These games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS: An Overview

games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS
games have been released by Nintendo for Android and iOS

Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that Nintendo released games for Android and iOS, because exclusivity of the titles for the Nintendo consoles were more important. An exception were Pokemon games that have been published by The Pokemon Company and in which Nintendo holds a stake in the company. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016, triggering a true hype all over the world. Even if Nintendo has only a small share in the company and thus in sales, it was nevertheless a wake-up call not to ignore these platforms.

Therefore, this article will provide an overview of the games of Nintendo for Android and iOS – What has been published and what is planned for the future. The now but overly many apps for Android and iOS from Nintendo appear, but is not expected. Exclusiveness pays off, because otherwise the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, would not have sold more than 10 million.

Already published games apps from Nintendo

Super Mario Run: The popular side-scroller

super mario run

Super Mario, still celebrated today as one of the best games of all time , is represented on almost all platforms. With Super Mario Run also on Android and iOS. The app was released December 2016 exclusively for iOS and then in March 2017 for Android. Unlike many other games, there are no micro transactions in Super Mario Run, instead there is an in-app purchase that unlocks everything. Super Mario Run is a side-scroller jump and run game reminiscent of Super Mario World by SNES. The game became a complete success!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Build your own campground

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp there is no classic destination, instead you have to build a campground from scratch and do various tasks. Unlike Super Mario Run, there are quite a few micro-transactions here. Nevertheless, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is very successful and has already been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Google Play Store alone.

Fire Emblem Heroes: The RPG game for smartphone and tablet

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s successful Fire Emblem strategy RPG series has been around for over 25 years. With Fire Emblem Heroes, released in February 2017, this journey continues her journey on the smartphones and tablets of the world.

It’s about proving the fights, summoning characters from the Fire Emblem universe, developing skills and taking heroes to new heights.

The app is available for Android and iOS for free. It includes in-app purchases that can be used to buy items and benefits.


More games apps with participating companies

They just introduced apps run directly under the Nintendo account. But there are a lot more games apps that Nintendo has through interests in other companies. Among other things, Nintendo has participated with 10 percent in the studio DeNA Co., which has emerged as a publisher and developer of games apps, among other things. There has always been The Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of Nintendo, which bundles all of Pokemon’s activities, including Pokemon Go.

What is planned for the future?

Although Nintendo will continue to release more games apps for Android and iOS in the future, but rather goes the way that these apps should generate revenue, but should still primarily serve as an advertisement for their own consoles and exclusive games. This year , the DICE Award went to the game “Zelda – Breath of the Wild“, exclusively playable only on the Nintendo console. Accordingly, the focus will continue to be on exclusivity, but apps for Android and iOS will follow.

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