of playing My Talking Angela, which is currently awaiting you. However, Tom has also been steadily improved, so more objects and games will surely be added in an update. In general, My Talking Angela is more likely to go in for a couple of hours and a half for two minutes to take care of things and then wait for the next step up.

My Talking Angela Guide

At this point I will publish in a row episode tips and tricks to the app. For questions use the comments.

Brushing your teeth: first brush your teeth, then eat, then brush your teeth again. Sounds weird and not so useful, but brings more experience in this way and way.

Sticker exchange: In the games section you can access your sticker collection on the right across the table. Unfortunately you can not exchange the stickers directly. But you can buy the Angela stickers from five random friends. But be careful not to buy any you already have.

In order not to buy duplicate stickers from friends, one can also look at the top left. There is missing stickers in each case a small cat’s head to see. Whether you should buy all the stickers, however, is another matter. It often happens that I buy stickers, which I would get at the next level rise of the cat anyway.

The bring then nothing. Because my double stickers, which I got through the level rise, almost never bought by other players (or can I just not get it?). It hardly pays off to sell the stickers directly to the game – there is only a fraction of the respective value.

(In the “My Double” section of the app.) So, for an Angela Sticker Paris number 16, there’s only a shabby 30 coins, even though it’s worth 100. More interesting would be, if there was a real marketplace where everyone could sell their stickers at individual prices. Then it would make sense to buy valuable stickers and sell them at a profit.

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