Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Study claims Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players
Study claims: Xbox players are better than PS4 and PC players

Which platform is the best – PC, PlayStation or Xbox? The question gamers have been dealing with for so long is now finally being officially clarified thanks to a study.

A review of more than 1,400 players has determined how good the response of PC, PS4 and Xbox One players is. So DailyStar cited the press release to the study. On the screen of the test subjects appeared goals that are first green, but red with time. Players should try to get all the targets as fast and accurate as possible . The results were converted into a response score composed of the factors accuracy, goals and reaction time.

The result should come as a surprise: While most would argue that the PC is the platform that best suits their exact goals, the study claims that Xbox One is the winner of the console war . With an average reaction score of 79.7 points and 78 percent hit goals , they top the list of the best gamers. Contrary to expectations, PC players are in last place , with a score of 62.2 and a hit rate of 70 percent .

But their response time is particularly good : While Xbox players hit only 9 percent of the targets when they were still green, this was achieved by 18 percent of PC players. PS4 players are in the golden mean with a score of 71.9 and a hit rate of 74 percent . And where Nintendo Switch players land, we’ll never know, they were not even considered in the study .

Now its your turn click here to do the reaction test

The results should not be taken too seriously. The study has been carried out by hardware manufacturer LG in cooperation with Activision . You can still take part in it; If you go to the appropriate website of LG , it turns out that this is actually an advertising campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 . You feel like getting the game now? Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently available at Amazon .

According to GameRant , using the study as a promotional campaign for a game is also the reason why the study is not very credible . After all, everyone could simply have indicated the platform they least liked and intentionally played badly to distort the outcome . Ultimately, LG will hardly end the console war with the study.

Need more studies to tell us who we really are? Here’s more – do you agree with their results?

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But that does not seem to have been the goal of LG. As the company’s marketing manager notes in the press release, “Whatever option you choose to play in, we’ve set ourselves the goal of providing the best gaming experience possible: with our selection of 4K HDR gaming -Tvs with low delay time, which were made to meet games. ” So the whole action serves ultimately only one purpose: the self-promotion.

What do you think: Does the study still have a true core, or is it complete nonsense? Which platform do you find the best? Or do not you care about that as long as games are fun? Write us down in the comments.

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