The Sims Mobile: Tips for how to get more simoleons on sims freeplay

how to get more simoleons on sims freeplay

Simoleons, the in-game currency at Sims Mobile, is very tight, so we have some tips to help you collect more Simoleons. In Sims Mobile you need Simoleons for new items, new clothes and even later to start special events. For objects and clothes you also need tickets that we have summarized here!

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The Sims Mobile Tips for More Simoleons

Tip 1: Get free simoleons for sims freeplay

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Tip 2: Send Sims to work or make hobby stories

Most Simoleons and, most importantly, The Sims Mobile are the jobs and hobby stories. Hobbies will be unlocked later, but then, like Jobs, bring in Simoneon’s events. Try to finish a hobby story or a job story with a sim, that is to bring them to level 10. With certain levels, jobs are unlocked for jobs, but the reward for a shift increases as well. Therefore, it is sometimes not advisable to send Sims into retirement, because a Sim with a story (hobby / job) at level 10 will bring you significantly more Simoleons.

PS: The more Sims you have, the more jobs you can of course allocate in parallel and earn more Simoleons. Therefore it is worthwhile to unlock at least the 3rd Sim Slot.

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Tip 3: Complete the missions for Simoleons

Missions are especially useful at the beginning of Simoleons, and not just to get to SimCash. Since at the beginning the costs of Simoneon are still very low, you can place and buy new objects faster. Later, there are hardly any missions left and the 25 Simoleons are really negligible. This tip is only for first level players.

Tip 4: Go to parties in Sims Mobile

Furthermore, a source of income for Simoleons are parties. If you reach 3 stars, you will receive a small bonus. The higher the level that a party reaches (depending on how many other players go there), there is another group party reward. There are also a couple of Simoleons, which is valuable only for beginners, later even 90 Simoleons are hardly worth mentioning.

Tip 5: What else do you get for Simoleons?

In addition to the missions, there is also the daily to-do list. Here are some tasks that Simoleons bring to you. That’s not much, but it’s something. If you’re new to Sims Mobile and unlock the special events, they’ll even bring you Simoleons. Later, as soon as you retire a sim or reach the level, you will have to pay Simoleons instead to start such events.

More tips and tricks for more money in the game

If you have more tips and tricks to get more money in the game, or we did not mention some ways to get to Simoleons, then just drop us a line in the comments.

Conclusion: What brings me more Simoleons?

As you note, there are very few opportunities to get to Simoleons. Therefore, I recommend you especially Tip 1 and also Tip 2. Do at first as many tasks in this area as possible. Send as many people as possible to jobs and hobbies, so that you get to Simoleons. Nevertheless, you should also use a sim for a love relationship to be able to have children later. Once the love relationship reaches its maximum, you can also use this sim again to earn the Simoleons.

The higher the level of your hobby or profession, the higher the reward. In this case, the shorter the jobs, the more Simoleons you get in the same period (so if you do 4x the short shift vs 1x standard shift, the first one is better). The disadvantage is that you have to send the Sim to the shift again and again.

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