‘The Sims Mobile’ Guide to Relationships: How to Get Married

'The Sims Mobile' Guide to Relationships How to Get Married
'The Sims Mobile' Guide to Relationships: How to Get Married

The wedding is the best day in the life of a Sims. Also in The Sims Mobile can be married diligently. But first you have to go through dates, events and above all the engagement. Here we help you with the most important questions about marriage in The Sims Mobile!

Before you can marry the Sim of Life in The Sims Mobile, some preliminary work is needed . You have to reach a certain level of relationship, which could cost you a few days already. When choosing your Sims but you have no limits. As with the big brother, The Sims 4 , you can lead same-sex marriages and marry seniors as well. The important thing is that you do not ban the chosen Sim to Friendzone. It does not come out that fast!

So how can you start a relationship with a Sim now? Let’s start at step 1. In the next section you’ll learn how to get to know a Sim and put all the signs into a new relationship. Then we continue with the engagement and finally the wedding. But remember that you need certain items like a wedding arch. So save enough Simoleons.

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You also need level 7 to unlock the wedding. Gather enough experience points, to quickly reach the required level. The following to-do-list shows once again all prerequisites for a wedding at a glance:

✔ Reach level 7 in the game.
✔ Has at least 6 interior tickets and 530 simoleons (for wedding items).
✔ Rises to Relationship Level 7 with the other Sim.
✔ Complete the event “Make Application”.

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Step 1: Start love relationship

There are several ways to increase the relationship level to a Sim. As already mentioned, there must be a romantic relationship between the two Sims. But you can also be friends and make a love relationship grow out of it.

The easiest way is when you approach a new Sim and greeted directly coquettishly . If you tap the Sim again, you can do a Date event . You can also play a friendship story with the Sim.

Friendship Becomes Love: If you play a friendship story with another Sim, you can still marry him. Talk to your soon-to-be husband, so tap him. Scroll down to the bottom. Here you can find more options . You can now perform friendly, romantic or mean interactions . Click on coquette. Here you will either be shown a romantic event or requirements that you have to fulfill in order to become romantic.

Step 2: Event “Request” and engagement

With relationship level 5 you will find the event “make an application” (maybe just under the category coquettish) . Perform it. You will spend more than your maximum energy to complete it. If you are out of energy, the event will be over in 5 hours and 21 minutes . (Do you need more energy, how to get energy quickly, you read elsewhere.) In the end, you’re engaged! Now you have to increase the relationship to level 7 in order to marry.

Step 3: Plan your wedding and get married!

Have you collected enough equipment tickets and Simoleons and brought your relationship to level 7, the big day can come! Go to your home and choose the build mode. Under Furnishing Collections , you will find three wedding related items . But you can also tap on the arm chair and now on the tab outside. On the far right you will also find the three required items.

You need the following furniture:

  • Rose Espalier: 85 Simoleons and 1 interior ticket
  • Flower Column : 85 Simoleons and 1 interior ticket
  • Wedding arch : 85 Simoleons and 1 interior ticket

Places them outside of your house, it colors exactly as you want and call your fiance brought (Sim icon to the left your first Sim household> speech bubble in the top center> Select Sim and summoning tap). Now click on the wedding sheet and you can marry. In the end, the fiancee may even move in. If you already have four Sims in the household, you have to retire one of them. But you will not succeed until you reach level 16.

You do not have to be married to get a baby with another Sim in The Sims Mobile . It’s enough if you are engaged.

You do not need to buy a wedding dress or a suit. Your Sim is moving on his own for the big day. You can even marry your roommate – and have several fiancés at the same time. Even if you are married, you can still get engaged with other Sims. Practical, right? Do not lose time. After the wedding, long tap on the bow and the other objects so you can move them into your inventory. So you use the wedding equipment for later marriages and do not have to buy the items again.

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