FIFA 19 Web App Trading Guide | How to Make FUT Coins

FIFA 19 Web App Trading Guide

With the 59-minute tactics or the “mass bidding” in FIFA 19 good player cards at low prices dust. We’ll tell you which trading methods you can use in FUT.

On the transfer market in FUT there are numerous different practices in order to earn FIFA coins . In the FUT-Guide we explain to you:

  • how you can buy cheap player cards
  • which methods are there.
  • and what to look for when buying a ticket.
59-minute method
A lot of profit can be made with the 59 minute trading.

The 59-minute method is more intended for established players. This requires a degree of market experience. The trading strategy isolates a card group with the filters. Then bargains are filtered out and purchased by immediate purchase.

This strategy is based on the incredible size of the transfer market in FIFA 19 . Every day millions of offers are being made all over the world . However, sales prices can be set by the sellers within the price range set by EA. Among the millions of cards, real bargains keep sneaking up. This happens when items are sold below market value or mistakes are made.

The 59-minute method is to find these players in front of everyone else and make a profit.

This is how the 59-minute method works

Player cards are often set for one hour. It’s also longer, but one hour is the most common. The new cards come with a duration of action of 59 minutes on the market. Refreshing the page will always display new transfer offers. But the mass of new offers is almost unmanageable. For this reason, filters must be used to delineate a market segment.

Everyone should choose a market area in which they are well versed. Examples would be ” silver players in the Bundesliga ” or “under 20-year-olds in the Premier League”. Correct filter settings do not exist. To stake out a good market sector only helps practice and thus develop a flair for the filter settings. The main thing is that the filtered selection of cards is kept within manageable limits .

Now that the filters are applied, it’s about speed. Around the world, people are trying to make FIFA coins using the 59-minute method . Once a bargain is found, must be acted quickly and the card by buying it now. Then it can either be integrated into the team or resold at a profit.

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Tips on the 59-minute method

The competitive situation with this method is very high, because the profit can be very high . Many players, and even bots, who are always on the lookout for cheap deals, are waiting for good opportunities. The filters reduce the size of the competition. It’s time to experiment and find part of the market that is unseen by other players. Once such an area has been found, the filter should be kept secret for as long as possible so that the profit can be maximized.

In addition, it is important not to be upset by the time pressure. The 59-minute method is very time consuming. It can take a long time to find a worthwhile offer . It is crucial not to be misled by printing in the crucial moments of error.

Have you already tried the 59-minute method in FUT? Just give it a try! Also test other methods such as sniping or mass bidding .

There are many different ways to make a profit on the transfer market at FUT . The method of mass offering is associated with little risk and therefore suitable for beginners. The trading strategy uses a player card to make a profit by placing as many bids as possible.

What is the mass bidding in the FIFA Ultimate Team?

The strategy of mass bidding, like many other strategies, takes full advantage of the huge size of the FIFA transfer market. Millions of player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team change hands every day . At auctions, items are often sold below their actual market value.

With mass bidding, players try to gain an advantage by placing as many bids as possible . The acquired cards can then be integrated into the team or resold at a profit.

This is how mass bidding works

First, a player must be found, with whom profit is to be generated. Ideally, the price history of the card should be studied in advance to find out when the value is particularly high or particularly low.

With the help of the search function , the hit display of the transfer market is set so that only the searched cards are displayed. The goal of mass bidding is to bid on as many offers as possible.

It is important that the amount of bids is always aligned to the profit. As a basic principle, at least 100 FIFA coins should be made with each transaction . In addition, the five percent transfer tax charged by EA Sports on each transfer market promotion must also be included.

If the cheapest buyout price for a card is 3,500 coins, the sales will only leave around 3,300, thanks to the taxes. In order to achieve at least 100 coins of profit, this tactic can be bid up to a maximum of 3,200.

The mass offering requires a lot of patience because it may take a long time for success to be achieved. Many players are looking for bargains through the transfer market and bid on numerous items.

But the market in FIFA Ultimate Team is so huge that even bots have no chance to keep an eye on things. So always good offers slip through. The placement of as many bids guarantees that sooner or later cards are purchased at reasonable prices . These can then be resold at a profit.

Tips for mass bidding

In order to optimize the profit with mass bidding, it should always be kept in mind that the value of player cards is variable. The price of certain items is determined by supply and demand. Often the value of players used in , for example, squad-building challenges increases . Ideally, the cards are bought when they are cheap and then resold when the price has gone up.

When mass bidding, it can also be very beneficial to take advantage of the maintenance of each platform . EA Sports regularly conducts maintenance on its servers to set up new versions of FIFA 19. This means that players will not have access to the online features of the game during this time. However, the transfer market continues to run and is not affected by the offline phase. When EA Sports performs maintenance, check out the launcher or the FIFA Ultimate Team Facebook page .

Therefore, it is worthwhile to place as many bids as possible immediately before the start of the maintenance work. Meanwhile, other players can not beat your bids. This increases the chances of bidding for good player cards.

The mass bidding requires a lot of patience. It is important to always remember that this trading method should bring long term success . So you should not be discouraged by setbacks and long thirsty stretches and keep going.

Have you ever tried mass bidding in FUT? Also test other methods such as sniping or the 59-minute method .

FIFA Ultimate Team: All You Need To Know About FUT Web App

FIFA Ultimate Team: All You Need To Know About FUT Web App

The FIFA 19 FUT Web App also gives you access to your FUT Club away from the console or PC. We’ll explain how the app works.

“The world of football never sleeps.” With this slogan, EA Sports introduces the FUT Web App for FIFA Ultimate Team. The application provides all the important information about your FUT club at a glance. So you can be active at any time, even if you are not near the console or PC.

FUT Web App

What is the FUT Web App?

The mobile application for FUT Web App, also called Companion App, is a light version of FUT for your computer or laptop. It is also available on the tablet and mobile phone. You can download the Companion App for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store . Apart from contesting games, many features of FIFA Ultimate Team Mode are available to you.

The program allows access to your team . So you can work on a weekend while traveling already to the perfect Ultimate Teams file. An excellent occupation, especially during long train journeys or flights. Also changes to the club can of course be made.

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Especially popular is the web app, because every year it comes online a few weeks before the release of the actual game. FIFA fans around the world will be able to open the first starter packs before the release and start assembling the squads.

Exclusive rewards are waiting for you

In addition, EA rewards you with the Welcome Back Rewards. Depending on whether you have played FIFA Ultimate Team in the previous years, returning players will receive certain packs as a loyalty bonus. Those logging in with their EA account last year before the game’s release also received the coveted daily rewards.

Professional tip: The FUT Web App gives you access to the transfer market of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. This means that you are always able to buy or sell player cards. You can take advantage of this advantage and make clever FIFA coins. Keep track of the buy and sell prices of the player cards with the application at all times. At particularly attractive prices you can strike immediately. For more tips and tricks for the transfer market, read our guides on the various trading methods in FIFA 19 .

The best thing about the application is that you will be able to complete Live Squad Building challenges even if you are away from home for a while. With the FUT Web App / Companion App, you can relax and enjoy the holiday without sacrificing the rewards of certain live SBCs. Also, you can complete daily and weekly goals here and earn the bonus to expand and improve your team even further.

The official companion app is the mobile command center for all true FIFA 19 fans. Log into the FUT Web App for free and show everyone else who the real FIFA professionals are in the room.