PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two: Who will win the next generation of console war?

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two Who will win the next generation of console war
PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two: Who will win the next generation of console war?

The next generation of consoles is getting closer and closer. According to analysts, it should be ready in a year. And then it starts all over again: the speculation about which is the best console. We dare a view.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two : Although the two consoles are far from ripe, there is only a handful of information on the next Xbox and only a few rumors about the future PlayStation, now begin the speculation about which console as the winner of the next generation of consoles evident.

We also have vague ideas and, above all, many hopes for the next generation of consoles. Even in our editorial department , the camps split : there are those who continue to believe in the success of the PlayStation – I count myself among them – and those who hope for a comeback from Microsoft ; by name: colleague Mark .

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Who will be the winner of the next generation of consoles – PS5 or Xbox Two?

With him I sat down and discussed which console has the better prospects: The PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Two – or maybe the Nintendo Switch?

Lisa: “I know that you think the Xbox has a good chance of winning in the next generation of consoles – but why? Because just in this generation it does not look so good for the Xbox. “

Mark: “Well, I think that it will be difficult for Microsoft , because Sony is already really well positioned – especially with all the exclusive titles . That’s why the Xbox One is in such bad shape right now. And yes, Microsoft has made it particularly easy for Sony in this generation, which has already begun with the announcement of the Xbox One – which was a disaster .

But just by the fact that the Xbox is now regarded by Microsoft again as a video game console, it goes uphill for the console. I believe that Microsoft will learn from the past mistakes , they will now catch up – with cloud gaming and streaming , chances are they’ll go one step further. In addition, I find interesting and also good that in the new generation probably both an Xbox as pure streaming platform and alternatively as a classic console to come on the market, quite a cheap and a more expensive version of the same console. “

Microsoft already has the Xbox Game Pass. What exactly that is and what he offers you is explained in the following guide:

Lisa: “I’m just still skeptical if Microsoft has not released information about the new console much too soon . That was already a problem with the last generation. Of course, the information on the Xbox One did not appeal to consumers right from the start, while opinions are more neutral to positive this time. Nevertheless, Sony now has the surprise moment for itself: If the company announce something to the next PlayStation, on a large presentation and perhaps already with pictures, then this could lead to a larger hype than if Microsoft simply reaffirms the already known information.

In addition, Sony already has the confidence of its customers , while Microsoft is increasingly on the verge. And this despite the fact that the company now offers the powerful Xbox One X and the console’s software has been improved. I’m worried that it might be hard for Microsoft to get back on its feet in the future – while Sony is now pretty solid. “

Head-to-head: That’s what the games for the next generation of consoles are all about

Mark: “What gives me hope is that Microsoft has now acquired several developer studios – including well-known developers such as Ninja Theory, who have developed Hellblade , and Obsidian Entertainment , who were responsible for Fallout: New Vegas . They also have the Xbox Game Pass , which has been adopted by the players lately. After all, you get all exclusive games with him- they are not that many yet, but that can still happen! Since Sony has to follow suit, and I do not see that yet. “

Lisa: “Real? I see exactly the opposite! Of course, Microsoft hasrecently bought many studios, including those that I personally value. Games have been announced but nothing yet, it is all very unconcrete . Sony, however, has already announced some games that could theoretically release titles for the PS5.

We look forward to the following games in the near future – maybe also on the new consoles -:

I’m thinking of Concrete Genie , which does not have a release date or platform so far, so it may well be on the PS5 – maybe even in conjunction with a new controller feature . It is indeed speculated about whether this has a built-in touch screen . That could have been his first use in Concrete Genius, making the game a hot candidate for a PS5 release title . But who knows: Maybe Microsoft announces already at the E3 2019 new exclusive games, while Sony will not be there at all. “

Mark: “But for the Xbox already Gears 5 and Halo: Infinite have been announced; I can imagine that these also appear only on the new console . Otherwise, I’m also the games for the new Xbox most worried. Although many studios have been bought and I see a lot of potential for the future, I think it will probably look a bit miserable in the first years, I’m afraid. “

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