The Sims Mobile: Getting a baby and raising offspring – that’s how it works

The Sims Mobile Getting a baby and raising offspring - that's how it works
The Sims Mobile: Getting a baby and raising offspring - that's how it works

The Sims Mobile is here! And before you look after careers, hobbies, and other things, do you want to know how to make your family bigger, right? We’ll tell you how to get a baby in The Sims Mobile.

Until you can get offspring in The Sims Mobile, you have to diligently level up . For that you should complete many events, stories and missions so that you quickly reach the desired level. To get babies you have to reach level 11. How it goes on, we’ll tell you below.

So you get a baby and pull it up

Anyone who has played the APK of The Sims Mobile, will notice some changes in the official published in Mobile Game. You do not have to be married anymore to have a baby with another Sim. But if you want to know how to marry in The Sims Mobile , you will find more information on this. You can even adopt offspring! This is how you get children:

  • Once you reach level 11, you’ll already find a quest under Missions that tells you to have a baby.
  • To complete the mission and get some SimCash, you now need to click on the Furniture tab on the right side of the screen. For that you have to be in your home.
  • Touch the armchair icon Buy and swipe right.
  • Under baby and child , you will not only find many children’s furniture, but also the cradle “Visiting the stork”.
  • Place it in your house.
  • Now choose the cradle with a Sim in the household.
  • The following possibilities are given to you now:

If you choose the last option, you’ll see sims that you’ve already become romantic with. This could be a fiancé or even your husband. You choose the father or mother of your baby here. For 11 SimCash you can skip the 30 minutes for all three options. Then you can give your baby a name.

Note that you can only have one cradle in your house at the same time. This means that your household can only own a maximum of one baby . If the offspring has become older, you can father another child.

Raising offspring and getting older

Your baby is not yet shown in the budget at the bottom left. Of course, you also have to take care of the little one. You can check it or feed it. Your Sims are aging automatically – you can not do much about it. At some point a blue birthday cake symbol will appear over your cradle. Tap it to make your baby a toddler. Even now you can not control it yet.

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With level 6 you can organize parties. There are also birthday parties where you can control when your Sims get older. With each birthday you get a characteristic. Take good care of your baby – because the more events you complete, the more special features it receives. These features will bring you even more rewards as you continue to play this sim.

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