project makeover hack unlimited gems and money

Project Makeover has been recently released for Android and iOS devices. It is a mobile game where you dress up your character, equip your wardrobe and upgrade your apartment to stand out. For these players who don’t want to buy Gems, there has been released Project Makeover Hack which is highly recommended. You can check it by clicking this button below.


Let’s go on with Project Makeover gameplay. During the game, you can collect gems, which is the premium currency. If you don’t want to wait till you get enough gems, just use Project Makeover Cheats. You are also rewarded with coins for clothing and furniture. With currency, you are allowed to unlock new areas or categories. You can even open a whole video arrangement, which is called “drama”, which recounts the tales that you experience inside the actual game.

Project makeover hack unlimited gems

If you played a match three game you will be familiar with the Project Makeover puzzle mode. To play each level you require lives also gems and coins, which you can get using Project Makeover Hack. Read on for a guide on how to use this mod to get instant access to all currencies, which will make a significant change in your game. For example, coins are used to buy interior design. Actually receiving free coins is quite easy to achieve. After completing each level you are rewarded with a coins pack. What is important with coins you are able to unlock the drama portions of the game. Another in-game currency, also important by the way, is cash, which can be spent on new outfits or wardrobe items.

Returning to the game, on the off chance that you coordinate four out of a square, you get a little bomb. In the event that you coordinate four out of a line, you get a firecracker that gets out a whole even or vertical line. On the off chance that you coordinate five of every L shape or a T shape, you get a major bomb.

How to play Project Makeover – use cheats!

Making cash in Project Makeover is quite easy, but if you want to earn you need to solve puzzles really fast. You can also earn your cash by completing game tasks. But you don’t have to worry, because Project Makeover Cheats comes in handy here as well.

If you are one of the more impatient players who do not want to pay for in-game purchases, we have a solution. You can use Project Makeover Hack to get unlimited amounts of gems instead of playing hours to get only a few. Probably everyone would like to arrange their apartment as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the game, you will have just one character to makeover, but you will be able to unlock many other avatars, as well as a number of story sequences, which are called dramas. While making over your character, you will have to make tasks, which are visible in the menu. Some of these tasks cost currency (coins) to complete, but when you use Project Makeover Hack, you are good to go. A good way to play is not to focus on customizing furniture items, but completing tasks.

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