The Nessies in Apex Legends and where to find them

apex legends the nessies
apex legends the nessies

Repawns‘ Shooter Apex Legends not only offers a variety of characters and exciting firefights, but also for plush toy lovers a real challenge, because on the map there are ten Nessie figures. What exactly it has with them, you will learn in the following.

If you’ve looked around certain places in Apex Legends, you may have come across one or the other Nessie character. Of these there are a total of ten pieces on the card, destroy one, it appears on a specified location of the card another. The little green things have no playful use, but if you want to do something different besides shooting in Apex, the hunt for the mini-sea monsters should be a welcome change.

But since they appear only in a certain order on the map and their spawning points are sometimes quite far apart, you should rather go in the team on the hunt for the Nessies. Where exactly you will find on the map, you see in the picture.

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Also, remember to stock up on enough meds, as you’ll most likely find some Nessie just outside the active board. If you have shot down each of the miniature monsters, the real Nessie appears near the site of the last toy Nessie.

If you want to know more, we have a video ready for you in which we collect all Nessies.

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