This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more

This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more
This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more

Apex Legends is an alternative to Fortnite and PUBG and is currently awarding to shooter players. Why? This makes Apex Legends better than the competition!

Apex Legends storms the player charts and is enthroned almost continuously since its release and by far on rank 1 at Twitch. Hundreds of thousands of players watch as Lifeline, Bangalore and Co. head out to Kings Canyon Island to win out of a total of 60 players. What is the appeal of the new Battle Royale shooter? What makes him better than the competition?

The creators of Respawn Entertainment have looked around and taken over, revised and improved some things. Here is an overview: This makes Apex Legends better than other Battle Royale shooters such as Fortnite, PUBG or Black Ops 4 Blackout, but also better than classic shooters like Battlefield, Counter-Strike and more.

Jumpmaster: This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

One of the biggest differences between Apex Legends and the competition is evident at the beginning of a round. Instead of everyone jumping off (and getting lost or landing hundreds of feet away from fellow players), the Jumpmaster takes over. No one (except serious jump masters) is forced to learn any professional tricks on how to get off the jump or anything like that.

All players in a team agree on a goal in Apex Legends; The Jumpmaster ensures that everyone arrives there. Of course, a safe arrival is not guaranteed and it can go wrong. But at least that’s the case and the team stays together. Optionally, however, every player has the opportunity to make his own way down his path.

Respawns: This also makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

If you play PUBG, once you have started a match you will be in the lobby for more than a minute and wait until the round starts. Then the jump follows, which can drag on again. They arm and are shot down: All the fun is over and you have to wait or find a new server. There it says again: wait!

Especially in a Battle Royale, the round for some players is over quickly. If you are not able to loot alone at first, you fight with your opponents for weapons. If you take the short cut here, you will be crushed. Then you can be “revived” and set up like in other games. If the player is killed in a dejected state, the round is over in other Battle Royale games. Not so with Apex Legends: If you catch a bad start, you can still play. The mates only have to bring the badge to respawn. These are quickly achieved at first – and we also often use them. For a good reason, as we will see later.

Tactical depth: This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

The decision to compete only in teams of three promotes the tactical component of Apex Legends. If an opponent is killed, a team must first wait to see what the other two comrades of the opponent drift before they can go loosely. The use of Legend Hero skills in Apex Legends adds depth. Does Caustic burn out the last enemies in their hut with his gas grenades? Does Lifeline call a supply drone in the open field to attract greedy opponents?

The developers of Respawn Entertainment further promote the topic of tactics by “only” 60 instead of 100 players on a (even smaller) map are traveling. Collecting weapons and upgrades in Apex Legends is easier, the upgrade system is not very complex. As a result, in the late game – with advanced lap time and a correspondingly small ring – most of the remaining opponents have a good to very good set of weapons and equipment and can concentrate on fighting. In fact, (final) showdowns in Apex Legends often feel like a good tactical shooter. In a three-on-three in a confined space glow ping function and voice chat.

And, back to the respawn theme: In a group with random players, you will not normally wait long for a teammate to get you back up or even bring them back to the living on a respawn beacon. What seems to work for other shooters only among well-matched comrades and best friends, is at Apex Legends basic recipe for success: a full team with all the skills. Because a death in Apex Legends annoys not only you, but also the other players. Always two against three? D rather not! Even the most selfish players can see that and rezzie them .

No building: that makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite!

In Fortnite, collecting resources to build your own fortresses is optional. But successful players can not avoid it. This is a feature that can irritate viewers and players alike – after all, they expect a shooter first, not a construction simulator.

Better than Battlefield: Ping as Commo-Rose 2.0

When we saw the ping menu from Apex Legends, we recalled the Commo Rose from Battlefield. At the time, this also offered means of communication at the touch of a button. Marking enemies for teammates is also included. The use of the ping menu is not mandatory, but makes the voice chat obsolete in places. That was unthinkable at Battlefield.

Reading tip: Apex Legends: All heroes abilities and how to use them

In Apex Legends the arrangement with the Mates is indispensable, often the common way also results automatically, if it has to go in the direction of ever decreasing ring. Otherwise, the pinging of simple status messages, such as where to go or that you found something, quickly internalized. In addition, you have no disadvantages if you want to make other players on good loot attention. In other games, you may lose time or probably grieve over the voice chat.


Modern Battle Royale with heroes from Overwatch and a tactical depth like in Battlefield, opens up! That’s true for us and the countless Twitch viewers; not forgetting the over 10 million players who have already played in the first few days – and rising.

Note: This article reflects a subjective opinion. The article is not intended to sow discord among players of various titles.

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